For our prompt of “Hedgehog” today, I decided to sketch one in a bit of a storybook setting. Unless you’re a hedgehog named Sonic, these little creatures aren’t super colorful so I doodled some mushrooms as well. Apparently these little ones got their name from a combination of their favorite hiding spot, garden hedges, and the fact that make a little grunting sound like a pig. Indeed, since they like chowing down on invasive insects they are usually a welcome addition to a garden. They’re not native to the United States, but are sometimes kept as pets here. I find it fun that the hedgehog was originally called an urchin, which I think is rather cute as well. Indeed, I’d never sketched one before so I got a little lost in learning a bit about them. I also stumbled across a Grimm’s fairytale about a boy born half hedgehog, but like so many of those original tales, it was really just bizarre and disturbing. But, I mostly just learned that these little balls of quills are really just kind of cute.

Philippe and I finally watched the Sonic the Hedgehog movie recently based on the character from the video game. Though we both love video games, we rarely ever enjoy the translation of them to the big or small screen. But, we were pleasantly surprised with this one. It was super entertaining and we really enjoyed it. It seems these days we’re watching a bit more television than usual. All of our entertainment out of the home has all been put on hold. While I love nesting and enjoy being home most of all, I do miss getting out and experiencing new things. Our dog Phineas doesn’t seem to mind the current situation at all since now there’s always someone around to let him in and out all day long. Indeed, he finds this moment in time rather wonderful and seems to be super happy with the arrangement. And, I do enjoy getting to spend more time with him. Well, more time near him, since he’s a solitary creature who tends to just do his own thing.

Philippe got a new food processor and last night he made an awesome avocado dip. When we got to the bottom of bowl I’m pretty sure I shed a small tear to see it disappear. I keep asking him what’s next and he just smiles at me slyly, which rather than a secret, usually just means that he honestly has no clue. He tends to approach things in much the same fashion as I do. When the inspiration strikes, all will be revealed. But, whatever comes next, I’m sure it will be absolutely fabulous as well. Life has gotten a bit slower these days, but it still comes with lovely little surprises. And I’m quite content enjoying my own little world. Not simply my home, but also the world of my own imagination. A sketchbook is the perfect way to travel, even if I think I’ve no place to go. Like today, I love to simply make up a place I wish existed and dream of a location that’s colorful and happy, just waiting for a visit from a little hedgehog.

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26 thoughts on “A Little Hedgehog

  1. My first thought of a hedgehog was Sonic :)…I love yours in the little garden and all the facts you shared..Was also pleasantly surprised about movie..was not all bad.. In any case yours is adorable and fanciful…Thank you for sharing him with us!

  2. Cute. I love hedgehogs and was sad to learn that they are endangered. We have a lot of rabbits this year in the yard. If they didn’t wreak my garden, I’d like them more. I was out watering today in the hot weather. I was surprised to discover a sunburn on my legs. I went out this evening because the weatherman said we should have a wonderful sunset. He lied! But the fireflies were out in full force, so it was nice to see them. Looks like we’re going to get a stretch of rain, so I’ll be stuck in the house for a bit. Unless the weatherman is lying! That seems to be his way. 😂😂

  3. Great doodle Charlie. My wife and I were walking home from a night out, when we heard this grunting noise. We didn’t know what it was until we saw two hedgehogs on the grass beside the path. They really do sound like little pigs.

  4. Love this adorable hedgehog and its canopy of vivid mushrooms. I realize the Doodlewash prompt was “hedgehog” but only by coincidence did I paint a hedgehog 2 days ago for my youngest grandchild, on a card so I could wish her congratulations on completing pre-school. Hedgehog was in a row with a salamander, a long necked puppy, and a turquoise dragonfly flitting overhead. Her big brother got a card with a frog, a long necked emu, a fox, and a curious honeybee, one of his study units in his just completed kindergarten year.

    I’d love to have hedgehogs instead of the screaming coyotes that have taken up residence in our neighborhood. We live in suburbia but the overgrown scrubby plants nearby are perfect cover for these vagrants, and now we rush to grab the little kids – and the smaller dogs and cats – when we see the coyotes out in broad daylight. No cars, no fear. Strange new world.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    Yet another lovely sketch made with so much love! Thanks so much for shedding light on how the hedgehog got it’s name. I’d always wondered and somehow it never occurred to me to simply look it up. Its funny how sometimes small questions can keep floating around in your head and you enjoy them just being there and don’t feel like doing anything about them. Your post, as usual, was a wonderful read and again, I was pleasantly surprised to see one more common thing between us – it was very reassuring that someone else also finds the original Grimm’s stories disturbing. The last time I said that to someone, the person looked at me as if I’d just announced that a cat had given birth to a giraffe. But yes, nice to know that not everyone thinks of the original tales as good bedtime reads.


  6. Oh I love him! I love the whole sketch. So cute. Our county is finally opening to phase one today. I feel the leash was let out a little bit more. Things won’t change much for me, still no gym and still no work – don’t tell anyone, but I’m happy about that! 😉 Have a great weekend!

  7. I love this little hedgehog, Charlie 😃💕, it’s super cute. Indeed, I love here so much. I’ve owed you a writing about me, it’s hard to draw me out. So Here is really a location that’s colorful and happy.

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