Welcome to a brand new month and a new art challenge celebrating our beautiful world! When I started painting and sketching I referred to these as Doodlewash adventures as I have no idea what I’ll make next and it’s going to be so much fun to find out. And it’s always super awesome to see what each of you who’ve joined me will come up with during the month. For our first prompt of “Hummingbird,” I once again couldn’t make a decision of just one bird, so I ended up with three of them. I’ve no idea if they come in these exact colors as I just made them whatever colors felt right in the moment. I’m trying to work on my own compositions whenever possible lately, since sketching daily for so long has finally made me a touch more confident. And yes, I adore hummingbirds and think they’re incredibly fascinating. The “humming” bit comes from the sound of their wings beating so fast and they are the only birds that can fly backwards. They’re also quite tiny, which makes it a bit easier to fit three of them onto my little sketchbook page. Whenever I see one, it’s best to just hold all of my calls, because I’m going to be far too mesmerized to take them until it hums aways.

Actually, I’m not sure why I said it like that as I don’t even like talking on the phone. So, I only do so when it’s absolutely necessary. But, it’s quite true that I can get totally lost while staring at a hummingbird. I love watching birds of all kinds, but the frenetic dance of a hummingbird is, for me, a joyful show. Some days, I feel a bit like this as I rapidly spin from one project to the next, stopping only briefly to move each thing forward a bit. I’m sure it would be more sensible to complete projects in a linear fashion, but I’ve just never been a very linear person. I zig and zag my way through life on a delightful roller coaster of hope. And, I truly wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s just so much fun! Yet, I do have some goals this year that I hope to accomplish. If nothing else, I certainly need to check them off my ever growing list of things I’d like to try next so I can make room for some more. Sometimes dreams can seem almost exhausting, but that never stops me from pursuing them.

Today, Philippe and I went shopping for something rather amazing. After we had a delicious store-bought rum cake last week, he decided he was going to make his own version today. But, he was missing the proper pan, so we were on a mission to find it. Okay, it was mostly by my prodding as I couldn’t bear the thought of being that close to my chance at cake and losing out due to something as simple as a missing baking pan. The fact that he didn’t have one is proof of the rarity of cake in our life. Like all things rare, it just makes it even more special. It’s super busy where we live today as everyone is preparing for the Super Bowl tomorrow, which features my own home town team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Philippe and I are not sports fans, but it’s super cool to know that they are playing for the first time in my lifetime. I’m always so happy and excited for anyone who achieves their goals. Assuming the goals are something positive, of course. And, whether it’s a tiny hummingbird or a tiny slice of cake, I always find the greatest joy from life’s little wonders.

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Hummingbirds Three Birds Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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26 thoughts on “Little Wonders

  1. If hummingbirds don’t come in these colors, they should! I’m like you – when I was young I worked at the information desk for a medical laboratory. It was a job I hated, and I’ve disliked talking on the phone ever since.

  2. They are fabulous Charlie! I hope the cake is scrumptious! I’m spoiled as I got dinner out two nights in a row. Last night was to celebrate landing a three month exhibit starting in March. Tonight was because I sold a painting before I finished hanging the exhibit that will be up for the month of February. I loved the picture that sold and it is going to a young new collector of art. She loves barns and this one is based on a photo that a friend’s daughter took in Colorado. Feeling good tonight.

  3. A few years ago my up the hill neighbors invited me into their back yard to see the hummingbird nest that they had discovered in one of their pine trees. It was so tiny and maybe 10 feet up that it was hard to see. But when I finally spotted it, I was thrilled to see two tiny heads just poking out of the nest. I went up to visit them every day until one day, they were gone. It doesn’t take them long to grow up! I was thrilled to have lots of photos from that magical time.

  4. All so pretty! Who cares if the colors are correct or not. Most people don’t know. We have a few hummingbirds that frequent our yard in the summer and well into Fall. We have two rather large hardy fuchsia bushes that they love. Luckily one is right next to the patio so we get to see them up close a lot. I had to try to nurse one that our cat had gotten and brought into the house. I fed it with a syringe for an entire day. Unfortunately the next day it didn’t make it. It was pretty cool to be able to hold it and really get to see it. I was so upset with our cat. (You have to hand it to her for being able to catch it however.)

  5. Bonjour, finalement, vous avez, trouvé, le récipient, pour faire le gâteau au rhum ? chez moi, cela se nomme – un BABA au rhum, il y a un trou au milieu du plat donc aussi du gâteau – soit il est mangé ainsi simplement avec son goût de rhum – soit au centre, dans le trou, nous mettons une crème à la vanille – soit de la Crème Chantilly – ou des fruits – je n’ai jamais de réponse, lorsque je mets un commentaire – je ne sais si je suis bien inscrite pour le suivi des commentaires ? dommage

    1. Yes! We got the pan for le gâteau! 😃💕Philippe also calls it baba au rhum and we had a tray with several little ones, but not a larger one. 😉 I can read French, but can’t write in it yet. And, I’ll take whipped cream and fruit any day! Love! As for comments, if you check the box, it’s supposed to send a note that I replied, so hopefully it works this time!

  6. Your painting is lovely. I too, love these little birds! I spend my summers in Iowa feeding these little wonders. If the feeder is empty, they will actually hit the patio door or kitchen window to get my attention that they are hungry! So amazing! ❤️

  7. I have a piece of Capodimonte porcelain that is so amazingly like your painting that I’m wondering
    if you were looking at my nightstand. : ) Beautiful work!

    Charlie says, “whether it’s a tiny hummingbird or a tiny slice of cake, I always find the greatest joy from life’s little wonders.”

    and that single statement perks up our ears and opens our eyes to the everyday miracles all around us.
    Thank you!

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