MAY ART CHALLENGE: Painting Textures

Though our World Watercolor Group will always be a “paint whatever you like” collective, many of you have asked for inspiration and ideas to keep your daily painting routine going. To keep things simple, whenever you post your watercolors, simply continue to tag them #WorldWatercolorGroup on all social networks so we can find you and link to your lovely work in real time! (even if you’re not participating in this very optional theme this month!) If you are participating in the daily challenge, simply mention it in your post! Also, if you’re not a member of our Facebook Group, please join us there as well!

MAY ART CHALLENGE – Painting Textures

Want to play along? This month is all about painting various textures, which can often be a challenge in watercolor. From shiny surfaces to feathers to fur, the world is full of intriguing textures to paint. Choose any subject matter or theme you like and try your hand at recreating the textures you see there. Whether abstract and loose or highly detailed, it’s entirely up to you! The goal is simply to get the sense of the texture across in your work.

It’s all about looking at the world more closely and seeing all the various textures there. The way the light dances across reflective objects, or barely manages to penetrate other things. The goal of these challenges is really just to keep a daily painting habit alive and thriving, so be sure to always focus on having fun by painting what you enjoy most! That’s the real secret to keeping a daily art practice going.

31 Textures To Paint This Month

If you’d like some daily prompts for what to paint for this challenge, then here you go! (these are just to spark creativity and get you painting! Seriously… just have fun and paint whatever you love most!)

Doodlewash May 2017 Painting Prompts for Watercolor Artists #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash