There are so many wonderful perfect pairings in life, but maple syrup and pancakes are definitely in my top ten. In our house, you’ll find this delectable treat showing up each weekend for breakfast. It’s a little gift of decadence as a reward for surviving yet another work week. There’s just no way to eat pancakes without thinking back to being a kid again. So we go the extra mile and make certain that cartoons are also playing in the background. The only thing notably adult about our weekend breakfasts is the French press full of coffee that sits between us. Beyond that, it’s just a full return to childhood and one of my favorite little rituals of the weekend. I tend to enjoy pancakes rather plain like this, though will add on blueberries before the last one is completely devoured. Also, we don’t stack them quite this high, as heart attacks are not a fun childhood memory, but it just makes for a better illustration.

When I was a kid, the syrup was rarely pure maple syrup. It was just a bit too costly so the fake syrups were usually used instead. I didn’t mind them as a kid, anything with sugar was fine, but I won’t settle for anything less than 100% maple as an adult. It’s just so delicious! And yeah, butter is pretty much a requirement as well. Philippe insisted we buy a special butter scraper to ensure we’re not getting too much. I’ve no idea if it actually works though. It makes a thinner layer of butter, but there’s no other safety features present. No little shock of electricity if you keep going back in for more. So, I’m rather sure I’m happily over my limit each time. But it’s only on the weekends, so that in itself is a built-in moderation. And, in our home, you’ll find the traditional version of pancakes as well as a dairy-free one made with almond milk. Both very different and equally yummy.

I’m running incredibly late this evening, as I had to dash off this doodlewash just after dinner tonight. So, I need to be extra quick and return to my wine shortly. Yeah, the evenings, turn surprisingly adult. I hope that each of you are enjoying a fantastic weekend doing something that makes you smile as well. Many of you know from reading my posts that I’m rather amused and delighted by the simplest things in life. It doesn’t take much to inspire me and make me giddy. There are so many little moments like that each and every day. The kind that you might miss if you’re waiting for something better to come along. Sometimes, there’s really nothing more amazing than the simplest idea you can imagine. Perhaps that’s why many of my watercolor illustrations are so ridiculously plain. Just a bit of a memory that doesn’t try to be anything more than that. A little taste of something that I hope will bring a smile, like maple syrup and pancakes.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Gold and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 7 - Maple Syrup and Pancakes - Doodlewash

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36 thoughts on “Maple Syrup & Pancakes

  1. I truly enjoy reading your commentary – it always reminds to take stock of how I’m reacting to things and remember not to sweat the small stuff. I also enjoy things like checking to see what colors you used and being surprised at how much you’ve done with so few colors!

  2. I don’t know, Charlie, I seem to think you have a lot of top ten food favorites. Maybe Mid-Westerners just count a bit differently. Of course, you have the French influence. Pancakes were always on our Saturday morning menu when our sons were little, always with genuine maple syrup. Unless it was French toast or waffles or omelettes. This Doodlewash brings back those wonderful memories.

    So, as you’re implementing all the new features over here, when are we gonna get scratch and sniff?

    1. haha! Scratch and sniff would be awesome!! I must add that to my list of features. Most of them seem impossible to me as I have no idea what I’m doing, so why not?! 😃💕 And yeah… when it comes to food… I lose all ability to count properly! 😊

  3. My dear friend and neighbor has been tapping my maple trees these past few years and I always get a jar of homemade/home made syrup for my indulgences! I can totally relate to your post today!

  4. yum yum – these pancakes look good enough to eat!! And I haven’t had a glazed donut in years (because you can’t have just one!) So funny that you watch cartoons while eating this in memory of your childhood.

  5. Yummy the poring of syrup n colour of it spelndid lie. I was also very found of this . Way of making can be different but ma made this for us.u always realized old memories i know how much pain is there to missed near n dear . Thanks Charlie .

  6. I’m playing catchup on the blogs (as usual lately! lol) and just got my tummy rumbling for pancakes! When I was little, it was a contest to see which of us could eat more of mama’s plate sized pancakes — Daddy or me! A cherished memory was the special smile and wink he gave me when he always won. <3

    P.S. Tell Philippe that that butter slicer would never survive around me — I love butter. 😀

  7. I must admit, I prefer waffles, I love how those holes collect the butter and syrup. Here in Canada maple is king but I do find it so sweet, thank GOD butter is back on the menu as margarine with it’s lesser ingredients is not. Now that cholesterol isn’t something you eat and get sick, it depends on your own body, butter is back baby!

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