Meeting Under The Sea

Angelfish Pair Zebra Altum Fish Watercolor Painting Illustration

For our prompt of “Angelfish” today, I did a quick and loose sketch of a couple of them meeting one another under the sea. I’ve gotten really good at taking a break on Sunday and I end up relaxing, playing games, and reading most of the day. Indeed, jumping in to make a sketch becomes a furious race to finish so I have it completed before dinner. It’s actually kind of fun as it forces me to use a bit of a looser style. Indeed, if I have time, I’ll take it, and often fuss too much over the details. I realized that my fish looked either a touch startled to meet one another or incredibly surprised that they appeared so suddenly. Either way, it was a joy to dive underwater for a moment and make these little creatures. I had no idea there were so many colors and styles of angelfish to choose from, so more time was lost watching videos of them swimming around as usual. But, in the end, I like the ones with stripes a lot so that’s where I landed.

This afternoon there was an outdoor neighborhood gathering and Philippe and I dropped by only briefly. It was too hot to stay outside for very long and be comfortable, and keeping a safe distance from everyone starts to get exhausting after awhile as well. Our dog Phineas also made an appearance since he’s rather certain that everyone wants to see him, but he was getting antsy and wanting to just go home and lay down. In truth, I couldn’t blame him as I wanted to do the same today. So, that’s precisely what we did. Phineas, however, likes to lay in the hot sun, so we certainly differ in our approach. But, it was a gloriously lazy afternoon for everyone and that’s my favorite way to spend the weekend. It’s wonderful to charge my battery up again before launching into antother busy week. Phineas is now snoring loudly as doing nothing at all can apparently be rather exhausting.

Tonight, Philippe and I are going to enjoy a bottle of champagne that we’ve been saving to celebrate whatever we choose. We’ll just make up something to justify it as life should always be something to celebrate. Indeed, I’m in a very happy mood. I often don’t realize that my battery gets so depleted. Humans don’t have that lovely little indicator that one might find on their phone. So, I can go days just starting to feel a touch grumpy and not really realize what’s happening at first. Indeed, my version of grumpy is still pretty cheerful, but it’s a noticeable change. As a kid, this would happen when I didn’t eat promptly and my mother still tells stories about that happening. Now, I find that it’s just my introvert needing to find a peaceful space to listen to my own thoughts for awhile. So, that’s exactly what I did today, and I feel great having done so! I truly love those quiet and beautiful moments that require no words at all, like meeting under the sea.

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Angelfish Pair Zebra Altum Fish Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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  1. Karen Fortier 2 years ago

    Wonderful angelfish Charlie and enjoy your champagne!

  2. Sandra Strait 2 years ago

    Are you familiar with the Snickers commercials where someone (usually elderly) is grumping about something, and someone says “You’re hungry. Here have a snickers.” And the grump turns into someone younger (and usually famous). After reading your ramble, I can’t help wondering who your grumpy personality would be. And, of course, I know you wouldn’t eat a snickers so in your commercial you’d get a box of paints with brush and paper.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      I have seen that commercial! hehe… yeah… I’d definitely take a box of paints over a Snickers! 😉

  3. Stephen Booth 2 years ago

    Fantastic Charlie😀

  4. Mary Roff 2 years ago

    Wonderful angelfish and sounds like a totally wonderful Sunday!!!

  5. Jodi 2 years ago

    Love your angelfish and reading your blog again after a while! Social distance events are stressful huh? But I’m a bit more of an extrovert and need them! 🙂 <3 We saw some people this weekend we haven't seen in months, and it was soooo good, but I need my down time too. That is what I love about Sunday evenings (and some red wine 🙂 ) Enjoy that champagne! <3

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Jodi! 😃💕 Yeah, we saw friends recently after months and it felt sooo good! Glad you’re reunited with yours as well!

  6. Pat Boglio 2 years ago


  7. Zertab Quaderi 2 years ago

    Love the colours!

  8. Lisa 2 years ago

    I went outside for a while this morning just to poke around and take a few photos before the end of peony season. Then back in to make a cake because I had purchased all the ingredients and I didn’t want anything to go to waste. I’m so glad I did! Chocolate mocha cake and frosting and the frosting is made with mascarpone cheese! So delicious. I sent some to the neighbors up the road, and across the road, so Joe and I won’t feel any pressure to eat too much. And I just remembered, Joe’s birthday is on the 19th, so I’m counting this as his birthday cake! Yay!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Yay! And I’m sooo jealous of the cake, of course! Yum! 😃💕 Love that you just remembered it was Joe’s birthday, though. lol

  9. Sharon Nolfi 2 years ago

    Lovely colors! I hope you enjoyed the champagne with Philippe.

  10. Gary Middleton 2 years ago

    Beautiful loose painting,Charlie. I spent my sunday in the garden. I did a lot of work but also spent time relaxing and enjoying the results of my work.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 I’m sure it’s worth the work… your garden sounds wonderful!

  11. LoriCtoo 2 years ago

    Lovely little fishes. I agree, we all need some down time, physically and mentally. I know by Monday these days, I need some me time.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 So true… I just weekend all weekends for three days… I could use one more! hehe

  12. Gaina 2 years ago

    Sounds like a perfect weekend. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your Champagne. I firmly believe in celebrating every day with a ‘y’ in it! Haha

    Have you looked at Marine Angelfish? They come in an mind-boggling array of colours and the juveniles can look very different to the adults – especially Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator).

    Have a nice week. 😀

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Gaina! 😃💕 Yay for celebrating every day! And I’ll have to check out those angelfish… I didn’t have time to look at very many.

  13. Jerson Antao 2 years ago

    Nice one Charlie! great work!!😍

  14. Mugdha 2 years ago

    Hey Charlie,

    Such lovely Angelsfish! And such a lovely way to spend a Sunday. 🙂 Am glad you’re feeling happy enough for a celebration. The fact that you and your family are all safe, alive, heathy and vibrant is in itself the biggest cause for celebration.So I really hope you celebrated yourselves and each other. 🙂


    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 So true! If you’re safe, healthy and happy with family, then life is pretty wonderful indeed!

  15. Fatima Chamkha 2 years ago

    Beautifully done!

  16. Priscilla DeConti 2 years ago

    Lovely painting..I celebrated my birthday this weekend not with champagne but with good food topped off by a big dish of chocolate ice cream both saturday and sunday..LOL all in all its good to celebrate life when we can..Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Oh that sounds awesome!! Happy belated birthday my friend!

  17. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 2 years ago

    Champagne to celebrate the first sighting of angelfish – nothing wrong with that. The vibrant colors in this painting are wonderful. A perfect subject for watercolor Doodlewash. When I was a kid, my dad have about 20 fish tanks in the basement, each filled with a different type of fish. My favorite however, was the giant tank he’d built into the wall between the dining room and the living, home to elegant angelfish.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 Wow… that fish tank sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted one!

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