Today it’s time to celebrate Maize, which came to be known as “corn” by Europeans. Upon googling it, I saw that it apparently has an “ancient and interesting history,” so feel free to look it up as I didn’t feel like a history lesson today and got distracted with a link to a cute cat video.

This is a doodlewash of Flint corn, also called Indian corn, and it’s hard as a rock so it makes a good decoration. It was also harder than I expected to draw, but I used some of the tricks I learned doodlewashing Jelly Beans in order to “cheat it” and get the point across. It’s not a terribly elegant trick as it just consists of jamming bits of really dark colors here and there in a mad frenzy to simulate depth and finish it within the hour I had to paint today.

I realized that Philippe and I don’t really eat much corn, except popcorn. There’s really nothing better than a giant bowl of popcorn while cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie. This is also something I can actually make myself, in a pot not a microwave, so it feels a bit like cooking. I just have to sneak the butter on when Philippe isn’t looking so he doesn’t scream, “Arrête !” at me before I’ve successful managed to transform it into movie theater style.

Phineas is a huge fan of popcorn night because he too gets to participate as there will inevitably be some that drops on the floor. I’m sure it’s possible to eat popcorn without dropping a piece here or there before it hits your mouth, but I’ve yet to see anyone do it. It’s fun to watch the popcorn shuffle at the back of a movie theater as you see heads bobbing from side to side, frantically looking for that stray piece to flick off their clothes before the “fake butter oil” has time to stain the fabric.

I’m not sure what I was typing just then as I got distracted again and looked up why popcorn is a staple snack in movie theaters. Apparently early movie theaters didn’t want to serve snacks because they were modeling themselves after live theater and thought snacks were too low brow. But once they introduced “talkies” anyone with a pulse could attend because you no longer had to be literate to sort of get was was going on.

People flocked to movies during the Great Depression because it was a cheap diversion and popcorn stands popped up outside theaters since popcorn was also cheap and plentiful.  Early theater patrons were asked to check their popcorn with their coats, but soon, the theaters gave in when they realized they could make even more money on this high margin snack than the tickets. So there you have it, a bit of history lesson after all.

Well then, I’ve meandered as ever, but still managed to keep to the topic of Maize, so hopefully this is a fitting tribute to this special day.  If you’re not a fan of corn, then you might like to know it’s also Flossing Day, but seriously, who’s really a fan of that? Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your day! As for me, I have to go now and find something for us to watch later, so I can justify making popcorn. At three and half minutes, I’m not sure the cute cat video would qualify.

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39 thoughts on “Maize Day

    1. Awww thanks so much, Nicole! 💕😃 I’m so glad you like my stories, they’re sort of just whatever comes out and I’m not sure if that’s enjoyable or not. 😊 ohhh…And that last line sounds like I should remember something I’ve probably forgotten! 😳 lol …but I know what I’ll be posting because Philippe had agreed to make it for me in the morning!! 😉😃👍🏻

  1. Oh, Charlie! Thanks for making me laugh today! 😄 I suppose one will need to floss after eating popcorn! Hehe! 💖💕 I agree that sharing a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie is much more fun. Your Doodlewashed corn looks A-Maizing!!! Haha! I could not resist… 😄🎨🌟

  2. Yes, your Maize is gorgeous! I’m going to try that jabbing technique!

    I love popcorn! I had a friend who grew his own corn for popping. It was so delicious! I love mine with butter and salt! I do enjoy the movie popcorn but I get nauseous after awhile so I stopped putting that fake stuff on! My husband loves to make popcorn at home and sometimes on the weekends, we have popcorn for dinner.. 😁 Now I have to check what we can all watch in Netflix!! ❤️

    1. Thanks Kari!! ❤️😃 Jab away! I think it works better than actually tying to think to hard about these things! Hehe And movie theater popcorn is now off my menu. There’s a theater downtown that gives you real melted butter on the side, so that’s all Philippe will let me have. Popcorn for dinner is just inspired though! I support you!! Lol 😉👍🏻

  3. Oh Charlie! I think I have decided on popcorn as my snack tonight. Think I’ll find a good movie. Quiet night in. Your doodle wash of that “Indian Corn” as we call it is downright amazing! The detail! Absolutely awesome! Any movie recommendations? 🙂

    1. Awesome!! Glad you joined the club!! ❤️😃 As for recommendations…we’re like big kids here so we’re arguing over Big Hero 6 or Minions. Not sure this is the place to look for adult recommendations. Lol But in case you’re interested, Big Hero 6 won out. We literally jump from these to documentaries. It’s bizarre and I’m not proud. 😊

  4. I’ve long been thinking of starting up a corn enterprise of some end, just so I can call it ‘The Crystal Maize’… 😉 No more corny puns. Lovely doodlewash – pretty good going to get all that done in an hour!

    I do enjoy a bit of popcorn, even if I am still getting over the trauma of being shot with a cannon full of the stuff (damn clowns). Hahaha, so true about the ‘popcorn shuffle’. They disappear into the darkness, then you stand up and half the box falls from your top, basically flooding the aisle with the stuff. I’m not a huge fan of eating in the cinema, though – the sound of people behind you crunching on popcorn… and then sucking the straw on an empty cola… not good. Though admittedly, with some of the films I’ve been made to sit through, the distraction is more of a mercy than I give credit.

    I hope operation: theatre night was a success!

    1. Haha! I love puns! Never get enough of them! Lol 😉 Yeah…I’m sure why such a loud treat seemed acceptable for cinema. Then they added nachos which is louder and even more of a mess. The night was very successful! I made a way too popcorn as the wine was making me fearless and I decided not to measure it first. The lid nearly blew off the top and I had to turn the down while it continued to pop. We ended up watching Big Hero 6 which is admittedly juvenile, but it was a really fun movie! 😊

      1. Me too! I wish I could say I’ve a corn-ucopia of maize puns, but that would be a lie. I’ll have to look further a-field. 😉

        Yay! Haha, Big Hero 6 – never heard of it before, but it looks a lot of fun! I watched Batman Forever the other night – about the same level 😛

  5. Your doodlewash is superb, Charlie! I can see this as the front on an apron…do they have those on Society6? BTW, how are sales going there, for you, so far?
    I think you deliberately drop a few popcorns so that Phineas can enjoy it too! 😉

    1. Thanks so much Janina! 💕😊 Yeah…this would make a good apron! Hehe…they don’t have them on Society6, but they do on Zazzle. Hehe…I haven’t sold much, but have been slow to upload new things. Like the last 60 days of paintings! Lol 😊😊 So none of my newer stuff is up yet, except the red fox which someone requested. I’m a horrible shopkeeper! Haha! And we do sometimes “accidentally” drop some popcorn for Phineas. He’s just too darn cute! Hehe

      1. Well, I’m glad to hear you’ve sold something…it does happen! 😎
        But, remember, be choosy in what you upload/sell; a tip: ask yourself is this something I would buy or want to see in my home? That’s always a good guide. Shame they don’t have aprons; you might suggest it to them in their forums, yes?!

        Am loving your work, Charlie. Even ‘tho I may not be here frequently, I do look at your blog on my phone first thing in the morning, and some of your postings have had me in stitches…the tears-down-your-face kinda laughing, with hints of hyena thrown in. They make for a great start to the day, thanks! <3

        1. Awww…I love knowing that! That makes me so happy that you’re enjoying these! ❤️😃 And yeah… they should totally have aprons, much more practical than duvet covers and shower curtains. Lol And yeah… I need to fix up that shop a bit and actually scan and upload the things I want there. I just just jammed stuff up there so I could right a post about the experience. I guess I should actually try to actually make it a proper shop! Hehe 😊

  6. Great image and comment. Thank you for sharing your trick about jamming dark between the color. I hope to remember that. A long time ago I bought a Whirly Pop–a popcorn pan with a crank on the top that turns the seeds. They said it was guaranteed for 25 years, and I’ve gone back to the company for three or four of the geared lids. We’re kind of popcorn crazy over here. Just last night I made a huge bowl–a bowl large enough for a baby to bathe in. Luckily we had enough people to go crazy on it. Philippe would disapprove of my butter and salt quantities–until he tasted it. Then he would cry, “magnifique!”

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