For our prompt of “Stream” today, I made a quick little sketch of a baby deer drinking from a brook. Since this scene was entirely made up from imagination, I’m not entirely certain of the story here. There was a little creek on my grandparent’s farm and after a big rain, a little waterfall would appear. It wasn’t anything particularly grand, but for some reason I thought it was amazing at the time. I still remember running alongside the creek to find the spot. The waterfall was probably less than ten inches in height, but it still seemed like something perfectly magical. It’s been raining here today and promises to continue to do so for the next week. Though, I’ll miss the sun, I still enjoy seeing water rushing along. Living in the city, my creeks have been replaced with rushing street gutters so it’s not quite as idyllic. Yet, there’s just something about a small bit of rushing water that makes me feel a sense of serenity. I miss visiting that creek on the farm, but I love remembering all of the wonderful times that I spent there. It’s one the first times I learned that a little imagination can make the ordinary quite extraordinary.

Things have been super busy for me this past week as I’m juggling several projects at once. It’s been a bit like those performers who are spinning multiple plates at same time on poles. As soon as one thing seems to be moving along fine, another plate starts to wobble and it’s time to get that one spinning again. Granted, this is almost always a self-inflicted thing with me. When I get excited about a new project, I try to steal as much time as I can to work on it. For example, I’ve been working on my next book, which is a cozy mystery novel, whose only deadline is one I’ve made up in my own mind. But, I’m having a blast and so I get a bit lost in writing. Once I come out of my literary fog, I’m faced with all sorts of projects awaiting my attention. As exhausting and stressful as it should be, I just keep marching forward and doing my best to keep those plates moving.

In between all of that, I’ve still got some lunches with friends and have to make time to play some ball with my pup Elliott as well. Pausing all of that to make a quick little sketch gives me a chance to be a bit like this little deer. It gives me the opportunity to take a moment to let my mind wander to a relaxing place. It’s awesome! My sketching habit has always been more like therapy rather than something with a particular outcome in mind. I need that moment to pause and reflect, looking into the watery bits of my own thoughts to rejuvenate my mind. That said, I may also be just a little overbooked at the moment, but they say that if you want something done, ask a busy person! Sometimes, it seems like a polite way to say, ask a crazy person, but I think both apply to me just fine. I do tend to get more done when I have too much on my plate. Once this week passes, though, things should calm down a bit, and soon I can be back to enjoying a bit more free time while imagining a visit those magical places.

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Baby Deer Drinking From Stream Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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21 thoughts on “Magical Places

  1. I, too, am a crazy plate spinner! I can’t imagine life any other way, and part of that avid mind comes an avid imagination, as you know. I love your sweet deer-and even if the scene is from your imagination, that means among all those spinning plates, there is one very serene resting place. ❤️

  2. I keep waiting for the magical time when everything is caught up and there isn’t much to do. I say magical, but I’ve come to believe it’s mythical, lol! Something always comes along to keep me busy. I don’t understand how some retirees are bored, having difficulty finding things to do. There is ALWAYS something!

  3. Hola, mi amigo, Charlie! I love your beautiful memories that you have about your grandparents and their farm. Your memories feel so cozy and loving. I actually try to imagine their farm and even the waterfall.
    My aunt used to have a fountain in her backyard. It was on its own island. You had to walk over a small bridge, over a small moat, to get to the fountain. I was so mesmerized! It’s was just so special. I loved sitting out there. There’s just something about water!
    Your deer is so sweet! Reminds me of Bambi. 💜💜💜 Email on the way, my friend. Much love to you, Charlie.

  4. I love this so much. That little deer drinking at the stream is so peaceful and reminds me of my summer home. <3 You sound like a multipotentialite 😉 just like me. I get much more done when I have alot on my plate too. Some things are necessary, but some things are self-inflicted for me too. On the go (or starting soon) I have my harp lessons, I am writing a book too (mine is science fiction), despite advice to the contrary I am also writing my memoir in dribs and drabs (it is really more of a chronicling of my life for my children. I always wish my family did that and they are all dead now and the stories with them. I am including the stories that I remember.) I am building some modules for my synth. Trying to keep up with my music by playing at least one instrument every day and doing art. Together with all of that …. well, you get the picture and I think its pretty much the same as yours – lol!

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 That’s so awesome on your books. Yay! And, I love that your chronicling your family stories. I agree… I wish my family had done that, but I’ve captured a few here at least of mine. And harp lessons and keeping up with music? That sounds lovely as well. And inspiring… I have a piano I haven’t played in quite some time now. Keep on adding to that list!! hehe… that’s how we get things DONE! lol

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie

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