forest path watercolor painting by Lori Nass

GUEST ARTIST: “A Passion Rediscovered” by Lori Nass

My name is Lori Nass and I am from St. Peters, Missouri. I grew up in Illinois, surrounded by cornfields and family. As a child, I witnessed the creativity of several of my family members. My grandmother started and successfully ran her own upholstery business. My mom decorated and sold cakes on the side. My older brother amazed me with his seemingly effortless ability to draw realistic cars. My little sister entered the world with a fashion sense that she nurtures to this day.

Even my dad, who was a welder, would doodle flames on his equipment and delight us with welded mini sculptures and highly imaginative stories. When I wasn’t busy assisting them in all of their creative endeavors, I would sketch, bake, sew, build, or paint. I was not picky about how or what to create, I just wanted to get my hands to work creating. In my mind, creativity was and always has been a natural part of life.

orange peel Watercolor Painting by Lori NassDuring my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to take my first official art class and absolutely loved it. I already had plans of pursuing a career in nursing after high school,  and that is exactly what I did. While at college, I took electives like ceramics and art seminars as a way to manage and relieve stress.

I was married by the time I finished college, and soon after began work as a Critical Care Nurse. I always left room in my plans for the potential of motherhood which was my greatest desire. Ultimately, I became the mother of four wonderful sons, which I have homeschooled for the last twenty years.

Homeschooling my children helped me rediscover my own love for learning and creativity. Our oldest son is very artistic and creative. In a desire to foster his learning and help him along his path, I began taking him to a local art class. The teacher encouraged me to stay and participate as well. As a result, something amazing and unexpected happened; my love for art was rekindled.

My need to create, which had been put away so I could tend to the demands of life, was reawakened. Slowly, I started making art a consistent part of my daily life. In doing so, my hunger for it has grown exponentially. When I create, the things around me grow silent and I can fully enjoy the moment. I can slow down and savor the here and now. The process of creating art brings quality to my life-a fullness.

When I rediscovered my need to create art, I initially worked with pencil or ink and a basic sketchbook. Eventually, I explored acrylic painting and enjoyed it a lot. However, as the busyness of life pressed in on the time I had to devote to daily art, I realized two important things.

One, setting art aside was no longer an option, and two I needed to work with supplies that were readily available. After this realization, I began to play with watercolors. I soon discovered the beauty of ink and watercolor in cooperation with each other, and I was hooked.

Not to mention, the portability and ease of set-up and clean up. I started with Winsor & Newton watercolors and now include Daniel Smith and M. Graham in my toolbox as well.  Truly, I love them all! I would definitely describe myself as an art supply enthusiast. Some of my favorites are the following: Stabilo All pencil, aqua brushes, Duke fountain pen with Fude nib, Sakura Pigma Micron pens, Pentel Sign Microbrush pens, and my Guerilla Painter Thumbox (for plein aire/urban sketching). I also love to make my own sketchbooks and art journals.

Treasure Toucan Ink Drawing by Lori Nass
Ink Wash

The world inspires me, especially the beauty in nature and life. Specifically, I like finding simple truth that exists amongst the more complicated scenarios of life. I am an introvert but I love to be among people. I find joy in quietly observing the individuality and beauty that makes each one of us uniquely wonderful. I find richness in life and all of its sights, sounds, and experiences.

As my life transitions once more from homeschooling mom to empty nester, I find myself eager for this new chapter of life. I am entering into it with something I needed that I did not realize I was missing; my love for art and the understanding that I get to create!

lettuce leaf watercolor painting

The possibilities excite and invite me to dream. As it turns out, my life is a work in progress and whether I am sketching while sipping coffee or developing a creative career, I welcome all the possibilities.

Mistletoe Watercolor Painting

Fun Fact: I started my Instagram account as a result of an art friend telling me about Doodlewash and World Watercolor Group. She explained how the monthly prompt list is a great way to have incentive to make art every day. She was right. Thank you, Charlie O’Shields, for how you inspire all of us.

Lori Nass

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34 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “A Passion Rediscovered” by Lori Nass

  1. wow I kept saying wow this is me as I read. I am an introvert and love love people. I love nature and sadly I left art for a long time. Too long and I am still deeply wanting to create as often as I can full time.

    1. Hi Mireya!
      Thank you for your comment. It is never too late to return to art…it is like a forgiving friend who welcomes you back with open arms, and what a reunion it is! Keep creating no matter how big or small! 🌻

    1. Truly wonderful work! And gives moms like me hope that I will have some “me” time in the future…

      (I have a Doodlewash account but forgot how to log in so using my other WordPress account to comment on articles)

      1. Hi Sam!
        I am so happy that my story has encouraged you! 😊 You will have some “me” time!! It will come, sooner than you realize…and it is ok to have a little bit now too! 🌷Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Lori, I adore your work – especially the ink was characters. I too am rediscovering and finally gave in to Instagram because of World Watercolor month and Charlie – funny how we have all gravitated to the same source of inspiration and encouragement!

    1. Hi Mariam!
      Wow, that is so neat that we share a similar Instagram story! I am so glad that our paths have crossed 😃 Thank you for your supportive words, I am encouraged by them. I wish you great joy and success as you rediscover your passion for art as well!

      1. Thank you, Lori! And I just realized another thing we have in common – I was born in Illinois (although my family moved from there when I was 5, it is still my ‘state of origin’). Cannot wait to see where your art takes you – I’ll be following along as a fan, for certain😊

  3. My goodness, what beautiful work! I really like the ink wash technique; I can almost see the colors in my mind. The artistic talents of your whole family come through your brush and pen! Please continue to post on your Instagram and here at Doodlewash.

  4. I was a fledgling artist at 18, got discouraged by the lack of an art curriculum at my college, and never picked up a paintbrush again until age 45, when a voice in my head suddenly piped up and said “I want to paint!” I started taking classes at the local junior college, and now I can’t imagine my life without making art. I’m happy for you that the impulse didn’t die out while pursuing the rest of your life. And I agree with the person above who said those birds were meant to be part of a story…

    1. Hi Melissa!
      Wow! That is so great that we both found our way back to art! Thank you for sharing that part of your story, and also for encouraging me along the way 🌷 I really like the story idea for the birds too!

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