For our prompt of “Scarlet Macaw” today, I decided to doodle one sitting on a branch with a bit of a come hither look tinged with a touch of shyness. For some reason, I have it in my imagination that scarlet macaws actually know that they’re rather lovely, if not a touch sexy, but would never brag about the fact. I’ve no idea why, but if you are a bird this colorful, I think you’ve earned the right to quietly flaunt that fact whenever possible. Indeed, when it comes to my sketches, I often like how some turn out better than others. But, I’m so darn thrilled that I managed to show up and make something that I always feel the same sense of pride that a macaw must feel. And, I think we should always be proud of every little line and splash of color that we create! It’s a wild and wonderful thing to transform a blank sketchbook page into a little piece of art.

In truth, I wanted to sketch this macaw in a much more active pose or coming right at the viewer, but didn’t have much time today to riddle all of that out. Some days my brain feels a touch lazy, like it can’t be bothered with anything too terribly taxing. I often find myself in that state. Wanting to create something specific that is also incredibly challenging. Though I’ll often go for it, I know my own limitations and rather than end up with something grossly deformed in a rushed sketch, I tried something far simpler. That’s the fun part about a daily sketchbook habit. I don’t have to do that crazy difficult thing today as I know I’ll have plenty of chances in the future. And also, perhaps the shy macaw was a better idea. Not sure if one jumping through the page would have been exciting or terrifying now that I consider it. Either way, it was super fun to DO!

Today was especially busy with work things, and this is when my inner child starts pouting. I like having little pockets of time to doodle little extra things in my tinier sketchbook. Indeed, those doodles often become the inspiration for the final sketch you see here. Nothing as formal or indeed practiced as a full plan when it comes to what I’ll make next, but little lines and scribbles that inspire me. This is something I’ve done my whole life, even when I wasn’t drawing and painting things. It’s a way to get some of those random thoughts out of my head so I can make room for well… more random thoughts really. And though I manage to do lots of things in a day, each day always leaves me wanting for more. But, I think that’s the best kind of day there is. Far better than the kind you wish would end already. No matter what I accomplish though, I’ll always happily share it with a touch of pride, like a scarlet macaw.

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Scarlett Macaw Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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32 thoughts on “Like A Scarlet Macaw

  1. I love your flirty little macaw! Today I spent far too much time researching computers. Last evening my old Microsoft Surface Pro 1 started to overheat where the power cord connects. I noticed it as all of a sudden it was burning my leg as I sit with it all curled up on the loveseat. I thought it was a gonna! It seams to be fine now but I guess it is time to upgrade as I use this for my art business. Likely it will be another surface as I love the touch screen, portable and ability to go from a computer to a tablet. It has served me well. I think I am overworking it.😏 Back to my research.

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕hehe… I love that kind of research! New stuff!! FUN! Yeah, Philippe finally bought a new desktop computer to work from home. Prior to that, he had been researching for 6 years! lol That’s a bit excessive. 😉

  2. He’s a handsome fellow. I have loads of Orioles at my house. They are so beautiful with their bright orange coloring. I hope a pair nests in my back yard again this year. It’s fun to see them in the summer. It was cold and drippy today. I went out to pick the asparagus so it didn’t get too big, but was glad to come back inside. I did get out on the deck to leave an orange and happened to look at one of the plastic deck chairs with the hollow legs. There, under an arn, just visible in a hole was a tree frog. This is not the first time one of these guys has moved into this space. It’s very exciting to see them.

  3. Oh another pretty bird! Your birds are always wonderful. I need to sketch more from real photos to work that brain muscle. I need quit doing what’s flapping around in my brain, even though that’s fun. When I saw the prompt of macaw, I for some crazy reason thought of a blackbird. Lol, told you it was crazy. Good thing I haven’t sketched anything for it!

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