Apparently, research has proven that those who make their bed each day often have a better night’s sleep, which improves mental health and happiness. That’s a rather lovely and extremely simple thing to add a bit of joy into our world and make us smile. Though making a bed only once a year would not work as well, so this is simply a gentle reminder for the rest of the time. Our dog, Phineas, recently received a new little bed as a gift. In the store, Philippe paused before purchasing it because Phineas can be a bit finicky when it comes to things and he was worried it would be money wasted. It took more than a year for him to approve of the outdoor cot we got him, and he still only uses it occasionally. But, we had nothing to worry about as he immediately curled up into the little bed and simply stared back with eyes that seemed to say, “what the hell took you so long to get me one of these?” It’s soft as can be and with no sheets to bother with, Philippe and I both are rather envious of him now.

Unfortunately, making a bed every day is not something that either Philippe nor I do out of habit. I, at best, will often “fake make” the bed which involves just yanking the covers back into place without bothering to adjust the pillows. Sometimes, even this is too much to deal with and the covers will remain in their crumbled form. One of my good friends refers to this as a “sick bed,” alluding to the kind one should only have if they’ve spent days bedridden and suffering from severe stomach flu. Neither Philippe nor I have been sick in years, so this is not our excuse. It’s instead bits of laziness mixed with bits of simply not caring about it one way or the other. Changing sheets doesn’t even supply motivation and the same rumpled look returns. Thankfully, twice a month, our housekeeper comes and our bed is made properly with surgical folds, properly placed pillows, and a dazzling look that might remind one of a fine hotel. Our sleep is rather nicer that evening, but I’m never sure if that feeling of relaxation and glee is due to the freshly made bed itself, or simply the fact that we didn’t have to bother with getting it to look that way.

By nature, Philippe and I are not ultra-tidy people, but not so incredibly messy to a point where we would get our own reality show. There’s just a touch of clutter about sometimes. While we might tidy up a bit before having friends over, the fact that we only ever have close friends over takes much of the pressure off. We’ve already impressed them enough to be good friends, so there’s really no point in pretending to be people weren’t not when they come over. Our home simply looks like people actually live there, sketch and paint there, and cook there. I rather like these little traces of life. It’s like actually inviting friends not into an over-manicured show home, but into your actual life. A lovely thought, or yes, simply a clever excuse from a guy who just doesn’t want to go through all of the effort to maintain a show home. And Phineas could potentially care even less about the state of his house. As long he has his new amazing little bed to curl up in he’s perfectly fine. We all find paths to comfort and joy in this life in very different ways. Since I’ve never been able to curl myself into a little ball like my basenji, I can, at least, enjoy the twice monthly therapeutic effects of a lovely make your bed day.

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Day 11 - Make Your Bed Day Basenji Watercolor - Doodlewash


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27 thoughts on “Make Your Bed Day

    1. Anne, I say this all the time about having clean sheets every day! Lol That and having the bathroom cleaned every day. Basically we want to live in a hotel. 🙂

  1. Love your Phineas and his bed – such an expression! I never understood the logic behind making the bed all tucked up and neat. It always seemed to me that it would be healthier for both bed & sleepee to have the sheets and blankets pulled back to let the bed air out. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, because I honestly believe it this time!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Your version of Phineas as amazing! hehe… I think Philippe liked it better than mine. 😉 And so agree on the bed. It looks nice but each time it happens I’m violently kicking out that military fold to find a bit of freedom. hehe

  2. I had a last minute Dr. appointment today and I didn’t notice until it was too late that I had two dabs of blue watercolor on my dress. Not a single person at the clinic even noticed. 😂 I’m calling it a fashion statement and leaving it like that! Same can be said about a slightly messy house. It’s a n interior design statement. Viola! Your golden.

    1. Thanks, Snehlata! 😃💕 He’s a truly special and awesome little doggie! And a clean bed and house is awesome… our is always clean, just a bit cluttered until the housekeeper is due to arrive and we make a mad dash to clear a space for her.

  3. Whilst I’m with you on over-manicured homes that feel like hotels, can’t say the same about beds. If I won mega-millions I would have someone make my bed with clean starched sheets every day! That feeling of sliding into lovely clean bedding…. divine.

  4. So, not ready for the Better Abodes and Patios photo shoot? Me neither, though I do make my bed every morning – unless I can persuade hubby. But it does nothing for my sleep. I still suffer from insomnia which is why I’m finally getting to this post at nearly 3 AM.

    Phineas, however, looks very au current in his new bed, and he IS ready for his photo shoot. Mr. Big Eyes gets some slumber!

    1. haha! Yeah, we’re totally not ready for a photo shoot… isn’t that awful? I’m pretty sure by some standards that means we’re not really gay at all. 😊And I too suffer from insomnia on many nights… freshly made bed or not. So I’m not sure that it’s really linked in every instance. True though, Phineas is always ready for a photo shoot and judging from the look in his eyes, he knows it! lol

  5. Your Phineas is the picture of contentment.
    I do hospital corners, then pull a draw sheet across the bed to hold ’em there.
    The sheet with corners gets changed once a week, the draw sheets maybe
    3 times a week. The bed is always freshly tight and nobody guesses how happy
    I am in my laziness. This article is a winner, as is the painting. I always find
    your philosophy to be exceedingly wise.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕Glad you enjoyed this one! And wow, I’m exceedingly impressed with your bed-making prowess! That’s awesome! I secretly wish one of us were like that in my house, but that’s just not how things were meant to be! hehe

  6. Nice painting..! This time I not only enjoyed reading your blog but also some of the comments…about staying in the hotels….I had a good laugh for 5 minutes with tears of joy or glee running down my cheeks….I have stayed alone in some nice spiritual retreat centres on the outskirts of Bangalore with a lot of greenery and have quite enjoyed the experience of painting, photography and meditation there…and they donot cost like the hotels….

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