MARCH 2019 ART CHALLENGE: Beautiful Stories!

This month is all about art that tells a bit of a story, complete with prompts that can be used as both painting & drawing prompts as well as writing prompts for those who love to write and art journal (see prompts below)! This Doodlewash art challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate with watercolor painting and/or simply pencil or pen & ink drawings as well!* Just add the hashtag #doodlewashMarch2019 when you post on all your social networks, and if you also use lovely watercolor add the #WorldWatercolorGroup hashtag as well so we can find you and link to your lovely watercolors!

Join us all month long or simply jump in whenever you like! 

*NOTE: World Watercolor Group on Facebook and the associated hashtag is still only for works that contain watercolor, of course, so be sure to join us here in Doodlewash Club to post your drawings! Simply log in to with your chosen social network to post. It’s free! 

MARCH ART CHALLENGE – Beautiful Stories!

March 2019 Beautiful Stories Art Challenge Main ImageThis month celebrates the power of visual storytelling as well as providing prompts for those who want to write a bit of story as well! Words are totally optional, of course, but if you enjoy creating an art journal, as I know many of you do, this is a month to share those lovely pages, or written captions of story along with your post. I’ve definitely found that storytelling is a wonderful and enjoyable way to create. Sometimes the image inspires a story and sometimes a story pops to mind and then it’s simply a matter of illustrating it. Either way, having a bit of story in mind when creating a drawing or painting helps bring your visuals to life by adding a spark of personality and imagination!

31 Ideas To Paint And/Or Draw This Month

Here are some things to inspire you throughout the month! (prompts are optional and meant to spark creativity and get you painting! Always paint and draw whatever inspires you most!)

Doodlewash March 2019 Drawing and Painting Prompts