Rather than snowing here today, the weather opted to simply be gray and cold, even though it was nearly going to be snow in early forecasts. But, despite my inner child practically screaming with a wish for snow, the temperatures warmed up just enough to deliver a bit of rain instead. Philippe and I have been enjoying our various Christmas toys and since we finished our puzzle, we were going to start a new one. But, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to dismantle it yet after all of that hard work, so it’s now a bit of holiday décor on the end of the dining room table. I’m off work this week so it’s been a perfectly relaxing time. I’m still in my childlike mood so a puppy came to mind for today’s sketch. In truth, I got lost in a rabbit hole of online videos of puppies playing in the snow. It’s a joyous thing to watch and makes me giggle every time. Puppies are cute in general, but seeing one frolic in the snow makes me smile and is a good reminder that life is always shining with fun and endless possibility if you choose to approach it that way.

I must admit that all this relaxing and lounging about has been addictive and makes it tough to accomplish anything at all. I did have a few projects I wanted to tackle on this winter break, but I can’t stop playing and doing silly mindless things long enough to complete them. While I should feel a bit of guilt for this, I don’t at all. To me, it’s a sure sign that this is exactly what I needed and I should simply enjoy it while it lasts. There’s plenty of time to deal with all of those projects in the days ahead. For now, I’m going to let myself be just a bit lazy. Philippe, on the other hand, is much more productive and is currently making cassoulet, which we’ll enjoy shortly with Aesha who’s coming over tonight. This is an annual tradition as we always have too much foie gras for two people and she’s the only one of our friends who actually likes it. I’ve never had cassoulet so I don’t know yet if I’ll like it, but from the smells streaming in from the kitchen right now, I think it’s rather certain that I will love it.

I’ve just become distracted once more while typing this as I made the unfortunate choice to sit down right next to my new lava lamp. Those things are seriously mesmerizing and cool, but probably not the best choice for someone like myself with attention deficit problems. Either that, or the perfect choice. It’s difficult to tell really. At any rate, I think a lovely dose of fun and nothing much at all is the perfect way to spend the holiday season. And though the clock is ticking down now to the final minutes of 2018, I feel like I’ve accomplished at least a handful of the things I set out to do this year. And soon, there will be a fresh new year, ripe with endless possibilities. I already have a full list of dreams just waiting to come true. Sometimes, just dreaming that something might happen is enough to make life feel wonderful. Though, yes, I’ll actually be prying myself away from funny online videos and lava lamps in order to make just another little handful of those projects actually happen. Until then, however, you’ll simply find me unapologetically bouncing around with infinite glee, curiosity, and primal happiness, like a puppy in the snow.

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Day 26 - Puppy Dog In Snow - Sketchbook Detail - Doodlewash

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20 thoughts on “Like A Puppy In The Snow

  1. I have to admit that I’m doing the lounging thing too. I’ve failed to work on any of my projects today except getting my new lamps put together. I’ve got that odd thing going where I’m all fired up to try them out with a video and yet I’m to laid back to actually get up and do it, lol. Hubby and I have been listening to music and reading books we got for Christmas and that’s been just lovely.

    1. I have to say that you are spending the days after Christmas perfectly!! hehe… it’s good to lounge and read. I did a bit of that today with the books I got for Christmas, but then got sleepy and napped a bit instead. 😊hehe

  2. Cassoulet! Yum! I made one last Xmas for my book group. It was popular though this year’s lasagna was popular too. Maybe the group just likes it when somebody cooks for them? Lazy day here too. Being retired I can make any day a lazy day. If it’s 3:00 and I’m still in pajamas, it’s a sure sign.

  3. Puppy head tilt is the best! Did you happen to see the panda rolling down the hill in the snow? Adorable! I began the tear down of my Christmas tree last night…..so sad. It is suppose to be somewhat dry this weekend, so good time for hubby to put everything back in the garage attic. Looking forward to New Year’s…..I hope to finally participate in the daily Doodlewash challenges and post them! ;p

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 hehe! I DID see the panda… I was lost in those videos for longer than I’d care to admit. 😊Aww Christmas is already coming down? That is sad. We always leave it up until after the New Year, but we simply must take it down right after before we leave for Paris so we have a deadline this year. And yay for participating in the challenges!! I be properly announcing it tomorrow, but I just linked to the January one in tonight’s post. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! 😃💕 I thought it was a corgi, (they are cute) but the description on the reference I found tagged with several breeds so it must be a mutt of some kind. hehe… we do have a fare amount of leftovers, but it was so rich, we couldn’t touch it again today. Tomorrow, however….. lol

  4. I love every word, both the whimsy and the wisdom

    but when Charlie said “I made the unfortunate choice to sit down right next to my new lava lamp”

    I absolutely felt the world open up, May you always make such ‘unfortunate’ choices. I think of those
    distractions as little detours, and everybody knows the detour is the best part of the trip.

    The distraction most surely served you well because that is a precious puppy. Once again, the tilt
    of the head and the special thing you do with eyes makes that little guy steal the heart away. I keep
    returning to the top to look at him, feeling sure he is going to speak at any minute.

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