Our prompt of “red-handed” today was challenging, since I only sketch paws not hands. I ended up with this chubby, red-haired tabby cat who was likely caught doing something a bit naughty. No doubt, this is how Philippe felt about me today when I accompanied him to Whole Foods and we came home with all sorts of treats that were not on the list. “Why did you just put a $5 carton of goat milk in the basket?” Philippe asked. “I used to have it all the time as a kid and I want to see if I still like the taste!” was my defiant reply. This was a weak argument, to be sure, for spending money on milk that you may or may not even still enjoy. But, he just shrugged and we continued through the store. More impulse purchases followed until he finally pushed me to the front of the store toward the cash register. It wasn’t really all that much when the cashier announced the total. In truth, I felt rather vindicated as the total was just a bit less than our usual grocery trip. Until Philippe reminded me that we still had to do our actual grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s tomorrow and we’d only come this store so he could pick up a couple of poblano peppers for dinner tonight.

My inability to control my impulses is why I’m sometimes not allowed to go on these shopping trips. Philippe will announce he needs to get something extra for dinner and I ask if he’d like me to go with him. The look on his face changes to one tinged with fear and so I stay home and sketch instead. Perhaps it’s my inability to cook that makes me focus on everything else in the store instead of ingredients. I’ve no idea what to do with those. But give me a chocolate bar and I know exactly how to deal with it properly. Next to Trader Joe’s there’s a Target and we normally take a stroll through it first. Lately, the suggestion has been made that we just skip that in the interest of time. More likely it’s that I’m often caught red-handed when we show up to the register and little Lego set or something equally childish has mysteriously appeared in the basket. “Now how did that get in there?” I always say as if our child had put it there. Since we don’t have children, the culprit is rather obvious. More than once, actually, like one might with a child, I’ve been told to “put it back!”

It’s nice to have someone who protects you from yourself. Someone who gives you just enough rope to have fun, but never enough to hang yourself. I’m truly just a big kid, and I also have to adore and appreciate that I’ve found someone who loves me just as I am, knowing it’s still uncertain, yet highly unlikely, that I’ll ever actually grow up. Don’t get me wrong, I can be organized when I need to be, but most of the time I’m bouncing around from one thing to the next. What I DO know is that I enjoy every little minute of life along the way. I’m living it as my true self and that, to me, is the best way to live. I don’t approach things in the usual fashion and all of my projects are a touch unique in the process. This isn’t so much intentional to be extra creative or cool as something born out of my own personality and style. Even when I think I’m doing something the “right” way or a proven to be successful way, I end up veering off in a different direction. And thank you, dear reader, for jumping in along with me on this journey and all of the twists and turns along the way. Glad you’ve joined me for this crazy adventure, as I know I can often be a little rascal.

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Day 11 - Tabby Cat Illustration Watercolor - Doodlewash


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27 thoughts on “A Little Rascal

  1. Lots of fun to read this, Charlie. You and I cannot shop together – we’d be too dangerous. But I have to say that Target nearly always finds me walking out with a Lego set as my youngest grands love building them. Me? I love the chocolate! Goat milk? Meh on my end – pomegranate juice is more likely.

    But no matter what, this tabby is adorable and you painted a lovely portrait.

    So what did Philippe make with poblano peppers? If it’s chili relleno, you better set an extra place for me.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕Glad you liked this one! Actually… for the poblano peppers, would you believe mac & cheese? lol It was mac & cheese with jalapeño cheese and he wanted the poblanos to add a bit of a smoother smokier flavor. 😉

  2. It always make me chuckle when you describe your shopping trips. I’m sure half the fun is seeing just how much you can get away with before Philippe protests. Someday, he’s going to let you have everything you want and you’ll be so disappointed, lol.

  3. Love your kitty… and how you drew the markings on him/her! I have a gray tabby who is often doing things that lead to that expression 🙂

  4. 😂😂😂 I can’t Get enough of your stories! They are pure delight!
    I also love that this beautiful place you lovingly named Doodlewash is a place one can veer off, not be fixed on one thing or trying to find the thing to gather real inspiration that never comes. I’ve never felt so free to create. This place, it’s so magical. Thank you!

  5. Oh poor Charlie! You and I have the same “have it all” mentality. I have enough watercolor paint for 4 people, 4 lifetimes. Phillipe’s face of fear is quite close to my hubby’s look, much like that smile icon that has the very round, large, white eyes to indicate being scared. We are much alike. And I have a ginger tabby guy who also loves it all–and his human Mom ensures he has it.

    It’s okay to be Peter Pan, or one who follows him. It’s the different, unusual, juxtaposed personalities that make life interesting. Don’t apologize for it–embrace it. And it’s not self-imposed jail time getting to stay home and SKETCH. Your loves are on full display in your impromptu DW daily postings and paintings. You may not know how to create a full course , sumptuous meal on your own, but you’ve managed to create a wildly successful watercolor site/following, hundreds of thousands who get to peek in on your emotions and daily thoughts, paintings to connect with stories. And! Your Da Vinci shiny trio! And! World Watercolor Month! And! Your recent book publication! That’s a TON of “ands!”

    You may be banned from Saturday’s at Whole Foods, (perhaps a missed Sunday here and there at Trader Joe’s), but you get to sketch and paint something lovely and colorful being home on a gray day.

    You’ve tapped into areas no one else has. Wow. As I once said, take your bow, front and center, at that curtain call. Realize your singular talent, and give yourself a very tight, meaningful hug of confirmation. You’ve labored long for the privilege.

    1. You’re so sweet and encouraging, Fanna!! I could just hug YOU!! 😃💕 Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it. It’s been quite a journey and lots of DOing, so it makes me happy to know that people are enjoying this wild ride right along with me! Much love to you! ❤️

  6. It occurred to me as I was reading this, that if you really wanted to, you could learn to cook. Maybe just two dishes so you can surprise Philippe once in a while. I told my nephew that a roasted chicken with baked potatoes and spaghetti with meat sauce would be perfect. How come your mom didn’t teach you?

    1. hehe.. my mother was a very basic cook and I learned to make a few things. But, when I tried to for Philippe when we first started dating, he told me that “he really doesn’t mind doing all of the cooking.” Apparently he wanted something more than just edible! lol 😉

  7. Hahaha, I thought todays prompt was red haired. Put your readers on Lori! Good thing I have an eraser. I’ve always feared red cats. Ever since I had to feed my friends 25lb, (a bit exagerated) attack cat for a week. He was mean and wouldn’t let me in the house. I ended up sliding the food and water in the front doorway and closing the door quickly. Still makes my heart race. Your kitty looks sweet and innocent.

  8. May the twists and turns keep coming, Charlie. They’re much more fun than the ups and downs I seem to be having at present! 🙄
    I can’t cook either, so my impulse buys are ready made meals… and coloured pens at present. I have to stop myself – and sometimes I actually manage to!
    Your little red-handed kitty is very cute. Cuteness beats mischief in my rule book. 😁

    1. Thanks so much, Tom! 😃💕 Yeah, I think twists and turns are always more fun. Hope your ups and downs take the upward path my friend! Love cuteness beats mischief… you have a very wise rule book there. 😉

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