When I was a kid, a little bottle of soap bubbles could turn into hours of entertainment. Okay, not really hours, as I had a notoriously short attention span back then as well, but I did really enjoy them. Blowing bubbles and then chasing after them to pop each one was a blast. As the reflected colors swirled inside each bubble, I remember being mesmerizing. It was like a mysterious rainbow world of moving and ever-changing colors. Perhaps that’s why today, I rather adore watercolor. Watching the colors move and blend in ways I never anticipating is lots of fun, and holds my interest in the same way bubbles did as a kid. And, as most of you know, I approach watercolor with all of the glee and joy of a child as I make my little coloring page each day. I remember running through a sea of bubbles as well when I was really little, feeling each one pop in a soapy burst on my face. Little pleasures like that sound ridiculous when described, but at the time it was the most joyous thing in the world. Many of the things I enjoy most now in life are the simplest of all. It’s tough for even the most amazing new thrills to beat the simple comforts being home and spending time with family.

When it came to blowing bubbles, however, my lack of patience usually always meant that I would begin by blowing too quickly and not producing a bubble at all. I soon learned to slow down just enough to make a satisfying bubble. This hasn’t changed either as it’s a pretty good description of how I approach just about everything I create in life. I rush in with glee, often too fast, and throttle things back just enough to accomplish the task properly. While having a firm plan in place before one begins something is a good thing to do, I just can never bring myself to approach things in such a methodical fashion. Even when I’m painting, I’ll switch colors and say to myself in my head, “I’m bored with green, I’d rather try some orange now instead.” So, when people asked me to share my process, this was why I was a bit slow to do so. Then I realized that I have a palette, or coloring set as I call it, built around the color wheel and I use basic color theory even if I tend to go out of order all of the time when I paint. So, I do use some very foundational ideas in my approach. It’s not totally the random scrawling of an impatient child that it can sometimes feel like when I’m doing it. I’m just so busy having fun!

This has been a rather fun weekend, as it was mostly about relaxing and getting caught up on some projects. I’m not at all caught up to the point I’d like to be, but better off than I was before so that’s a win in my book. One of the projects was more of a chore in that it was doing laundry. Laundry is not something that’s ever fallen into a pattern in our house. It’s not something either Philippe nor I ever signed up to do. All other household chores are clearly split, yet laundry didn’t end up like this. Instead, it’s like Philippe and I both jumped up at the same time and shouted, “Not It!” like kids and couldn’t figure out who lost the game. So, it’s now more of a game of wills as we each wait to see which one of us will finally crack or run out of clothes first and actually do it. But, all things will get done and we’ll end the weekend happy that we didn’t bother doing very many things that don’t make us smile. It makes me chuckle to think that little has changed since I was a kid. You’ll still find me doing things very like that little boy I was many years ago when I was just running around in circles, happily enjoying the magic of bubbles.

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Day 28 - Bubbles Soap Watercolor Illustration

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20 thoughts on “The Magic Of Bubbles

  1. My dryer died a couple of months ago, and I’ve been visiting the laundromat. We got a new washer & dryer last week, and for now at least, I’m appreciating doing laundry. And when I hate it the most, I remind myself that at least I’m not out on the river beating it with rocks while keeping an eye out for alligators and crocodiles. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of things like that!

    1. Oh wow! Yeah, I would appreciate doing laundry then indeed! 😃💕Though I loved going to the laundromat with my mom when I was a kid because we got to eat a diner called Johnny Ray’s! It was so fun! And definitely beats a river with alligators to be sure! hehe

  2. That is one gorgeous bubble!! Glad that you had a weekend to relax…even if it did involve doing the laundry. There is a definitely laundry line drawn in our house since my husband thinks every load of laundry needs bleach…he does his and I do mine 🙂 It works just fine! hope you have a wonderful week!!!

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 hehe I know, right? I feel like everything does everything for us now. Even bubbles! But yeah, cooking is a definite line in the sand… I don’t DO it! And everyone is happier. So, laundry is a small price to pay indeed!

  3. At some point when I was a kid, probably Jr high, our washer broke and for some reason instead of getting a new one, we would load all the laundry in the car and head down town to the laundromat. As far as I’m concerned that was quite the waste of a Saturday morning, but, it was also nice to have all the laundry done in a few hours and not have to think about it again for a week. The unfair part was that my dad would drop us off then leave to go do something else. Not fair I say!

    But surely, you guys can find someone to do your laundry! I totally, 100%, believe in paying someone to do my most hated chore. Joe hates to mow the lawn, so I hire someone to do it. I also have a teenager come in once a week to clean house. My good excuse is that I can’t do it myself any more, but even if I could, it is totally worth the money to hire it done.

  4. Charlie’s daily wisdom, “all things will get done and we’ll end the weekend happy that we didn’t bother doing very many things that don’t make us smile.”

    That makes me smile…maybe because it leads the reader to realize there is joy in the simplest things and the two of you live that joy (except possibly in doing the laundry…and even that can turn into a hoot)

    I love that shimmering bubble…

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