For our prompt of “Seashells” today, my mind drifted to thoughts of a hermit crab, which isn’t normally a very colorful option. So, I added a multi-colored shell to spice things up a bit. I’ve no idea if my crab would choose this particular home, but I found it rather more festive. It’s been fun playing with a touch more color this month. Though, I always paint with brighter than real life colors. As an optimist, it’s how I like to see the world around me. Just a bit shinier and happier than it likely is, but what I sincerely hope it has the potential to be one day. It’s a mix of the candy-colored memories of my childhood combined with a sprinkle of humor that my adult brain always serves up. I find so many things in the world just a touch ridiculous and that always makes me smile. Life is simply too odd to ever be taken very seriously. But it’s a joyful ride and one I look forward to each and every day. Whether the day is perfectly ordinary or filled with all of the surprising joy of the truly unexpected, I’ve learned to celebrate whatever life brings my way.

This afternoon, Philippe was busy working in the kitchen. He now makes all of the food from scratch for our dog Phineas so he was making another batch for the week. He’s so intent on his new role as personal chef to a basenji that I had to keep asking him about food for us when we were at the grocery this morning. Thankfully, he’s still making this year’s traditional treat of la galette des rois as I type this. So I’m super excited for the evening ahead. As for Phineas, he’s rather fond of all the extra attention when it comes to his food. He sat in the kitchen watching Philippe the entire time it was being prepared as though he was wanting to learn how to make it himself. No doubt, this would be a dream as he never seems quite satisfied by the portions that he gets. He and I often have this common, but I realize it’s for our own good. Without Philippe’s loving limitations, we’d both be in trouble. Now that Phineas has spotted his food, though, he’s going a touch crazy pacing through the house and wondering why it’s not already in his bowl.

The smell of the pastry is filling the house and I’m starting to lose my mind a bit as well, so I can’t really fault the dog. I get it. Sometimes the hardest thing we have to do in life is way for something wonderful we know is coming next. But, since I survived December and a month of anticipation, I’ve gotten lots of recent practice. And, listening to Philippe sing songs as he makes things in the kitchen is a lovely thing indeed. It’s the sound of happiness and, in the end, it’s even better than pastry. In moments like these, I’m reminded that no matter what life brings my way next, I already have everything I need. My life isn’t full of wild travel or anything crazy or exotic. It’s so normal and routine that people who crave those sorts of things would find it perfectly dull. But, I always find it fascinating. Big events are so easy to spot, but it’s those tiny moments that mean the world to me. Moments like the one I’m in where nothing is exceptionally rare, yet everything feels perfectly exceptional. A wonderful reminder that love can bring all of the color I need in my life and make each day feel like I’m living under a rainbow.

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29 thoughts on “Living Under A Rainbow

  1. I love the rainbow shell Charlie! Lazy day in our home today. We have been busy and will potentially be busy so we just took it easy today. I watched YouTube videos about tiny homes though my studio space likely would not fit. That would be a deal breaker, for now. 😉

  2. “Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe …” Maybe a little elevator musicish, but possibly one of the truest songs ever written. I love reading your rambles, Charlie – it’s my daily dose of remembering to be grateful.

  3. I love hermit crabs! Yours is so incredible ❤️! I live a life similar to yours, Charlie. We don’t travel a lot and when we do it’s medical or to visit family. My husband is the love of my life and my best friend. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with him, whether we’re doing something together or me drawing while he watches TV.

  4. I have a friend who is working to raise hermit crabs in her lab. Turns out that all pet crabs are caught in the wild because no one has been successful in raising them from eggs, domestically. She has been successful in a limited scale and found homes for her babies.

  5. Charlie says, ” …it’s those tiny moments that mean the world to me. Moments like the one I’m in where nothing is exceptionally rare, yet everything feels perfectly exceptional.”

    such beautiful atmosphere!

    and that hermit crab…pretty cool!

  6. You are describing my dog Phyllis! After she discovered her love of broccoli and sweet potato, we are now incorporating more of our foods into her daily dishes. Sometimes, she refuses to go for walks when she notices the cooking smells. Like we would ever let her skip a meal! Anyhow, I really enjoyed your post about appreciating those seemingly trivial moments that are not trivial at all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  7. A hermit crab all wrapped up like a gift! They are strange creatures. I really enjoy how you wander from topic to topic, bringing them together in the most unexpected but delightful ending. Now I’m hungry for king’s cake but lucky for me, I can’t bake at all and am sipping my protein drink this morning – much safer for me.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you enjoy my rambles! They are extra rambling since the content changes with the prompts and is always something different. But it’s always fun to find out where it takes my mind next!

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