For our prompt of “Garland” today, I opted for a quick and loose little doodle of the shiny tinsel kind. I’ve sketched a lot of pine branches this month, so I figured it was time for a bit of change. We have a bit of gold garland that’s on our Christmas tree, but we didn’t quite have enough to go around so it’s sort of snaked down the front. This is fine as our tree sits in the corner of the room so whatever is happening in the back in anyone’s guess. We have tons of ornaments, however, so I sort of wish we had a place where it could be in the center of the room. As a kid, we had an artificial tree that was right in the middle of our downstairs family room. I remember making many laps around that tree inspecting the boxes below to see if any of them just might have my name on them.

Today, Philippe insists on wrapping and displaying all gifts on Christmas Eve, so each one is a surprise. While I do love surprises, I sort of miss seeing presents sitting under the tree for a few days before the actual time to open them. I only looked at the presents when I was a kid. I would never shake or even hold them. I didn’t want to guess what was inside, I just wanted to know which ones were for me. I just liked seeing the presents under that glittering tree. It was all so magical and made the countdown even more exciting. Sometimes the paper would be shiny as well reflecting all of the lights and decorations. When it came time to open the gifts, however, I was also a little sad to do so. I liked them being there and opening them felt like everything was ending. But, I did really, really want to see what the heck was actually inside!

Today was the usual crazy busy Monday, which always seems to happen. It’s a sort of blur as to what actually happened, but I think most everything got completed that was needed today. I’m simply ready for a low key evening and a bit of a break. I’ve only three days left of work this year, but I think they’re all going to be really frenetic, which I guess will just make the break even more appreciated. I can’t believe we’re reaching the middle of the month. It feels like only yesterday that Philippe and I started our little countdown rituals. Last night Philippe performed a coin trick for me that was once again quite impressive. He’s taken his performance up a notch as well, so he’ll be in full show mode by the time Christmas Eve arrives. As for me, I’m just loving every single minute of these little shiny moments.

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30 thoughts on “Little Shiny Moments

  1. Charlie, your painting reminded me of our aluminum Christmas tree. I loved our beautiful aluminum Christmas tree. It was so pretty. It had an unusual metallic scent, but that’s probably because it spent the year in the hot garage. I don’t know if it would have lasted this many years, but I sure would have loved to find out. My father had a horrible habit of selling off our things without saying anything. Only when we went looking for it did he tell us. My mother would get so angry and used to tell him that she was surprised that he hadn’t sold me and her off to the highest bidder. Then, we had a cute 2 ft. Christmas tree that I would decorate as a child. I loved my Christmas tree. And, yes, he sold it! Ugh, that man! Then, it was my turn to get mad at him. My mother finally told him to sell his own stuff or else, but it was too late. Our things were gone.
    Anyway, cute painting. Charlie, how wonderful that your Christmas tree was right in the middle of the room. How lovely! Okay, so hear me out. For when I have my own place: I LOVE purple and I found a company that sells Christmas trees in different colors. ( Yup, are you seeing where I am going with this? They sell purple Christmas trees! It wouldn’t be my main tree, but I plan on having more than one tree in my house. Yeah, baby! 💜💜💜💜💜 Marisela is ready to do Christmas her way! 😁😀😁
    Feliz Navidad, my friend, Charlie! 🎄🎅⛄🎄

  2. Most of my presents were books (at my request). I had a thing for bibles and dictionaries and of course anything related to art and or horses. So I usually knew I was getting books, just never sure which ones. I’d open then on Christmas morning and then try to read as many of them as possible before the day ended. Sometimes, I’d read them through twice. You might guess that I’ve always been a bit of a reader, lol.

  3. Wonderful Charlie! Picked up paintings today from an exhibit that closed yesterday. It was a fun raiser for a near by community center that went very well. It was held mostly online with 150 little paintings and they sold 89. I had 5 in it and one sold which was my contribution to the cause. New event for me and a chance to get my name out there. New year coming!

  4. When my Grandparents died I inherited a box of their tree ornaments and one thing in there was a small paper sack that held a bundle of old fashioned tinsel. The real kind made of metal instead of plastic. It always draped so nice. I remember dad supervising us kids decorating trees over the years and insisting that tinsel be put on one strand at a time! No clumping!

  5. Happy Monday, fellow lover of the shiny, twinkling lights and mousies! Your painting affirms all thats right with this season. Hoping and praying you get through those next few days with grace and ease Charlie. I painted Christmas cards today with almost the same colors, but Im doing cards and yes, pine needles abound! I have to get at it🐭

  6. Hello Charlie,

    How have you been? I’ve missed our little chats over the past few days, all thanks to some work-related craziness that made me want to scream. Thankfully I got through without screaming. 🙂 But I’ve been enjoying all your doodles and posts. It’s funny how your Doodlewashes sometimes trigger memories that aren’t remotely related to your post. Today’s bit of tinsel reminded me of my love for grapes. When I was very small, in the city where we lived, we only got grapes for a month every year. My Dad would get a big box and the grape bunches always came resting on a bed of hay topped with tinsel. Interestingly, now when I think back, those boxes came around this time of the year. I guess we were celebrating a sparkling Christmas without even knowing it. 🙂


    1. Hello my friend!! 😃💕 I know work-related craziness… currently experiencing the same! Glad you got through it without screaming. I absolutely adore that this triggered a memory about grapes. That’s the coolest thing ever! And what a lovely memory! I think you are celebrating a sparkling Christmas… indeed, I think we should find ways to find a bit of sparkle in every day!

  7. Wow! You kicked it up on this sketch. Look at all those shiny little strands. When I was a kid, we had this type of garland on our tree. When I do my “fancy” tree I have tons of antique glass beads. My “fun” tree has no room for garland, so I opt for red bows and shiny silver balls mixed in to give it some shine. 😉 As far as presents under the tree….I agree with you! It’s much more festive! I think Phillipe needs to compromise and just let a few be placed. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 hehe… don’t look too closely… they’re perfectly doodled with abandon! lol And I’m totally telling Philippe that you said that… but then that means I actually have to wrap something! 😊

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