For our prompt of “Arctic Fox” today, I decided to add a touch more color by including a background of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. I realized after I decided to do so that I’ve never once painted anything celestial like this so this was all a bit of an experiment. Thankfully, I’m off work today and had a chance to play. I used an old tooth brush to flick on some white gouache and made a perfect mess of the kitchen counter top. Luckily, I cleaned it all up before Philippe came back home from work. I really shouldn’t be left unattended for long periods, especially when I’m all hyped up for the holidays. And there’s definitely magic in the air as Christmas gets closer. Packages have been arriving at the front door and Philippe and I run over to see who’s name is on them. If they’re addressed to Philippe, I’m not allowed to even touch them or pick them up as that drives him crazy thinking it might spoil the surprise. I’m so well-trained at this point that I don’t even notice where it shipped from. I have most of Philippe’s gifts now so I’ll be wrapping them tomorrow. I wrap gifts like a small child hopped up on candy canes, and they don’t always look amazing, but it’s the thought that counts.

Today, I was a touch more productive and got some projects moved forward. I didn’t have time to play my video game at all, which made my inner child whine a little bit, but there’s always tomorrow. It’s not the official break until the weekend when Philippe joins me for a long holiday and we stay home until next year! I can’t believe it’s almost 2020! And, well, that we’re not all riding around in spaceships as that’s what was supposed to happen by this point according to the movies when I was a kid. Technology did indeed advance though, but not quite as drastically as was originally envisioned back then. But no matter how much new tech arrives on the scene, I’m still perfectly fascinated that I can turn on my Christmas tree lights and candles with a remote. It really doesn’t take much to impress me. That little kid inside is always stunned into a perfect state of wonder by the silliest and simplest of things.

And each day, as I open the little door on my Lego Advent calendar and put together a tiny toy or figure, I’m thrilled. Though I still wish my Italian Cookie Advent calendar didn’t come with quite so much biscotti. As I type this, I’m sitting next to the lava lamp that Philippe bought me last year. He insists that it be turned on along with the Christmas decorations as he likes the added glow. And he’s right, it’s quite lovely indeed. Our dog Phineas is currently curled up on the couch and snoring lightly. Okay, not that lightly. Sometimes it sounds like a drunk old man stumbled into our house and collapsed on the sofa. Ah there, it’s back to sounding more like a cute little dog again. These hours of relaxation and fun are so rare during the year. This is why I go a little nuts each time December arrives. Though a new year is rushing my way, I’m happy to just sit and enjoy the rest of this one and these preciously extraordinary magical moments.

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Arctic Fox Northern Lights Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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33 thoughts on “Magical Moments

  1. I’ve always thought that Science Fiction writers were better predictors of the future than scientists because the best writers in that field are scientists who are letting their creative side ignore some of the rules. It’s always interesting to see which predictions come true and which don’t. Even more interesting is figuring out what other technology got in the way of the prediction.

  2. Fantastic! For the last two winters I’ve been trying to see the northern lights, but as soon as you get to a warm house, you just don’t want to crawl out into the cold again. Beautiful painting!

  3. Nice little fox! Book group was over for dinner tonight. We had Stir fry and pot stickers with chocolate cake for dessert. I got candles! Just six, one per decade, but it was enough. Lots of gifts were exchanged which is always fun. Now we just hang on until the 25th.

  4. I giggle through this entire post – not a traditional Christmas at your house but sounds like it’s filled with traditions you and Philippe have created together and those are the best. I’m not at all surprised that you have a Lego Advent calendar, nor that you’re a bit disappointed that you don’t fly to work in your space ship. All the more for you to paint imaginatively at this imaginative season. Like the Arctic Fox trotting under the Aurora Borealis – so gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this one. Yeah, I love our little traditions that happened organically. The only thing I changed from switching my Lego advent from Star Wars to Harry Potter this year! lol

  5. Hi Charlie, I am so envious of your Biscotti Advent Calender! I personally loved seeing your painting of the Arctic fox with the background of Aurora Borealis. I enjoy taking photographs of the Aurora Australis. I am typing with my two also snoring soundly with full bellys. I Enjoy your paintings and words.

  6. I love that fox…not sure if Phineas will be jealous or just enamored, but what a joy to see the Northern Lights highlighting such a beautiful creature.

    Charlie says, “Though a new year is rushing my way, I’m happy to just sit and enjoy the rest of this one and these preciously extraordinary magical moments.”


      1. Charlie when I go out to shoot the Aurora Australis my guys are in the car usually barking at possums and wallabies for a while until I have had enough and tell to stop. Then all I hear is snorting and little whimpers noises and can feel the car move as one of them begins chasing possums wallabies chooks or flying dragons in their sleep.
        Phineas would be awed and want to try and catch the moving lights

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