For our prompt of “Pirate” today, I thought back to when I was a kid and dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. So, we ended up with a little beagle dressed up as Captain Hook. I think I was just a generic pirate back then, nothing specific to any character. But, I do remember having a plastic hook for a hand. You simply placed your hand inside a black cup and held onto a handle that was hiding inside. I still see this same version today and yet it’s not a particularly convincing illusion so I would have thought it might have gotten an update by now. Yet, for a little boy, having a hook for a hand was super fun and I felt like a true pirate. I was sailing the high seas and swashbuckling, though I had no idea what that actually meant, and going on grand adventures in my mind. I didn’t want to steal anything as I was told stealing was wrong, but sailing on a boat always sounded fun as long as I could avoid getting scurvy.

Indeed, I actually thought I looked grown up and like an actual pirate back then. I was daring and dashing in my mind, but those thoughts were dashed when other mothers would comment, “Oh, what a cute little pirate.” I wasn’t little, I thought, surely not dressed like this. But, apparently it takes more than clothes and a hook to make a grade school kid look like a grown man. I can’t remember the costume at all, so I think the plastic hook was the star of the show and apparently quite distracting. My own real exposure to pirates came from Disney movies, and I always thought it might be fun to play the villain. This didn’t even work out during the few years I spent as a stage actor since I was always cast as the hero and never the bad guy. I just didn’t have the face for evil, which I suppose is rather nice thing really, but it did limit my options for roles back then.

And though it’s hard to believe, another week has zoomed past and it’s already time for pizza night! I get so excited just like a little kid again each time Friday arrives. Philippe and I won’t be wearing pirate costumes to celebrate the occasion, but now that I consider it, that would have been really fun. Instead, we’ll watch a movie of some kind and then go to bed fairly early. Our dog Phineas will do what he always does and lurk nearby hoping for crumbs to drop on the floor. Sometimes, he gets a bit brave and tries to stand up to the counter, even attempting to grab whatever is there. It’s naughty, to be sure, but I’m equally impressed by his boldness. I was never quite that bold as a child. And though my days of imagined swashbuckling are all behind me now, it’s nice to know that at least one of us in our family is still a little pirate.

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27 thoughts on “Little Pirate

  1. That’s one advantage to a smaller dog – you see it when they’re trying to get stuff off the counter. With my mastiffs, their noses were so close to the counter. An ‘accidental’ nudge and “Oh, look! The food is on the floor. Mom and Dad MUST have meant it for me!” And boy you had to move fast to convince them it wasn’t so. A whole pizza could disappear down the black hole of their throats at warp speed.

  2. Cher Charlie, j’ai la “nostalgie” de vos anciens dessins, où il n’y avait pas d’animaux en spectacle, c’était si bien avant…vous ne faites que çà, maintenant, que des animaux, pourquoi ?

    1. Bonjour, Cathy! I’m working on practicing illustrations now for a storybook. Sorry, you don’t care for the animals, I wanted to sketch more narrative pieces, rather than just objects as I’ve sketched all that I could imagine! hehe 😉

  3. Maybe our favorite memory of our first Yorkie pup was him standing in the middle of our pizza box, discarded pizza crust in his mouth like a cross bow, and snarling at us as we tried to separate them! 😄😁😆🤣We had the hardest time not laughing as we tried to be stern disciplinarian of our pizza pirating pooch! He didn’t find us as amusing as I pitched him off the coffee table, sans crust!! I was thinking about you playing the villain or dastardly pirate-sorry, you would have a tough time convincing us. But I have seen more villains in film and media lately that really are a surprise, maybe you could score one of those roles! It would be fun to “play” naughty but then just go home and be able to sleep 😆😇😴

  4. We had Friday fish tonight. Delivery is a wonderful thing. I’m working on a negative painting I’m deep into and didn’t feel like cooking. Tomorrow I’m going to get Joe to light the grill for the last time this season and cook pork chops on it. My yard girl is coming tomorrow so I’m going to get her to plant the garlic I just got in the mail. Except for the leaves, there’s really not much left to do. Maybe set up the bird feeders. Its that time of year again.

  5. Monster used to jump and scan the table to see what we were eating before landing back on the floor. It was always funny seeing a flying Beagle. He didn’t jump just up and down, but sideways to be able to scan from one side to another. It was pretty funny. My mother and I would be chatting away, eating, and we’d have a flying Beagle scoping out our food. 💜 My father had a daschund named Chiquito. My father was a snacker so late at night, we would hear him making a sandwich. Bologna, mind you. One night, he made his usual snack, and made the mistake of putting it down on the kitchen table to get something. Chiquito made the jump and snagged the entire sandwich! By the time my father turned around, Chiquito was sitting there, licking his lips. My father had a short fuse and a foul mouth to start so imagine him losing his snack to the dog. A lot of foul language! We thought it was funny, but he was not amused.
    Cute painting! 💜 Whenever we eat pancakes, egg, or spaghetti, we think of our little vacuum cleaner….Monster.

  6. Hello Charlie,

    That’s such a cute pirate. Your story made me giggle. It really must be have been difficult for Little Charlie to not frown deeply at all those women who called the scary pirate cute. 🙂 But maybe the little kids on your block love you coz you understand how it felt and probably don’t make the mistake of calling any little pirates or scary monsters cute. I can almost imagine them planning to begin trick or treating at your house every year because a real grown man appreciating a true pirate brings luck. 🙂 Now I’m curious to know if my guess is correct.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I always comment to kids based on what I think they were going for with their costume. They all look cute, sure, but if they wanted to be scary, then I’ll jump and act frightened. They are so pleased! hehe

  7. This is cute, but your puppy looks like he is miserable. Just like he would be in real life, if his owners were to dress him up. Tee hee! Spot on!

  8. Yep there was always the grownup to remind us we were little. When I was four I knew everything (ahem) and could not for the life of me figure out why they would not treat me like an adult. Ack. Enjoy your pizza — I passed by Pizza Hut yesterday and yearned for some but I’ll wait til the viral seige is over. Happy weekend.

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