There’s no way I was going to miss our prompt of “Newborn” today, which to me, always ends up as another chance to sketch baby animals. Here’s a quick little sketch of a couple of my favorites. I don’t have any young elephants or giraffes being born in my neighborhood, but there are lots and lots of little bunnies popping up everywhere. Also, the birds have been rather busy. I can hear lots of little baby bird chirps on my walks. It’s fun to hear those signs of life and new beginnings as this past year has been anything but normal. This time of year typically comes with only a few sunny days here and lots of rain, but it’s been rather sunny and lovely for a few days now. I always enjoy this time of year and there’s something about all of the newness that thoroughly inspires me. It reminds me of when I was just a little kid and the future seemed so ripe with possibilities. Now, of course, I’m just a big kid who feels very much the same way.

Philippe and I have been taking more walks now that the weather is getting nicer. Our dog Phineas is getting older and, if possible, even more persnickety. On some walks he’s game to go long distances, and on others, he’s just ready to go back to the couch. Phineas is currently laying behind me as we’ve just returned from a longer walk. He’s already snoring loudly, and seems quite content. I rather envy him as it’s been a very busy month for me and I think a nice long nap would be quite welcome. As many of you know, I have a day job as a Creative Director, which means I spend pretty much every waking hour either creating something new or solving design conundrums. One would think I’d find a hobby that involved something totally different, but creating is simply what I love to DO most! So, my jumbled brain just keeps right on bouncing from one thing to the next each day.

It’s still my birthday month for a few days, so I’m making the most of each new day. And, though I’m growing older, I’ve certainly not grown up yet. And even if I had a little more time each day, I’d certainly fill it up again and always wonder just where the time has gone. I’m proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish to date, but my mind is always spinning with so many more ideas. Beyond the stacks and stacks of filled sketchbooks, I have files with bits of writing and notes to myself of ideas I want to make one day. I’m rather sure that some will new become the winning idea that I actually pursue, but one can never have too many dreams. It’s never too late to pursue even the craziest of them. Though I’m admittedly a child at heart, I think we all possess that same spark inside. There’s a little voice there that wants to be heard more than anything in the world. All we have to do is listen. I think it’s rather wonderful to imagine a world where everyone dreams the biggest dreams imaginable. A world where we don’t have to even pretend to be grownups, and can just enjoy life to the fullest, like little baby animals.

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Baby Elephant and Baby Giraffe Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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16 thoughts on “Little Baby Animals

    1. Thanks so much, Lyla!! 😃💕 Aww I’m so happy you enjoyed the new book! Tell everyone you know! hehe… yeah, I’m always woefully inadequate when it comes to marketing. I’m really proud of this book. A second one in the series will be out in June. So happy you loved it!

  1. Awesome, Charlie. We don’t have giraffes and elephants here either but I saw some black squirrels the other day. Robins are here but not in my yard since there was a huge gray squirrel here and the robins never came back. The squirrel has been gone for two years.

  2. Charlie I love your newborns too – both are great but that little elephant is totally my fav. Your new book should be delivered to my Edmonton home on Thursday. I won’t see it for another 2 months, but I just can’t wait. I will totally enjoy it and put in my pictures to finish each page. Just what a big kid needs :). When I was little (would have been somewhere around 4) I was drawing pictures in my Burgess Books because I thought those pictures totally helped the story :). Can’t wait. I too have been seeing signs of mating out here in the country. Just came in from a walk where there were two squirrels having a spring dalliance and two Hairy Woodpeckers. Love springtime 🙂 Never ever grow up 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 And yay! Thanks for getting a copy of my book. Whenever you finally get it, I hope you’ll leave a review and let me know what you thought! And glad I’m not the only one who wanted to add pictures to books. I hope lots of kids and big kids will enjoy this book! Yay for spring… yeah, I love seeing all the creatures come out!

  3. Love these adorable little critters, Charlie!! Your new book is wonderful and I so wish there had been something so upbeat and encouraging when I was a kid. Love to see your childlike enthusiasm!!

  4. My book just arrived this afternoon. It had been raining all day, and had just stopped. I went out the front door to pick up the package, and the sun suddenly broke through the clouds. I’d swear the sky was smiling in delight along with me at seeing your book!

  5. Hola, Charlie! Awww, I love baby animals and these two are my favorite. So sweet. 💜 I think we should all keep some kind of childlike wonder. It’s what gives hope and joy to keep going. It’s sad when people lose that and settle in where they are, refusing to move forward. I am jumping at the bit to move on and close this chapter. My race needs to continue now. 🐻 Such sweet paintings, Charlie!

  6. I love this latest doodle, Charlie. I must show my wife because she loves elephants. Our book arrived at the weekend. We had a look through it to get some ideas. We both loved it. We’re going to start this weekend.

  7. Hello Charlie,

    The baby elephant and giraffe are so sweet! They seem completely happy to be born and look like they’re looking forward to enjoying their lives. 🙂 I’m so jealous that you’ve got bunnies where you live. Where I live, we only have stray dogs and cats, however, a couple of years ago, some neighborhoods voluntarily agreed to shut down several cellphone towers and these past few months, we’ve been rewarded with several species of birds making a re-appearance – some have been seen after 20 years! And I’ve spent your birthday month in a childlike awe, sitting and staring at a sunbird who first made a nest right outside my front door and went on to lay eggs. We even got to see her feeding her chicks, though we missed the flying lesson. 🙁 But that’s ok. At least we saw nature and its magic so up close. So Yaaaaaaay for that inner child and for you who inspire me to never let go of mine.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yay!! I’m so thrilled to hear your inner child is enjoying nature’s magic. Okay, I have to admit that I’m totally jealous of the sunbird story! hehe… they’re such beautiful birds. What a fabulous thing to experience!

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