For day 11 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Center,” I ended up making a surprised kitty with a parrot in the center of its head. I honestly wasn’t sure what to do for this one and that was oddly the first idea that popped into my mind, so I just went with it. I’m rather sure that these opposites would not always be friends in real life. Cats, after all, rather enjoy hunting birds for fun. In my dreams, however, I like to imagine that everyone can find a middle ground no matter how much they seem to have opposing interests. For example, it’s rare to find another person whom you have absolutely nothing in common with at all. The odds are good that, given a bit more time and conversation, there’s something that you both equally enjoy. Even if it’s a favorite food or just the colors found in sunsets, there are things that always bring us together. And, I hope that everyone who adores watercolor is also enjoying coming together for our month-long global celebration!

When I was a kid, I simply made friends with whoever happened to live on the same block. Since our parents didn’t know one another prior to our meeting, and certainly didn’t move there in order for us to meet, friendships simply happened by proximity. You could meet at school, but if you wanted to see each other every day, then being next door or just a block away made things easier. Well, at least that’s how those friendships began. It would take many summer days and fun adventures to truly become good friends and get to know one another more. As an adult, the neighborhoods and playgrounds have simply been replaced by offices. So, coworkers become the new people that I meet along the way and many of them have become long-time friends. For some, it’s been years since we shared the same office building or even the same line of work and yet it feels like yesterday when we chat decades later. That’s truly a wonderful feeling to know that a friendship survives the test of time.

My favorite things in the world are those little things we can all agree upon. I think it’s my emotional center and how I’m able to get through life with a healthy amount of joy. There’s so much stress, confusion, and conflict in the world now that it often seems as though agreements are no longer possible. Yet, we all still enjoy and love so many of the same things. No matter how different everyone seems, it’s surprising how much we are not really all that different after all. So, I love to celebrate commonalities instead. It’s a much happier approach and reminding myself of them always makes my days shine with happiness and hope. I hope that all of you are having an amazing day as well. And, I’m thrilled that even if we can’t see one another in person, we can still be together here on Doodlewash, always meeting in the middle.

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Kitten Cat With Parrot Bird On Head Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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21 thoughts on “Meeting In The Middle

  1. I once had a crafty lady who I knew tell me that she was NOT my friend so I had no right to call her that. I felt so bad and sad and stupid. I know it was her issue, but it came at a bad time. It’s okay because the Lord sent me someone sweet: my friend, Charlie. And through Charlie, I met another sweet friend named Mugdha, who faithfully keeps in touch with me. 💜 Super cute kitty. I love unlikely friendships.

    1. Awww Marisela, that’s very kind of you. I’m so happy to have met you too – though like Charlie says, our hobbies are different. But You’re so right… Charlie IS our center here at Doodlewash. We all come back for him and though the rest of us don’t say hi to one another everyday, if one of the usual names isn’t there, it feels like something is amiss!

  2. Hello Charlie,

    Your mind truly comes up with surprising stuff! I’m still unable to paint following prompts but I still like to read the list and see what pops up in my mind. And for “center” my mind came up with the most boring obvious thing. 🙁 And it was wonderful to revisit your summer memories from the pre-cellphone world when kids looked at the world around them and noticed the new kid on the block right away. Made me slime. Thanks so much for that!


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