For our prompt of “Lion” today, I decided to sketch a little cub taking those first few timid steps. Though I’ve been sketching daily for a few years now, each time I sit down to a blank page in my sketchbook, I always feel a bit like this. A touch of uncertainty, at first, that then gets perfectly overshadowed by a strong sense of curiosity and excitement. I’m just really want to find out what happens next. Once I start making those first few marks on the paper, I get caught up in the act of creating an image appear and stop worrying about whether or not it’s going to be a great sketch. I hope it turns out lovely in some way, but I mostly just love the opportunity to create something once again. Getting to make some art, always feels like a little gift. First, it’s just a gift to myself. A chance to give myself the time and space to relax and enjoy something special. And next, I get to share whatever I made with all of you, and hopefully, if everything works out, give you the gift of a smile.

Today, Philippe and did nothing much of anything. We binge watched some shows on television after going to grab some groceries. Later we made an additional run to Costco, a bit disappointed that football season had ended so the crowds had all returned. As we were checking out, the cashier remarked on the spelling of Philippe’s name. “Two “P’s” and an “E”,” she said, “is that right?” Philippe responded that it was indeed correct and that he was from France. She smiled one of those giant and genuine smiles that makes the room a touch warmer. Then she said, “You need to come through my line next time as well!” After realizing she’d forgotten to put on her name tag, she quickly put it on and said, “sorry about that! You don’t even know my name! It’s Sheneka! You come through my line next time.” To this, Philippe just blushed a bit and said, “You won’t remember me.” Sheneka stared him in the face and said, “I bet I will. Next time, we’re gonna challenge each other!” I honestly have no idea what game was being played, but I loved watching all of the happiness taking place during that one simple interaction.

These are the moments that I adore, and why I enjoy our everyday routines. There’s always those beautiful little reminders that I’m never missing anything that I truly love. Perhaps, I am just easily amused, like a little cub discovering the world for the first time each day. Yet, I think that’s a rather perfect way to live a life of joy. But, there are so many little moments that I know I fail to see each day. The ones that are just too small to feel relevant, or when I’m too distracted to actually be present. My own shyness will often make me miss out on interactions with people. So, seeing even that littlest bit of connection between Philippe and Sheneka today was inspiring. It’s a reminder to be a bit bolder when I’m out in the world and take time to make more connections. I can’t help but think, that there’s always something extraordinary that comes from living life like a little lion.

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31 thoughts on “Little Lion

  1. What a wonderful little lion!! i agree…there is that initial uncertainty when i sit down to do the daily prompt too but once a brush is in hand an idea comes to mind the timidity usually goes away and the fun begins.🥰

  2. Awe such a cutie!!! So yes Charlie you do have a way of putting a smile on my face with your lovely art. I adore your stories as well. Sometimes they bring up memories of my own. Today your experience made me think of an experience i had with a fellow shopper. I was looking at some salmon with a yummy herb topping. He asked me whats good today. I said I was looking at the salmon. He agreed. a woman passes by and says what??? He tells her we are checking out the salmon. She says oh yes it looks great. I was laughing at this silly exchange that seemed to be drawing in more people to see what was the best fish of the day! lol I just love those encounters. 🙂

  3. Such a cute cub! To live life like a little lion… strong, curious, kind and confident, a lovely thought! The unexpected sweet moments of connection in our world definitely make it more if the place I want to be! TY for all that you inspire by your sharing 🙏🏼😊

  4. Working as a public librarian was a wonderful thing. Even though I was the Director of the libraries I worked for, they were small enough that I spent time both in my office and with the public doing reference work. People are amazing. They surprised me all the time with things they needed to know or wanted to make and I was the lucky middleman who got to find the information they needed to make their ideas come to fruition. Even though I’ve been retired for over 10 years, I still remember those days very fondly.

  5. He has a little smirk! Cute little guy. If people working at stores only realized the impact they can have on people. We had the opposite experience at an antique store. Two younger people who could have cared less. It was our first visit there too. Oh well…..society.

  6. Your little lion is so cute and adorable… it reminds me though that I have sketches of a big lion that are waiting to be finished 🙂
    But there’s so much that needs to be finished. I’m glad I took a shy step this morning to make an appointment, feeling like the little lion. Maybe a step to become a bigger lion… getting into a better situation. Then: thinking Doodlewash – Charlie’s – Blogs’ are making me philosophizing (eh, is that a word?) about my life 🙂

  7. Little lions grow up to be big lions. Your wee cub is mesmerising. Your opening paragraph stirred me I actually have copied it to re read and push myself somehow …to pick up a brush..tomorrow.perhaps..(oh dear I really did try not add the perhaps)

  8. Boy did you make me laugh, Charlie – disappointed that football has ended because the crowds are now at Costco. Also, less food to taste, LOL. But little lion here is so sweet. A gift to us who get to meet him here. Baby Any Critter makes me smile, and this little guy is taking my heart.

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