I did a doodlewash of another sketch I had drawn for #DrawingAugust, of a photo I found of a little town in France. I have no idea which little town this is, but I was inspired to sketch it. I liked the sketch a lot, so I scanned a copy of it, but was also pleased with the dimension of the doodlewashed version.

It’s been challenging to try to sketch something every day, so it’s going to be awhile before I’ll have time to try something with just pencil and watercolor again since I like to sketch in ink. For this one I used a couple new colors I snuck into the bag over the weekend (that doesn’t mean I shoplifted them, but simply that I managed to get Philippe to agree to let me have them). The new colors are more Winsor and Newtown Professional Water Colours, Alazarin Crimson and Naples Yellow in tiny 5ml tubes (they’re the least expensive way to try them).

The new colors helped the house in the foreground to pop and remain the focal point for the doodlewash. But there’s lots of other colors used in this one as well (3 or 4 different colors in the stones alone). I don’t know why I love these complex landscapes, but they’re a fun challenge and I like getting lost in each little area of the sketch. It’s like I’m exploring the town in person that way and let’s me take my own little trip back to France.

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18 thoughts on “Little French Town

  1. Lovely piece. Has a nice charming feel to it, easy to imagine riding a bike down the road, past the yellow stone house, with a loaf of french bread tucked in a basket on the handle bars. Thanks for sharing a daydream prompt. ;D

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