For day five of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Welcome,” I ended with a couple of dogs meeting up for a hug. Though I know not everyone is a hugger, I personally am, and it’s definitely how I welcome my friends and family when I see them. My family in Paris refers to them as “Big American Hugs” as that’s not the usual greeting there. My own puppy Elliott greets his little friends with a brief hug and a lick on the nose. I’m not sure this would be appropriate behavior for humans in any country. Of course, after the lick, the pups go straight to sniffing butts so it’s safe to say some greetings are best left to the dogs. For creatures that are supposed to have such an advanced sense of smell, they really get in there. At any rate, I do love seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a while. If they’re a really close friend, even a few days can feel like it’s simply been too long. And, it’s always an incredible experience to chat with a friend whom I haven’t talked with in a year or more and have it feel like no time has passed at all!

It’s been wonderful to reconnect with many artists that I know during World Watercolor Month.  Many of them are painting in other mediums now and pop back in for July to celebrate and practice painting with watercolor again. I hope all of you out there who are participating this month are getting in lots of wonderful practice and having a blast in the process! I’m personally having a ton of fun. I thought I might practice different approaches or try something totally new and different, but I still only have my one little hour a day. I tried to sneak in a little extra time this weekend, but I always got interrupted by a little puppy who wanted to play. It’s super hot here this week again, so that makes the outdoors a bit dangerous for playtime. I had to use all of my creativity to come up with things to do indoors that would keep Elliott occupied. It mostly worked, but I still received little whines every now and again that I’m pretty sure meant, “you’re incredibly boring!”

And truthfully, he’s probably not far off the mark. My idea of a good time is spending the evening curled up with a good book. But, I do love spending quality time with the people in my life that I adore. No matter what we end up doing, it’s always a beautiful moment. Sometimes, it’s just a winding conversation that bends and changes unexpectedly like a nature trail in the woods. Other times, it’s playing games or being perfectly silly and winding up giggling like children again. Those are the best times of all. So, yes, when it comes to friends, I’m all about the hugs. I want to hold them close for a moment so I can maybe physically send even a fraction of the love that I feel for them. Days may get busy and the world may spin out of control, but my world spins on the promise of that next amazing moment when I’m once again meeting up with friends.

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Dogs Hugging Two Puppies Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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20 thoughts on “Meeting Up With Friends

  1. Charlie, the puppies are adorable! Are they twins? And you gave such a funny account of doggie greetings. Totally opposite to cats who seem to try to stare each other down. Hugs don’t seem to exist in their dictionary unless there’s a kitten involved or they have romance on their mind. But am glad you’re a hugger… I am too and I think people like us make the world more cozy and cuddly. What do you think?


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