There’s really nothing better than listening to great music, our prompt for today. Everyone has their own tastes, to be sure, but one thing is certain, there’s really nothing better than hearing a favorite song. Or, at least, my favorite song these days, as my tastes tend to change quite a lot. When I was young, I listened to the radio while driving and still remember the thrill when a favorite song began to play. Or I’d play a CD and keep hitting the same track over and over again until I had it memorized properly. Not just the words, but every beat of emotion in it. There would be songs that I played when I was happy and energized that fit that mood and filled me with additional electricity. But, I also loved sad songs, that comforted me, not by telling me life was fine, but confirming it sucks in precisely the same way I was currently imagining it did. A song knows better than to try to cheer you up when you’re perfectly ready to wallow in a bit of sadness. And yet still manages to make you happy about everything in the end.

Though I listened to a lot of pop songs when I was young, I also listened to a lot of songs from musicals. I had dreams of being on stage in a show, which later came true. During this period in my life, I knew all the popular Broadway songs and would belt them out in my car as I was driving down the road. This would receive looks from other drivers when I’d approach a stoplight at full belt and realize my window was open. Once I was at the very end of the song before I realized this, and the woman in the car next to me applauded, so I guess I did it well. Of course, it was more likely in jest, but actors rarely notice or care about that. Applause is applause after all. On a whim once, I took a trip to Las Vegas to audition for a cruise ship. I could barely afford the flight and thankfully got a deal and a free room from a friend who was a flight attendant. I don’t really remember the audition, but I apparently wasn’t what they were looking for as I didn’t make the cut. It was what happened after that I remember most.

The audition was at one of those casinos that isn’t on the main strip and so I had to take a cab to get there. I was so set on doing that part, that I didn’t realize I had no cash to get home until after it was over. As I was leaving, I flagged down an Elvis impersonator (the friendliest looking one of the three that were there) and asked for a ride back to my hotel. He obliged, and I was immediately thankful. That was, until I realized he couldn’t break character. The entire trip back, he continued to pretend to actually be Elvis. The fatter, older one, for those more visual. It was a short trip that seemed to take an eternity, but I was thankfully dropped off at my hotel and not taken to a creepy tour bus in the desert. As I was getting out of the car, Elvis said, “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. Do something worth remembering.” I simply nodded, thanked him, and rushed back into the hotel. Later, in my room, I thought about the adventure I had blindly embarked upon and realized it wasn’t really what I wanted after all. Those were fun days, to be sure, but sometimes, I would simply find myself becoming lost in a song.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Benzimida Orange, Cobalt Blue, and Payne’s Gray.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
 Day 20 - Listening To Music - Headphones - Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “Lost In A Song

  1. I don’t think there is a song recorded that doesn’t bring back a barrage of memories. And the new songs? Well, we just have to create new memories to go along with the songs. Nice painting and post, Charlie!

  2. You were brave to go to Las Vegas alone and lucky to get to ride with “Elvis,” even if an impersonator. I met an Elvis impersonator once too. I actually now own one of his signed scarves after being drawn out from the audience and being sung to on stage. I wasn’t an actor or ever wanted to be on stage so it was a little awkward for me at the time. I had not thought of this in years. “Thank you very much.” I like the headphones and the colors you chose for them. A great memory.

  3. Love it…Music does indeed soothe (not just the savage beast) and inspire.
    I love the color of the speaker part of the headphone. It adds motion and
    sound to your painting.

  4. Another great story, Charlie! It reminds me of an experience I had in Moscow in 1975 when I took what I thought was a cab ( almost all the cars at that time looked alike and were all a light green color). In horror, I realized it wasn’t a cab after I got in and saw there was no meter. I told the driver in my limited Russian that I realized he wasn’t driving a cab. He insisted on driving me to me hotel in the pouring rain and would not accept any payment. I think I was very fortunate!

  5. You got to ride with Elvis? I am so jealous! Charlie, you’ve really had some exciting adventures in your young life, and you make an art of relating them. You also got to realized a lot of your youthful dreams. And then, there is always music – but I could do without the headphones. You did a fantastic job of painting them, but I happen to dislike wearing them. It’s like putting two trashcans on your head, connected by a steel bridge, and trying to ignore the discomfort enough to enjoy whatever you’re listening to. Resphiggi and Dvorak for me today, in the car – yeah!

  6. Ah, music! I’d have it playing 24/7 if I could. (Hubby feels differently…lol) It takes me to a place of flow, rekindles memories, relaxes or energizes, moves me both emotionally and physically. Maybe playing an instrument makes it feel differently, or singing in choirs all through school and beyond, I don’t know, but I love music!

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