This has been a perfectly lazy weekend and though there was much I could have been doing, I chose to do very little at all. Sometimes, it’s good to unplug and take a little bit of a break. I did, however, manage this little snail in answer to today’s prompt. After a rain here, you can often seeing a cluster of really tiny snails appearing, presumably moving somewhere, but one would have to stare for quite some time to discern where. That was exactly how I must have looked today. I used to experience a bit of guilt when I was younger and spent the day being a sloth, but I figure now at my age, I’ve more than earned it. Our dog Phineas is an enviable master of relaxation. I often envy him when I leave the house for work each day, knowing he’ll be heading right back to bed for a nice nap. Getting up occasionally to stretch, of course, slowly, in that perfect yoga downward dog pose. What a life!

The site was inaccessible a few times this weekend as there are still server issues on, so thanks for your patience, as the developers there work on finding a fix! Thanks for your support and patience in the interim!  You might experience a bit of weirdness on the site, but really, not much more than is usually the standard fare with these posts. I’ve rather lost my train of thought today, perhaps it’s the snail mentality, but I’m in that exquisite odd state of managing stress while excited by the prospects ahead. For each little setback, there comes miles of learning that you wouldn’t have had otherwise and I always consider that quite a gift. Sure, it would be wonderful if things always worked out perfectly as intended, but there’s not much to gain in only experiencing that. Challenges, to me, are rather exciting. It means things must change and I love change. It keeps life moving forward in a much more interesting fashion.

So, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with just enough spice to keep things interesting. I’m going to head to bed early after doing my bit of adulting which requires doing dishes and taking out the trash. Philippe and I never really sat down to discuss how we would divvy up the household chores, but for some reason the trash ended up on my list. Laundry, however, remains a mystery as to who is supposed to take care of it first. This is instead solved by frantically assigning the task to whoever dons the last pair of clean underwear and notices the problem. There’s probably a much better solution, but this is the one that seems to work for us. Phineas is rubbish at doing any chores at all and just sniffs disapproval most of the time. And yet, it all seems to magically come together and work out just fine. I think, in the end, there’s definitely something to be learned by occasionally living life like a little snail.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Red, Terra Cotta, and Cobalt Blue.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 11 - Like A Little Snail - Doodlewash

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18 thoughts on “Like A Little Snail

  1. This snail is quite lovely – for a snail – creatures I find rather slimy icky – and I really like the way you take advantage of the white paper to leave highlights – and I like the way the shadow kind of slips out making its way along the underbelly of Mr. Snail.

    As for taking out the trash, my husband usually does this without complaint. On days he’s not home, I don’t mind, but I won’t go out in the dark. A wimp – that’s me.

  2. I do love snails. Yours is adorable. And your post today gave me a light bulb moment. It just occurred to me that same sex couples living together can wear each other’s clothes if they are the same size! Effectively doubling your wardrobe! My married girlfriends have such different taste that it never even came up before. I’m gobsmacked with the coolness of this idea! 💖

  3. I love your take on life and writings.
    Now that Snail painting is a different matter, I really think he should travel, to my home of course, such beauty in little beast, its incredible.
    I used to be a Phrenologist, fancy word for recording wildlife and nature in my local woods and updating to Nature Counts.
    The little things you see are so amazing, down to the tiniest Larvae, then Moth and Butterfly, and so many things.
    Keeps you alive.
    Thank you Charlie, send the Snail please.

      1. Yes it is, I have to say Bat counts are my favourite, the Bat monitor makes a zipping noise as they catch insects, and they all have there own frequencies,
        So you know which Bat it is, how much it’s eating and best of all where their roost is, a phenomenal sight especially on cold bright nights.
        I had lots of photos of Woods and Bats etc, unfortunately
        I never got them back from the chap that ran the website.
        Maybe I should try to draw from Memory, my drawing skills are not so desirable.
        Hey ho, practise makes perfect.

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