We didn’t have one of those large aquariums, our prompt today, in my city when I was a kid, so it was only when we traveled that I got to visit one. Though I loved seeing all the little fish, and certainly the seahorses, seeing an octopus was the highlight of the trip. I still remember the first time I ever met one, or at least got to see one behind glass. I was entranced. All those crazy legs and that odd little head and face were equal parts cute and weird. I, of course, immediately wanted an octopus of my very own. The giant kind as they were the coolest. But, since I didn’t have a swimming pool in the backyard like some of the rich kids, I couldn’t think where I’d keep one. In my little mind, this was literally the only barrier stopping me from actually having one, though, of course, there were infinite reasons why it wouldn’t be possible. So, I never ended up getting my octopus, but I still remember my imagined friend fondly.

I had so many dreams like this when I was a kid. I would decide I wanted something or other that was a pure impossibility much of the time. But I had so much fun imagining various scenarios and seeing it all happen in my imagination that I wasn’t upset that those dreams didn’t always come true. I dreamed big and in full color and for those moments spent imagining, the wildest things were not just possible, but felt as though they had already happened. As an adult, I still dream big, but find I can sometimes talk myself out of them too quickly. I’ve learned a lot in life, but my ability to immediately rationalize something can be a skill that stops short the joy of dreaming. Sometimes, it’s best to let you mind go wherever it wants and simply enjoy the ride. Sure, the destination might be truly impossible in real life, but spending more time on that dream journey is always more rewarding than telling myself to give up and move on.

I find that the more time I spend imagining impossible scenarios, the more interesting solutions I can come up with for the possible ones. Some little thing I never would have thought about comes to mind and provides an even cooler idea that just might work! Daydreaming is something that I’ve always done and sometimes, yes, it can be a bit of a distraction when I’m meant to focus. Even in work meetings, or especially then, I struggle to keep my mind on the topic at hand. But thankfully, I’ve always held a creative job so this actually helps me do it properly. Ideas would be terribly boring if they only consisted of the presented facts and didn’t include something novel and unexpected. So, when I find myself in a boring meeting I’ll still try my hardest to engage and be polite, but in my mind, it’s also possible I’m actually just thinking about meeting an octopus.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Opus (Vivid Pink), Benzimida Orange, Cobalt Tuquoise, and Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
 Day 28 - Visiting The Aquarium - Octopus Watercolor - #doodlewashApril2018 Doodlewash

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32 thoughts on “Meeting An Octopus

  1. I have to say, this octopus looks much cuter than the ones I’ve seen at the aquarium. They certainly are strange creatures. I always imagined being tangled up in one and suctioned all over my body when I went in the ocean. Thank you for making
    him so colorful and cute.

      1. Yay, great news! There’ll be seals popping up all over the place! You should totally put zonkey in as a prompt sometime; more need to be introduced to those adorable creatures! 😉

  2. Such a great painting of these ghost-like creatures, floating through the ocean and popping up at unexpected places. I don’t know if they’re really this colorful but I love your rendition.
    We did have a swimming pool at several of our homes and often the ocean nearby as well, but octopi don’t swim in pools and they hide in the ocean – so no advantage to the pool for your Jules Verne dreams. As for all those meetings – dream of getting out of there!

  3. Gorgeous colours, a very charming fella! Is it strange that I somehow feel he’s missing a top hat and cane? Imagine him with four pairs of tap shoes on, Fred Astaire would have nothing on it!

    Sometimes, it’s best to let you mind go wherever it wants and simply enjoy the ride.
    Oh, so true!

    in my mind, it’s also possible I’m actually just thinking about meeting an octopus.
    lol funny!

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