For our prompt of “Clouds” today, I decided to sketch a little kitten looking up at them. The sky was a single shade of gray today, and there was even a bit of light snow, so there weren’t any actual clouds to see here. With no blue skies to see, I simply had to close my eyes imagine them instead. It was actually quite a refreshing experience. There’s quite of lot of anxiety in the world at the moment. It’s that feeling that often comes when you feel small and a touch powerless. And sometimes, the only way to deal with that is to take a moment to pause and reflect on something else for a bit. Something that’s positive and provides that glimmer of hope. Indeed, having my sketchbook has been a lovely distraction. No matter how gray the sky might be at the moment, I’m reminded that blue skies will indeed return one day. And in the meantime, I can always make them appear in a sketch.

With no blue skies to enjoy, and staying at home more, Philippe and I just worked on various projects while Frozen 2 was playing on repeat in the background. The songs are mostly all uplifting so it was a nice addition to the day. As things stand now, I am returning to work tomorrow, as I just take things one day at a time. I won’t be going out to lunch though, and so I was going to bring a sandwich instead. Unfortunately, when our order from Whole Foods arrived we were informed the store was out of bread along with anything that comes in a can. But, Philippe said that he would bake some bread for me to use instead. I’ve never baked anything successfully in my life so this always feels like a bit of magic. And, it’s a major upgrade indeed compared to grocery store bread. So, yeah, I’m quite lucky indeed.

Well, actually, we’ll see if the bread still makes the cut for today. Philippe is currently preparing Phineas’ food for the week. This isn’t something new based on current events, as it’s a ritual that’s been happening for quite awhile. Phineas is currently staring up at Philippe with a crazed expression on his face as he smells an entire week’s worth of food cooking all at once. In many ways, nothing has really changed about our little life. We’ve always preferred being at home instead of out in the world. One would assume Phineas would prefer us home more, but sometimes he acts a bit like we’re cramping his style and is probably glad we’re heading back to work tomorrow. No doubt he has plans with his friend Michael that have been put on hold while we’re still around. And though we’re all living through a challenging time, we’ll all get through it together. And one day soon, things will once again be looking up.

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Tabby Cat Kitten Looking Up At Clouds Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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20 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. What a cute kitty and beautiful blue sky Charlie. I am sure that Phineas does have a full day of fun planned with Michael! 😉 Everything is closing down here. Schools, YMCA, library and the local theater where we go for live events. They say for at least two weeks. My husband is a pharmacist at the local hospital so has to go to work. I am meeting a friend for a walk outside tomorrow morning. We will need our mittens as it will be in the 20s then. We will get the bits of snow you had today on Tuesday. I cleared up my studio this afternoon in anticipation of a busy week of painting with music and no news! Stay safe!

  2. I’m glad I bought up some bread on Friday. I hope the stores are able to restock soon, and put limits so everything doesn’t just run out again. I haven’t baked bread in years. Maybe this would be a good time to start again!

  3. I love that Philippe offered to make bread. I offer to make pie crust is there are no frozen ones available. But not bread. I’ve only made it a half dozen times in my life, and it’s a slog. If I’m going to make something with yeast, I think pecan rolls are a much better option. 😂😂

  4. Great painting Charlie. On Sunday we had clouds just like your painting. I managed to get out in the garden and do some more cutting back and tidying up. We went shopping early in the morning and it was much busier than usual for that time on a Sunday.

  5. Precious! I think it was sunny here yesterday. We were busy finishing up putting our house back together. I would love to say things are back to normal here finally, but as I slip back into my normal routine, I don’t think it will be so normal. 😉 We will all get through this.

  6. What an adorable kitty! Sunny here but still a bit chilly. Life is very different today, but again I know that we will get back to some semblance of normalcy soon. Thank goodness for art!!! Have a blessed day!

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