Today we celebrate Love Note Day, a day to tell someone that you love them by writing it in the form of a note. Since my handwriting is complete rubbish, I decided to instead simply draw the tools one might use for such a task. In this case, it’s a Lamy Demonstrator Fountain Pen that’s been on my wish list for ages, though I certainly don’t need another one (totally never the point when it comes to art supplies, to be sure!). This is paired with another dream item on my list of J. Herbin Cornaline d’Egypte ink that Sandra reviewed recently, so I happily blame her for that bit! And, yes, I fully realize that today’s celebration is not meant to be a love letter to art supplies, as that would be perfectly weird. Or would it? I’m never sure. As anyone who loves art supplies knows, it’s a bit of a toss up really. And true love notes, one might assume are meant to be shared only between two people. This in itself is an idea that’s rather nostalgic these days when every memory is shared on social upon its inception. Those olden days of waiting for correspondence to arrive in the mail seem like distant history. But any expression of love in my book is a good and wonderful thing!

I actually considered writing a love note to Philippe in this post, which would be rather intriguing since I know he doesn’t read them. Then I considered writing one to Phineas, but I’ve no idea if he reads them or not, so that could be potentially awkward. So, I’ve just decided to contemplate the idea of love itself. It’s actually a strange thing when you consider it. That moment when a feeling burns just a bit brighter when someone else enters the room. It’s perfectly magical is so many ways, because it’s equally impossible to justify. Why that person and not the person standing just behind them? What was it exactly that made a heart decide that this one was the most important person of them all? Even as I look back and think about meeting Philippe for the first time, I can’t quite explain any of it. It’s as though destiny stepped in to do all of my thinking for me. And I’m so glad it did. My rational mind would have never accepted a binational relationship that in its inception had no foreseeable path of working out. A rational mind would have simply deemed it ridiculous and moved on.

And yet, here I am, years later, living a life that was actually perfectly impossible. That, to me, is a rather amazing thing indeed. Love makes us do things we didn’t think were even conceivable, setting us on a course that can always make our dreams come true. Whether it’s that special someone in our lives or that special feeling we get when we create something new. In those moments, the impossible becomes only probable and things we never thought could happen actually do. These are the thoughts that fill my mind today and if I could write them down properly on paper I certainly would. Instead, I’ll type them into this little blog post. Adding to my endless thoughts and rambles, captured with a bit of watercolor and pen and ink. Over the course of this blog, I’ve written the word count equivalent of 15 novels, so my letter writing skills should be quite advanced by this point. But when it comes to that pure adoration that poets always write about, I often feel I have no words at all. How does one accurately describe something that they themselves are still figuring out? I guess, in the end, one can only take a little moment to write about it, as they celebrate Love Note Day.

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Day 26 - Love Note Day Pen and Ink Watercolor - Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “Love Note Day

  1. I recognized that Cornaline d’Egypte bottle the moment I saw it. Exceptional! And you know, if you wrote a love letter to Phineas, he’d stick up his nose at it when you showed it to him – but he’d cuddle up later in a rare show of closeness later. Basenjis are just that way.

  2. This is so sweet! Philippe must read your posts. I hope you will receive these beautiful gifts on your wish list. Thank you for this beautiful love note to all of us. Love you Charlie O!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Jodi! 😃💕 Yeah, Philippe really doesn’t read my posts, but I now make him listen to sound checks of my podcast so he hears some of them. hehe My own mother doesn’t read my posts, because she gave the computer I bought her my niece, so yeah… that’s how things go! hehe And love you back my dear friend! ❤️

  3. Hubs and I began our dating life long distance. Only a state between us, not an ocean! Still, there was none of that bopping on over for pizza and beer. So we called a lot, and wrote letters. My favorite was a letter stuffed in a pink plastic fish. 6 inches long, two inches wide and the head came off so you could fill it with a letter and candies and whatever you wanted to send that fit into a hollow trout. Lol!! You would just put an address label on the fish and mail it like that! At the time, I was living on the shore of a fishing lake in northern Wisconsin and Joe was in the Chicago suburbs. I’m sure his mail person got a laugh out of that one.

  4. Very nice doodlewash…I totally agree with Sandra…Yes, the charm of writing a letter and sending my post is lost now…Now-a-days everything happens on the internet…Email, WhatsApp…Blog…But we have all kind of got addicted to reading the blogs…esp. yours with a nice painting…

    1. You’re so sweet! Thanks, Anita! 😃💕 Yeah, even though I blog, I still try to write each post like one might a love letter. Personal and real… not trying to woo search engines or be the next Instagram phenom. hehe Not how one should post if that want all that by the way. But I just want to share real stories. 😉

  5. Too cute ! Your comment and your drawing. Since I saw the article about this ink on your blog I want one !!! And funny enough I (tried) to draw it for thé daydream day !!!
    And I left the drawing on thé table, explaining my husband how this ink seems to be wonderfull and would be great to have one … and telling again (husbands need to have messages delivered several times, well my expérience 😉) and remaining my birthday is in november ….

  6. Oooo Love it! My husband and I used to write each other notes when we first started dating, as we’ve always had slightly different schedules (I’m up and out early, he’s up late and a night owl), but not as much anymore. the occasional one is now extra special. I exchange mail with a friend or two though, so I guess I do have an excuse to pick up the non-waterproof ink I’ve had my eye on. Also by J. Herbin, I’ve had the Caroube de Chypre on my Goulet Pens wishlist for months now. The sample was just a tease, lol.

    1. Aww yay to love letters! 😃💕 Yeah, when Philippe and I were separated by an ocean, there were a bit more romantic notes exchanged. It does though, make any appearance of one now even more special! And I say, simply forward those wish lists to our husbands!! lol

  7. Wonderful Doodlewash, Charlie. Bought a bottle of that ink to give to a friend for Christmas after reading Sandra’s review. I had to stash the package out of sight because I am so tempted to open the package and try it. Hope you find a bottle in your Christmas stocking!!

  8. So well written Charlie. Such a nice story and painting. Finding the right one is so very special and it looks like you did just that. With the love of the arts that you both share I think the painting of the pen and ink is the perfect love letter!

  9. Ah love – fate – chemistry – the ineffable attraction of souls. Words do little justice to the relationships that are bound by love.

    I see you’re also attracted to that gorgeous bottle of Cornaline d’Egypte ink – the other colors in the line are equally sumptuous. (Waiting for my ship to come in.)

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