For Day 24 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Wave,” I made a sketch of a conch shell surrounded by gentle waves. There’s just one week left of the month, and I hope that everyone who has been painting along with me is having a fabulous time! I was thinking that I’d love to visit a beach after the month is over to relax and recharge, so that was on my mind today. I’ve no idea if I’ll actually have the free time to make that happen or not, so I figured having a bit of beach in my sketchbook would be better than nothing. I love the sound of gentle waves rolling on the beach. It’s a very calm and therapeutic sound that always makes me feel good. Where I live, I’m far from an ocean so that sound is replaced by trill of evening cicadas and crickets. Actually, that’s also a wonderful sound as it reminds of summers spent as a kid, hoping to get in a little more play time before the sun went down and I had to end my day.

Today, it’s pretty much the same feeling in the summer months. I do enjoy the extended sunshine, but it still never seems to give me any more time to complete everything. I then turn back into that little kid, racing to try to do everything I’d like before the day ends and I can only dream about the one to come. Last evening, was rather lovely as I was cuddled up next to Philippe on the couch watching television. Our puppy Elliott normally stays on his bed nearby, but lately he’s been craving more attention. So last night he snuck up to be on the couch with us. He tried to curl up on my lap like when he was a puppy, yet he’s grown so much that he doesn’t fit on my lap anymore. About half of him will fit these days, which is a fact that he doesn’t quite seem to comprehend fully. He kept shuffling around to try to get in just the right spot. In the end, he came up with his final masterful solution and just crawled across both of our laps and started snoring.

It was really cute, mostly because he really hasn’t done that since he was a very little puppy. Which, of course, was earlier this year, but it seems like ages ago now. I liked knowing that even Elliott likes to return to a place when he was little as well. And, as I held him close, everything felt rather perfect. Well, in our world at least. And in our bubble of love and comfort, we were able to shut out the rest of everything and enjoy time together. Time didn’t stand still, but the evening seemed to last a bit longer as everything seemed to matter much more. And, all of these feelings where flooding through me as we stayed cuddled up together. Nothing major, just small happy thoughts washing over my heart. Sometimes, in the vast ocean of life, the only thing that truly matters in the end are those little waves.

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Conch Shell On Beach Rolling Waves Watercolor illustration Sketchbook Detail

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21 thoughts on “Little Waves

  1. I’m sitting at the beach right now, listening to the ocean waves. I wish I could send you some of it. Unfortunately, it’s been foggy all day. That’s supposed to be gone and sunny weather coming. But, just sunny – it won’t get much more than 70 degrees. Perfection!

  2. Hello Charlie,

    The conch shell seems to be holding the entire Universe within it.. and is so beautifully reflected in the wet sand too. You sound so peaceful today, it made me feel at peace. I hope you get to visit the beach super soon and get lulled by the sound ofthe waves.


  3. What a beautiful painting, Charlie. I would love to be on an island also especially to star gaze. I love those stars.
    I know. Can you believe how fast this month flew by? Just one month to go and we’ll be in the Fall!!! Yikes! And another birthday for someone. Now, what is her name again? It escapes me at the moment. 😂😂😂

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