For our prompt of “Chair” today, I ended up with a little doodle of a cat taking a break from reading a book. I’ve always loved reading and lately I’ve been trying to always have a book going. This usually means that I manage just a tiny bit of time each day to read before falling asleep. It takes much longer than it should this way, but I eventually finish the book and start a new one. As a kid, getting lost in the story of a book was one of my favorite things, and now as an adult, very little has changed. When I wasn’t reading the stories written by others, I would pen a few of my own, even as a young child. Though I read some non-fiction, I love fictional stories the most. The idea that an entire alternate world and even universe can be created with words on a page has always fascinated me. There are so many characters that I’ve met in those books and many of them have stayed in my heart for many years now.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve returned to so many of those writing dreams that I had as a child. I still want to create those brand new worlds I experienced in those books that I adored, and one day I’ll do just that. For now, I have a busy day job and lots of current projects to complete first, but those ideas are always spinning at the back of my mind. I’ve learned a lot about myself on my creative journey. Even though I manage to DO a lot of things, I often get completely wrapped up in that next idea while trying to complete the first. Rather than try to “fix” this issue, I’ve just rolled with it. I’ll end up with pieces of ideas and projects doodled inside sketchbooks that may never see the light of day. Yet, simply imagining those ideas makes them seem more real. Even if they never happen, I love pondering the “what if” of it all and dreaming of what could happen next.

This time of year, I spend most all of it in a dreamy child-like state. From Halloween month through Christmas, my inner child is in full control as I let myself enjoy the sweet nostalgia of the season. Though I just realized that Philippe has a birthday coming up in exactly two weeks from today, so I should probably break from my dreaming to do a spot of shopping. Starting about this time each year, I begin quizzing him on what he wants for his birthday and Christmas. He always looks at me blankly and requires constant prodding to get even a hint of a suggestion. Our dog Phineas is far easier to shop for as anything edible will suffice. I tend to dream out loud, and make copious wish lists because even dream shopping is super fun! Yet, while it’s easy to find things I might want, it’s just another way to remind myself that I already have everything I truly need. This world that Philippe and I created together is better than anything I could find in a book. And, during this magical time of year, I’m always reminded of just how incredible it feels to simply let myself get lost in that story.

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Cat Sitting In Blue Plastic Chair Reading Book Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook

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20 thoughts on “Lost In That Story

  1. You realize how spoiled we are in Western civilization when it comes to gift giving. So many of us have everything we need, and good portion of what we want. I remember in one of the Little House On the Prairie books where Laura Ingalls Wilder exclaims over her Christmas presents ‘a new tin cup, a stick of peppermint candy, a small sugar cake and a “shining bright, new penny’. She’s ecstatic. I think we’ve deprived ourselves of much joy by having too much. Now, having said that, I hope Santa brings me lots of art supplies, a a new printer, and much more for Christmas! I am a creature of my society, after all!

    1. LOLOLOL – me too Sandra 🙂 and also for my birthday, well not Santa, but still – lots of art supplies and some sort of a system so that I have everything just handy and ready to go. Oh an talent 😉 … I know!!! LOL

  2. Love this post, Charlie! What’s not to love about a cat relaxing to read a book. I was the same way about books when I was a kid and still end my day with a few chapters of whatever book I’ve managed to pick up. My reading adventures have taken me (and still do take me) to so many exciting, exotic locations where I’ve met so many wild, wonderful and wacky characters. I can’t imagine my life with books….and art supplies 🙂.

  3. Charlie this is delightful. One of the things I absolutely love about you and many of the artists in Doodlewash – just the simple creativity of thinking of that for a prompt. I will keep on watching and learning and hoping it rubs off 😉 LOL.

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕… I love trying to bend the prompt to my will. At least, whatever it manifests as in the day! Usually, just thinking of the animal I’d like to sketch and then looking at the prompt and making it work somehow! hehe

  4. Charlie, I love that funny kitty sitting in his chair. He looks like he over ate at dinner. haha haha I used to love reading when I was a kid. You know, kid books. It was amazing how you could travel with a book. I love that! I need to get back to that. 💜 You know, Charlie, I totally understand what you mean about your home and that holiday feel. I still haven’t met Mister Man, but I can totally get how warm and cozy a home can feel with cooler temps, holidays and decorating, and having someone warm and cozy to share it with. Mine is still just a dream and heart’s desire, but I totally get it. Every year, at this time, when I see Fall clothes and holiday decor, my heart aches. One day, Charlie. Until then, like with books, I dream. 🌃🌌🌆 Wonderful kitty. Warm hugs, my friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Indeed! One day! And truly… sometimes, I end up alone if Philippe has to work, so it’s really just Phineas’ snoring to keep me company. lol I just love this season… it sparkles with a hope that gets me through the whole year!

      1. When Monster died, the silence was deafening. He left such a palpable void. I got used to his sighs and snoring and little sounds that he made. I never realized just how much he kept me company outside of the obvious. My whole day and night revolved around him. The first night after he died, I just couldn’t take it and ran out to the backyard to his burial spot to cry. It was after midnight. They fill our lives more than we realize and in ways that they will never understand. 💕 Give Phineas a hug for me. If he’ll let you. 😂😂😂 Yes, one day!

  5. Thanks Charlie! This cat looks so relaxed with a book😎🤓 As a kid with breathing problems growing up in the smoggy 60s and 70s, a book was the answer for my overactive imagination. And I read everything I could find in our house, like the World Book Encyclopedias. I checked them out before I donated them for my parents, very nostalgic. My favorite series was My Book House. That’s where my love of illustration came from, they’re beautiful 😍 I m praying 🙏🏼 all our holidays are better this year with health,✌🏼 and some joy!

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