For our prompt of “Playing Cards” today, my mind immediately leapt to thinking about magicians, card tricks, and pulling a rabbit out of a hat. When I was a little kid, I was fascinated by magic tricks of all kinds. And though I don’t remember actually saying that I wanted to be a magician when I grew up, I remember thinking magicians were super cool. So, I’m sure it must have crossed my mind. I had lots of little tricks that I used to have and would use them to amaze my little friends. That was, at least, what went through my mind. In reality, these were not expensive magic tricks, but the kind you used to find at the drugstore for a few pennies. When I got a little older I found a book of magic tricks and was excited to try each one. As I quickly learned, I was too clumsy and lacked the finesse of the magicians I’d seen perfectly palming coins and pulling them out of thin air. But, the funny thing was, it did nothing to deter me. I would still perform my clumsy tricks for anyone who’d watch. In fact, that’s pretty much what I still do today.

Though I no longer attempt magic, I still get a little urge whenever I see those gift kits on sale at the bookstore. This happens with so many things that I think I’d love to try again, but I simply don’t have the time. That doesn’t stop me, of course, from occasionally buying that cool kit or project. In our basement, I have a stack of them waiting to be completed one day. This stack is next to another stack of art supplies I have yet to even use as that’s another thing I simply can’t pass up collecting. There is also a stack of big boy paper waiting for me when I finally have the time and patience to jump out of my sketchbook and make something larger. But, for now, I’m content with my little daily doodles and figure it’s all great practice and preparation for that moment when I’ll finally create my masterpiece. Or, at the very least, something a bit more grand.

For this little sketch, I have to admit that I once again got a little sidetracked watching videos of magicians. I adore it when there’s a trick that I just can’t figure out. Try as I might, I’m at a total loss and it seems like I witnessed the impossible happen. This always makes me smile while my inner child does happy little backflips. Well, that’s more metaphorical as when I was little I was too chubby and uncoordinated for such things. Yet, I get immense cheer from knowing there are still wonderful mysteries in the world. Tonight, Philippe and I are having our weekly pizza delivery and that makes me super happy as well. Sometimes the perfectly expected can be just as enchanting. And, I’ve not given up hope that one day I’ll get to that pile of wonderful kits in the basement and, who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to master those magic tricks.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Gold Ochre, Quinacridone Red, Terra Cotta and Indigo. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink  in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
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33 thoughts on “Magic Tricks

  1. Magic and magicians have always very been intriguing to me. Thanks Charlie for your lovely art that took me down the memory lane when my Mum would take me to those magic shows when I was a kid! That’s when I started to believe that magic somehow exists and your piece is equally magical and intriguing as well.. Beautifully articulated as well!! 😍😊

  2. I love your magic ensemble. I used to have a few magic tricks up my sleeve (see what I did there?) My dad did some magic, so of course I had to too. Little kids loved them. Especially the disappearing coin trick. I was very popular with the three to seven year old set😂😂!

  3. Oh how I love a bunny with blush! I think it always brings our characters to life. I know, I know, this sketch is about playing cards, but that bunny stole my heart!

  4. Hello Charlie,

    I so totally agree with Ms. Sandra Strait! You are truly a magician and you probably wont find a better wand than your brush. When I saw the book Happy Dreamer by Peter Reynolds I thought of your sketches and posts. Just curious… when you’re asleep and dreaming, do you dream in watercolor? I dont know why but I feel like you probably do.


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