When I was a kid, I have to admit that I always wanted to appear on the “silver screen,” our prompt for today. I thought it would be very cool to be in a movie one day. Of course, this was at a time when I wanted whatever cool toy was in fashion so I told my mother that when I grew up, I wanted to be famous, so they’d “make a doll that looked like me.” I’ve no idea who “they” were, but apparently I’ve never gotten famous enough for them as a doll version of me has yet to appear. And I’ve never craved actual fame. But, even as a young child, I riddled out that you probably had to be that before you got your doll. It was odd to say doll over action figure, but I was never one of those burly boys who could fill out a super hero suit. My shyness didn’t help much either for achieving much more than a cuddly doll, so I was smart enough to set my expectations appropriately. Though I was a professional actor for a time, I only appeared on stage, making brief television appearances to talk about the shows. But, I never once appeared in a movie. I was, however, lucky enough to be an Executive Producer of a Hallmark Channel Movie called Northpole. This indeed sounds like the résumé of a crazy person, but I like to think of it instead as simply the amazing adventure of a passionate person.

As I grew up, I turned a bit shy when it came to appearing on camera. Most people who make a blog about art end up making a video right away, but I just released my very first video a couple of weeks ago as part of the Sketchbook Revival online workshop. Almost four years after starting my sketching journey. It was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed connecting with friends who had yet to “meet” me in this way and making new ones. What I learned in the process is that a video is a bit more difficult to create. It takes a lot of extra equipment and planning, which I’m simply not that great at doing. That’s why I started with an audio version of me instead via my Sketching Stuff Podcast (by the way, Episode #23 launched today, so please check it out and leave me your comments!). When you’re a hobbyist and stealing time to do what you love, it’s very challenging to find the time to do more. But, I hope to find that time and make more videos in the future. It will most likely be along the lines of showing up to color with Charlie, as I have nothing super technical to share. But, if you’re up for a bit fun, I DO hope you’ll join me in the future!

Thinking back to that little me that imagined a grand life full of fame and dolls, I have to giggle. The reality is nothing like that at all, of course. But, in many ways, I feel like I’m living the exact life that little kid imagined. A life that’s not overly complex and filled with lots of fun and thrilling, unexpected moments. The very life where you can DO one thing in this moment and then eagerly switch and try another in the next one. Yeah, it’s a strange approach indeed, as I’ve never defined what failure looks like, so I can’t possibly fail. That’s the beauty of simply jumping in to DO the things that our hearts move us to do next. We always win. At least our hearts are perfectly satisfied. Sure, there’s a part of me that wishes I’d sold more books or focused a bit more so I’d be much more successful. But, in the end, I really feel great about all of the things that I’ve accomplished. I think that we should all feel wonderful about what we make happen, no matter what it is. The very act of sharing what we create is a gift to the world. It’s a bit of our story that has a chance to mingle and blend with the stories of others. To me, that’s the most wonderful thing in the world. And, in many ways, that beautiful interaction makes me feel, in the end, like I’m indeed, finally making movies.

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Day 7 - Vintage Cinema Camera Illustration - Doodlewash

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18 thoughts on “Making Movies

  1. I think they should change the old phrase, ‘jack of all trades’ to ‘Charlie of all trades’, though I think you’ve certainly mastered more than a few of them! Love your movie camera!

  2. I Love your vintage film projector and the ability to weave a delightful journey! Btw, I love your glasses! I want them! 🙃 I’m new here, learning to navigate the site. Thanks for this wonderful place!

  3. I was on t.v. news a couple of times for work stuff. I hated it with all my being. It’s weird because I’m not terribly shy with microphones, or speaking to groups, but t.v. just freaked me out. My sister acted in Fiddler on the Roof in high school. That wasn’t my bag either. If I was going to be in stage, I wanted to be myself. All of this is such a mix of shy and bold. I think it maybe comes down to my wanting to be 109% confident I was not going to look foolish in front of anyone unless I did it on purpose. When I was writing for the newspaper I got to best/most feedback on my humorous writing. It’s hard to be funny in writing. You can’t pull a face, or adjust your timing in print. So I got to be good at it with practice. Like painting, log the miles, and you’re going to get better.

    1. That’s SO true! 😃💕 my friends seem to think I’m quite funny in person, but it’s really tough to write funny. And yeah, cameras have always made me a bit nervous. It’s just such an odd experience, that I’m working through and getting over now, I hope. hehe Oh to be 109% confident.. hehe… that would be amazing!

  4. This is very cool! I can hear the tape rolling as I sit in my elementary class, watching the video “Pay attention, all the way!” Hmmm was that intended for me? I got my introduction to video making recently. I helped my son with a school project. Siix hours later (not including editing time) and he had 1 minute, 24 seconds video! Yikes!

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 I know, right? Video is so crazy… it takes hours to get just a few minutes. Well.. if you do a proper video. My first was totally live, so that’s what made be a bit nervous. But, in the end, it’s also why I enjoyed it so much. hehe Get in and get out… that’s my approach to writing and sketching so I don’t think it should differ much when it comes to video! 😉

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