Two Mice In Bonsai Tree Watercolor Illustration Painting

Little Things Make Me Smile

For Day Nine of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Gnarled” I ended up with two little mice meeting up in a bonsai tree. I love these miniature trees, and just about everything that comes in a tiny size. And, when something that’s normally grand and towering is shrunk to a small size, my inner child thinks that’s just about the coolest thing in the world. Of course, having a couple of mice visit your indoor bonsai tree in a pot is likely less charming in reality. But I just sketch whatever comes to mind in the flurry of the moment, so this is what happened today. Lately, my Fridays have been extra busy, so I feel like I’m racing to the finish line. This often happens on other days as well. I’m not quite sure what the race is sometimes, but in my case at least, the prize on Friday is pizza night and I always want to have my posts complete so I can enjoy it properly. I hope that all of you have a fabulous weekend as well!

Today, I actually found myself in a rather gnarly situation in that I usually try to make a little pencil sketch of an idea at work during lunch and then ink and color quickly when I get home. When I went to my bag to grab for my sketchbook, however, it was missing. It wasn’t lost or stolen by little mice, but instead, it had been left sitting on a scanner by a tall crazy guy who was in a rush to get yesterday’s post out into the world. This didn’t help my feeling of being rushed, but then I stopped and realized that leaving things to the very last minute is also something I excel at doing. In fact, I’ve made it into an art form as well. Even when I have lots of time to spare, I tend to spend it freely and end up with only a little change in my pocket by the time I’m ready to get to work. Perhaps I love small things so much that even a small amount of time starts to have a certain charm as well. Nope, I’m really just an olympic-level procrastinator.

Though small things are cool, we’ve just adder a much bigger addition to our home. Philippe and I had been wanting a large television with good sound for years, but never really did anything about it. Recently, we just went for it and had one installed. It’s on a mount that extends out and downward so it’s floating lower, past the mantle and in front of the fireplace. The effect is rather wild as it turns the living room into a cinema at night. One would think we’d be streaming the latest Marvel movie or some sort of action film. Yet the first things that appeared were cute cat videos and documentaries. Literally things that we could just as easily watch on our much more miniature iPads. Philippe was trying to figure out how to get his French documentary onto this screen. I hope he does as having a hour-long show on cauliflower appear on a giant screen just feels like something that has to happen. For now, I’m just happy to settle into a lovely evening. And, though our television has gotten larger, I simply find myself reminded that little things make me smile.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.:  Gold Ochre, Opus (Vivid Pink), Vermilion, Quinacridone Red, Leaf Green, Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, and Indigo. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash?  Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Two Mice In Bonsai Tree Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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16 thoughts on “Little Things Make Me Smile

  1. Wow, Charlie. Maybe you can sell tickets and show movies like a movie theatre? haha haha When we needed a new tv, Sam’s Club had an 85″ tv. Holy maracas! Our house probably would’ve tipped over. 😂😂😂 Hey, go big or go home, right? Are you sure you’re not in Texas because we go by the motto: Everything’s bigger in Texas! haha haha Enjoy your awesome tv and your cauliflower documentary. And your yummy pizza. Warm hugs, my friend. 💜💜💜
    Guess what? Today, in the middle of normally sweltering July, in the middle of Texas, we were only 75*F and rainy. What? What is this? No A/C? We LOVE it!

    1. Thanks, Marisela! 😃💕 Lol! We should probably sell tickets… this is a splurge purchase for us… we never buy anything! But yes, everything’s bigger in Texas! Yay for a no A/C day… that’s the best!

  2. Hello Charlie,

    Happy Pizza Night again! Today’s Doodlewash is super cute and super Zen all at once. And the thought of tiny things made me think of Polly Pocket. I was about 9 or 10 when those miniature houses and dolls that fit in your pocket came out and my Dad got one each for my sister and me. We still treasure them and imagine my shock when a cousin recently told me what I have is now considered “vintage”! Made me feel old for all of 10 minutes prompting me to pull out the box and play again. Thanks to your post, am gonna watch Brambly Hedge tonight. 🙂


  3. Loving bonsai and mousies, this is the perfect painting! I needed adorable little bonsai gardeners for mine, I too am the kiss of death for miniature masterpieces. I learned from some very skilled bonsai artists, they don’t need so much fussing or tiny sweaters in the winter😆😄🤣
    Hope you enjoyed pizza night. I ate out with family, wished it had been 🍕🤣

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