For our prompt of “Glass” today, I was a bit late making it to my sketchbook, so I only had time for a quick little doodle of some sort of fruity concoction in a glass. It could be dessert, or it could be something a bit healthier like a smoothie. I’m not entirely sure what it’s meant to be, I just like pink things. So feel free to take your pick! In truth, I sort of took the day off and played games and went for walks outside during most of it. It was a lovely break, but I got really good at it and suddenly the time got away from me entirely. This also felt really good. It’s wonderful when a day is so stress-free that you don’t really realize what time it is at all. It’s just an endlessly comfortable feeling to move from one thing to the next naturally without worrying about what’s coming next. Though, our dog Phineas doesn’t seem quite as amused and is staring me down at this moment letting me know his dinner is precisely 15 minutes late.

After Phineas was fed, Philippe and I have continued to play our games and just be generally silly so our dinner has yet to happen yet. I managed to make my doodle in about 20 minutes, but then his second paragraph of the post is being typed an hour later than the first as I got totally sidetracked with all of the fun. And this pretty well sums up my day. It’s been awesome. I haven’t checked social media yet, only checked email once and I’m just sort of floating in my own little world. This is something I realize I truly needed in order to recharge. As an introvert, even social media can exhaust me from time to time and so I have to remind myself to unplug and enjoy that little world that’s just in my own little brain. And it worked wonders as I feel totally thrilled, excited to connect again and super happy.

Now, if I could just figure out a way to add a few more hours to the weekend, then I’d truly have a grand solution to things. The weekends just seem way too short. I can’t believe it’s already Saturday night! This is my favorite night of the weekend since it’s the only day without work during the day and no work the following day as well. It’s just a very special day. I felt the same when I was young, as school was my work back then. Sundays would come and I’d be scrambling to do that homework I avoided all weekend. So truly, Saturday is the only full day of weekend that I’ve ever had, so I truly cherish it. And yes, I celebrated it by working my hardest to do nothing at all! And it was just as wonderful as when I was a little kid. And killed too much time to worry about creating a dinner, Philippe and I are just going to have some leftover pizza instead. Sometimes in life, you just gotta take those little breaks.

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16 thoughts on “Little Breaks

  1. Having more hours in the day probably wouldn’t work – we’d just fill them right up and never notice the difference, lol! I’ve been trying to take a day ever so often where I only do the minimal online. I think it’s something everyone needs.

  2. Two thumbs up for leftovers! So I’ve been retired almost 12 years now. It’s only been in the last year that I have been totally forgetting what day of the week it is. When I got really ill this past summer I was kind of hallucinating and I kept asking Joe over and over what day it was. Infection and fever really messed with my head. That looks like a strawberry malt to me.

  3. Well that looks refreshing! I sort of had the same kind of day. It felt like a lazy Sunday, before I knew it, it was 2:00. I worked on my tedious DL puzzle more than I planned, but I did get caught up on my Sketchbook Revival videos. I am hoping she extends them. There are a few I would like to revisit. Have another joyous day!

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