For Day 25 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Stitch,” I made a doodlewash of a fox sewing a quilt. I have a couple quilts that my grandmother made and each time I see them it fills my heart with joy. It’s wonderful to have something that someone lovingly made by hand, especially when that person is no longer with us. I miss my grandmother, but love having those quilts as a beautiful reminder of her. As a kid, my mom and I would visit the local fair each year and our favorite part was walking through all of the craft tents. It was so much fun to see all of the handmade creations from the various exhibitors. Often, there would be something truly inspiring and I would beg my mother to buy it for me. Though I’ve forgotten many of the toys I once played with, I still remember each and every thing that I got from a craft tent. Those were always the most special items in the world to me!

I’ve mentioned before that both my mother and my sister are avid crafters. They can create pretty much anything they imagine and I’ve always been super impressed with their skills. Though I’ve tried my hand at sewing and crochet, I was never able to produce anything particularly fabulous. And, while fun to do, like many things it takes a level of patience that I simply lack. Though I wasn’t super helpful when it came to execution, I always adored talking through ideas with them. When I visit each year, it’s fun to hear about all of the things my sister is making for her next craft show. My mother helps her with these shows by creating additional products to sell. Philippe will join in the ideation as well and it’s fun to bat around concepts and come up with creative ideas. Creativity is pure energy to me. If I’m not coming up with ideas, I get a bit depressed and start feeling exhausted. When my mind is swirling with ideas, however, everything feels spectacular!

I have a couple teddy bears that my mother made sitting on a shelf that I pass each and every day. I always steal a glance at them and I feel the warmth of her love each time. It strikes me that we can easily get caught up in the chaos of our modern world filled with the latest in computer tech, but all of the really good stuff doesn’t even require it. Each time my mother visits, I usually give her one or two of my illustrations. It’s not in the form of wrapped gift, but just showing something to her and then asking, “do you want to keep it?” It’s a bit like when I handed her a piece of art as a child and waited to see if it would be placed on the fridge. I’ve always wanted to make her proud. I guess some things never change. That’s why I’ll definitely prefer something created by hand over anything made by a machine. And, when it’s a bit of craft from someone I love, then it’s absolutely the best experience in the world. Nothing compares to the joy of receiving a gift that’s been made with care.

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Fox Wearing Glasses Sewing A Quilt Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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11 thoughts on “Made With Care

  1. Charlie interesing that you mention crafts just as I start the opener of my new work. Yes I love to have those now but I bucked the entire idea when my mother insisted I must learn crochet, embroidery, and knitting. Since I was an out of time Millenial way back then I had better ideas although I appreciate the look of those pretty-pretties gracing my apartment. I still refuse to form those and as Ma said, “You like to have them though.” Yep. I sure do! Glad I didn’t give them all away!

    1. That’s awesome that you have those crafts decorating your apartment! 😃💕 I think it’s even more special when it’s something we can’t or don’t enjoy doing ourselves. It’s magic to see what my mom and sister can create!

  2. I’m fairly handy at most hand-crafts but involve a machine — like a sewing machine, and forget it. They don’t like me, and I don’t like them, lol! Handmade crafts are definitely the best. I’m so glad my hubby enjoys his daily postcards and I enjoy giving him that little gift each day. I don’t know if it will be the same though when he retires.

    1. I think you should still give those postcards when he retires… you can just hide them in places he’ll find them! 😉 And I’m the same when I tried a sewing machine… it was like it was angry with me all the time! lol

  3. Great doodle, Charlie. I’ve always admired people who can craft. I’ve tried crochet, knitting and cross stitch without success. My wife always said I was too impatient and expected to be an expert after a week. Discovering Doodlewash and the joy of doing the daily prompt was briilant. Something I could do with my hands with a bit of success.

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