Today, for our prompt of “Black And White,” I opted for this tiny little panda. Well, at least it’s tiny for a panda, but still much larger than my dog Phineas. Pandas are the cutest little creatures, but rather tough to sketch. My “blacks,” as ever, are made up of several colors that qualify as “darks” when mixed, at least, and my “whites” are created mostly from this contrast. I’ve honestly no idea what a baby panda thinks when it looks out onto some new and uncharted territory. Though I’m rather curious as to what might be going on in that little panda’s mind. With the way I approach life, I find myself in new and uncharted territory most of the time. I think I must have the same slightly startled, but not at all scared expression of this little panda. It’s a vista that’s more fascinating than anything else. Sure, whenever you attempt something new, there’s a potential for getting it wrong. But, in the moment of creating it, there’s nothing but the sheer exuberance of possibility. I tend to live in this place all of the time. I peer into the future and see glimpses of what I’d like to happen next, but it’s often a bit vague and unclear. Then, I remember that there’s one moment I can always navigate easily. It’s THIS moment. The very one I’m in right now. This blissful moment where, if nothing else, I can make just one new thing happen.

As I continue to sketch stuff each and every day, I’m always thrilled by the experience. Though I must share that some days, like today, I was so insanely busy that I thought I might not show up at all. This has happened to me every month, if not week, since I started sketching and painting daily. It nearly feels like I’m trying to do the impossible by showing up to sketch and post each day. I’m tired, I don’t feel like I’m in the mood, I’m distracted by a million other things, I can’t even remember why I started doing this in the first place! Having been through this silly ritual now for almost four years, I just laugh it off and giggle at myself during these moments. Or, truer yet, my inner child laughs at the ludicrous idea that anything at all could be more important than creating something new. It’s a gift we all have to create new things and one I constantly encourage. There’s a dual reason for this. When we create something new in our sketchbooks, it makes us thoroughly happy. Or, at least it should at all times. Yet, when we create something and share it with the world, it then has the potential for making others happy as well. Even if one person loves what I make each day, I’m thrilled! I made my own humble difference in that one person’s life.

So, you see, the reason you find me showing up with new posts each and every day is not because I think thousands might want to see it. It’s because I know in my heart that at least one person will feel like it’s the very thing they needed to see that day. And that’s the most I can ever hope for in this art journey. Think about it. If you can make even one person smile, isn’t that worth showing up to sketch and color each day? Whether it’s one “Like” or one comment, you made another person happy and enthusiastic enough to share the happiness with you. That’s the true beauty of our Internet world. It has a lot of quirks, and crazy things to offer that make no sense at all, but in spite of that, it can still manage to connect us to each other. You’ve found me and I’ve found you. And I feel so incredibly lucky knowing that. I’m just a guy who likes sketching stuff, and rambles on about things that come to mind in the very moment he posts them, while continuing to  adore watercolor. So, it thrills me that you’ve dropped by to see what I created today. Even though I have absolutely no idea what I might create tomorrow, much like this little panda, I optimistically find myself once again, looking into the future.

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Day 21 - Panda Baby Watercolor Illustration_IG

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27 thoughts on “Looking Into The Future

  1. I’d hire you for my marketing director in a heart beat . . . if I could afford a marketing director. You are incredible at what you do and how you do it Charlie and your art ain’t bad either!
    Sending admiration and love,

    1. Aww thanks so much!! 😃💕 That’s such a sweet thing to say! I have to admit I don’t understand all of the ins and outs of traditional marketing at all. I just feel that if you build authentically, they’ll come! 😊

  2. I took a photo of one of my paintings and posted it with cropping it first. In the background you see this crazy purple picture where all I did was smear on some paint, and maybe sprayed some water on it. I thought maybe I’d use it as a base to paint a landscape or something, but I just liked it, so stuck it in the wall. A friend loved it and insisted I frame it and hang it as is. I laughed, but still, it is nice to have one person like what you do.

    1. Indeed! 😃💕 It’s a wonderful feeling to have just one person think… wow… that’s cool! As I’ve been in this crazy art journey, that’s still the very thing that gets me through it each day!

  3. You know you’ll be making me smile each day! I love your little panda. They’re energetic little critturs, into everything and quite convinced that everybody and everything on earth was put there to be their chewstick. What’s not to smile about that?

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say, Mary! 😃💕 I really can’t thank you enough! I get really busy and totally behind on all of my crazy ideas and notions, but it makes my heart very happy to know it’s appreciated. Thanks so much my friend!

  4. Oh my gosh, this little guy is darling! He made me smile. I am reminded of our trip to the San Diego zoo and glad we saw the panda’s. They are no longer there. 🙁 You always bring a smile to face and a memory. I am amazed at your ability to show up each day and sketch! That is quite an accomplishment!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Aww… the San Diego zoo is so great!! Philippe and I were there last year! So happy you enjoy my daily offerings! It’s been a bit crazy many days to actually show up… hehe… but I’m well and truly addicted now, so I always manage to make it happen!

  5. I look forward to your posts everyday, and you definitely make me smile! And I can totally relate to the some days of not wanting to paint but then once I am forgetting that I didn’t want to.

    1. That’s so fabulous to hear!! Thank you SO much, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah, the moment I feel like I don’t want to paint, I solve it by just painting! hehe… every time I’m back in the groove and all is wonderful!

  6. Hi Charlie: your post today points to the state of mindfulness. The little panda is engrossed in the present, probably pondering an adventure for the day. And you mentioned that you are sometimes doubting your ability to bring forth a sketch, and yet you nail it every time! Then bringing joy to even one person, that’s the dividend! I really enjoy what you do! bob.c

    1. That’s the most amazing compliment ever, Robert! Thank you SO much! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you enjoy my posts. And I think there’s so much goodness to be found in pondering and enjoying each adventure the day brings!

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