For today’s prompt, I made a quick little 2-color doodlewash of just two mushrooms. I had very little time to paint today, so I figured I’d keep things simple and quick. That said, I’m actually a big fan of mushrooms of all varieties so I’m glad I had the chance to paint a couple. Since many species of mushrooms seem to appear out of nowhere overnight, it’s often said that when a small insignificant thing quickly grows into something of value it “mushrooms into something.” As I start these quick sketches, that’s always my hope. After the initial ink sketch and through the time when I quickly begin to splash on color, I’m just sort of hoping the object will reveal itself. I still feel like I don’t have an exact plan when I start so I spend my little painting time just willing things into existence.

I think I’ve approached much of my life this way. Just passionately starting something and doing it until it becomes bigger. Not everything works out the way I’d planned, but the things that do manage to become something, make all the failures worth the effort. It’s so exciting to experience that magic moment when something that seemed so small and insignificant mushrooms into something amazing. Though my art still feels like little practice sessions, the real joy in my journey has been meeting so many other artists. This blog, mushroomed into a worldwide celebration in July and has gone on to host a fabulous World Watercolor Group of talented artists (now over 25,000 members!). That’s just pretty darn cool.

My point, I guess, if I indeed have one in this stream of consciousness writing that I do, is that when we really put our minds to something, it will indeed grow bigger and better. A focus and commitment to daily painting is absolutely guaranteed to make you a better artist. No question. It will always happen. Unlike mushrooms, it doesn’t happen overnight, but the moment you notice that you’ve suddenly improved a bit still sort of feels that way. It’s that day that feels like a breakthrough. Like you’ve learned something that will make every future painting just a bit better than before. It can be months in between all the trying, but it will definitely happen. And the feeling is quite wonderful. So, even on the days when I don’t feel like my work turned out like I thought, I know that it always will again. After all, I’m not trying to become an artist. Each day I paint, I’m just trying to make mushrooms.

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About the Doodlewash

Sennelier L’Aquarelle:  Burnt Sienna and Ultramine Deep. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with sepia ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 20 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Two Mushrooms in Two colors watercolor painting on white background

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16 thoughts on “Making Mushrooms

  1. Just making mushrooms? Hmmm. These two little beauties are perfect – they look light and dry, papery and delicate, just as they should.

    I didn’t realize the World Watercolor Group has 25,000 members. That’s an astonishing accomplishment.

  2. What perfect mushrooms! I love them too! I must add that 25,000 in the World Watercolor Group in such a short amount of time is an amazing accomplishment – perfect for the phrase about how something small can mushroom into something really big.

  3. Hi Charlie,
    I love your posts and the simple magic you create with watercolour and ink. How did you learn how to paint? I have some books but finding it hard to navigate through them and a little overwhelming. Thanks and keep your inspirations coming!!

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 I started with a few Craftsy classes and watched some videos on YouTube… then I pretty much just went for it! Lol These days, I’m learning from members of our World Watercolor Group… some amazing work posted that inspires me and teaches me something new each day!

  4. I kept wanting the title to say ‘Magic Mushrooms’ – oh my! The alliteration and subject made me jump the gun! 😉

    These are fab! A pair fit for 25,000+. I actually don’t mind mushrooms… What!? I hope you were sitting down! 😉 … provided they’re thrown into the right dishes.

    Most of all, they just remind me of the Mushroom Hill Zone and its epic music. What a shame we can’t spring off them like Sonic (though probably for the best they’re not quite those colours)!

    1. Hehe.. Thanks, Jacob ! 😃💕 Yeah… I almost started with Magic Mushrooms, but the content of my post morphed to something else entirely which is prone to happen when you don’t think about what you type before you type it. hehe And Yay!! I remember that zone in Sonic!! FUN!!! Lol

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