For our prompt of “Sheep” today, I did a quick little doodle of a baby one in the snow, with a scarf to keep it warm. Though there wasn’t any snow today where I live, it was extremely cold. When we were out walking our dog Phineas this morning, it was totally freezing and he was not pleased at all. I couldn’t blame him. If it’s going to be that cold, I sort of wish there was snow to go along with it. I was sort of hoping for a white Christmas this year, but even though it’s cold enough, there’s no snow in the forecast. We’re home most all of the time these days, so this would be the perfect year to be surrounded by snow. Anytime I don’t have to drive in the stuff, I can just enjoy it like a little kid again! But, there was an impossibly blue sky today and lots of sunshine so that made me very happy indeed.

There’s been quite a flurry of activity around our house as we both try to finish up projects before the holidays get closer. The Christmas lights are still sparkling bright, which is a lovely motivator to get everything completed so we can focus on the fun stuff more. I still need to wrap presents, and just realized that one of Philippe’s presents didn’t get delivered to the right spot. It was small and silly, but I hope they’ll be able to route it back to the proper location. And, if not, I hope whoever receives it accidentally will enjoy it as well. I just realized I also need to get some stocking stuffers, which just means a couple cheap toys and bits of chocolate for Philippe. Phineas has a stocking as well, of course, but he has no patience for toys these days. He just wants stuff that he can eat.

I have to respect that, as treats are indeed one of the lovely bits about the holiday season. I don’t indulge too much, but even a little piece of chocolate that I wouldn’t normally have feels perfectly decadent and wonderful. Last night when we went to open our little countdown calendars, Philippe asked me what day it was. I told him and his face got really sad and he followed that up by saying, “it’s going by too fast!” Indeed, that seems to be the case this year, but I’m still thrilling to every little moment as it happens! I can’t wait to have a little holiday break and enjoy each day with a bit more relaxation. Though it’s tough to be super relaxed when my inner child is bouncing off the walls with excitement and anticipation. That’s actually most of the fun, though, so I wouldn’t dare try to hold back the little lamb.

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31 thoughts on “Little Lamb

  1. Considering what a sucky year it’s been, it has gone by very fast. Tomorrow, or today for you reading this, is my birthday. I received my annual card from my aunt on my dad’s side. She sent me some money in the card. It is in memory of my dad who sent me $5 every year in my birthday card. It was his idea of a joke. He’d have my mom write on the card, don’t spend it all in one place. 😂😂😂 It’s one of my favorite stupid rituals. I’m so glad my aunt decided to carry it forward after dad died. It is a fun connection to the past.

    1. Feliz Cumpleanos, Lisa! 🎂🎈🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉 I hope you have a wonderful birthday with many, many more! And what a beautiful gesture from your aunt to keep your dad’s memory alive for you. She sounds lovely and it’s obvious that she loves you just as much. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. When my father died in 1996 on Thanksgiving (I was 27), his last living sister disowned me and my mom a week after he died. She never spoke to us again and turned the entire “family” against us. So, it’s not a stupid ritual for your aunt to make that gesture. It’s called love and it’s a blessing to be loved like that. 💜

  2. What a beautiful painting, Charlie. 💜 It’s been a blessing and a curse that time has passed so fast during this pandemic. Thank the Lord that it has passed so quickly and this chapter is coming to an end. While I, too, want Christmas to last forever, the HOPE that we have is getting back to our lives and the anticipation that next year, our Christmas will be that much sweeter and exciting when we are safe to hug, to see people’s smiles, and gather to celebrate together. Now that will be magical.

  3. So sweet!This little lamb looks so soft. I start to get sad as we get closer to the big day, but when it’s over, I move into my nesting mode. Cleaning and organzing everything in my way and the sadness disappears. I love to organize!

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