Today, when met with a prompt of “bugs”, I wasn’t quite sure what to paint. I’ve already sketched a ladybug earlier this month, and they aren’t really bugs at all, they’re beetles. They like to eat tiny aphids, which are technically true bugs. But, I didn’t really want to sketch one and instead ended up engrossed in several articles saying that we end up consuming aphids as well, whether we like it or not. Apparently, here in the States, the FDA does allow a certain amount of aphids and other insect parts in our food. The little boy in me was fascinated by this potentially gross fact. They’re tiny, perfectly edible and they say bugs outnumber humans 200 million to one, so those are pretty good odds they’ll end up on the menu at some point. In the end, I realized I could literally sketch any food that caught my eye and know that somewhere, there’s a microscopic bit of bug there. Prompt completed. And so we rather unexpectedly have this fruit tart.

Even if you told me there were little bits of bug in a dessert, I would probably still eat it. I just love dessert. And I guess a polite person probably wouldn’t bring any of this up in the first place, so apologies for bringing it to your attention if you were blissfully unaware. But I find it all so fascinating. These little facts, even the ones I might guess to be true, are fun to discover. As a kid, I loved playing Trivial Pursuit and could pretty much answer all of the science questions, but was rubbish when it came to sports. The latter is simply something that I’ve never been interested in. But science and nature are endlessly thrilling to me. As I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve learned a lot of fun facts that I’ve enjoying sharing with whoever might be reading along. Last March, I spent a month sketching Uncommon Creatures and it was fun to discover some of the lesser known species on the planet.

Little known facts and bits of trivia keep life interesting. It would be a shame to spend life with only the knowledge we currently have. Sketching and painting each day has been so rewarding, but often, when I’m searching for an idea to paint or looking at references I get lost in articles and information. Often to my detriment as it leaves me with even less time to paint, but it’s such a fun journey. So, sure, bugs in our food are not the thing you’d probably want to consider, especially if you’re reading this near mealtime, but for me, it’s fun to know. Like painting, when I discover an interesting mix of color or a particular way to shade the edge of a piece of fruit. Each of these little discoveries is a wonderful experience. So much of my day can include things that offer little to shock or impress me, so I’m endless thankful when I come across those little surprises.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Quinacridone Gold, Red Orange, Sennelier Red, Perylene Maroon, Dioxazine Purple, Phthalo. Green Pale, Phthalocyanine Blue, Indian Yellow, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al-Star Fountain Pen – Extra Fine, with Platinum Carbon black ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 24 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - Unexpected Surprises - Fruit Tart With Kiwi and Berries - #doodlewash

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30 thoughts on “Little Surprises

  1. The fruit tart looks delicious. I’ve eaten many such little pastries over the years. You do make me chortle with the way so many prompts lead you back to food. It’s no wonder you are so great at painting food with all the practice you get.

    I was also a Trivial Pursuit nerd as a kid and into my 20s. Like you, sports was my one Achilles’ heel. I had no interest so the knowledge had trouble sticking even after I’d played the same deck dozens of times. It got to be, however, that friends wouldn’t play against me because I would always win. I once beat my husband at a game when he hadn’t even had a chance to roll the dice. I had to agree that that was no fun. We still play lots of board games (we have a slight board game addiction in this family) but haven’t played that one in ages.

    1. Laura I did also enjoy your comment! Maybe I could beat you in Cribbage? NO?…ah well…I’ll look for your comments as I love good one—as you know Charlie is A Master of them….

    2. Thanks, Laura! 😃💕 I really just want to focus on food, but still want to play along with my own prompts, so yeah… things like this happen! And yay to nerds! They’re so awesome!! hehe But I agree… it’s not as much fun when you’re not evenly paired up. Philippe says he’s going to kick my butt at MarioKart 8 when it comes out for Nintendo Switch on Friday. We’ll see….

  2. I am so drooling over the fruit thing you posted…wonderful style and color…it would cost a pretty penny to buy all the ingredients…….so I guess it has to be raid the fridge and make what I find…being a part of these daily themes is the best medicine for me…

  3. As far as I know, beetles are bugs. I’ve always thought of “bug” as another word for insect. What does “bug” mean to you? Just curious.

      1. Now I’m gonna have to look it up.

        Yep, as I remembered, Class Insecta have exoskeletons, 3 body segments (head, thorax, abdomen), 3 pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and a pair of antenna. So cicadas, beetles, ants and flies are all insects.

        AND there are about 30 orders of insects.

        Yep, as you blogged, Order Hemiptera (“true bugs”) have sucking mouth parts, and include cicadas, leaf-hoppers and aphids. Ladybugs and other beetles belong in the Order Coleoptera.

        So, ladybugs are insects, but are not bugs!!

  4. I did know there were bugs in our food! And I don’t think its gross at all..I mean, you liked the food before you knew there were bugs in it so why stop eating it? I only enjoy it more because I know what is in it. Have you ever heard of Handlettering? I am sure you would be fantastic at that!

    1. Thanks! 😃💕 Yeah, there’s not a bug in the world that could scare me away from a good dessert! lol As for Handlettering, I’m amazed at the people who can do that, but that’s not something I can do. I can barely write legibly, much less letter something beautiful by hand. 😊

  5. Whether you’re painting tempting little fruit tarts or slightly-less-tempting fruit flies, I always love your posts, Charlie! Thank you for once again brightening my day with your lovely art and cheeky humor.

    PS: Did you by chance read that article about spiders theoretically being able to eat every person on Earth within a year? It’s clear that the survival of our species depends on eating more bugs. 😀

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