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GUEST ARTIST: “Mesmerized By The Beauty Of Watercolors” by Megha Cassandra

Hi, I am Megha, self-taught artist, crafter and Art Educator based in Bangalore India with my husband and our four year old daughter. I have been into art since I was a little girl. But as I got into college, other things became a priority. And though I continued with my art on the side, I couldn’t give it my hundred percent.

I became more inclined towards academics and pursued my PhD and eventually became a College professor. I loved teaching and truly enjoyed that phase, but I always felt I needed more. In the past few years I have decided to pursue Art full time and teach it, so in a way, I am able to combine both my passions and love what I do. I currently teach watercolor courses and classes online.

How it Began

It is very strange how I started my watercolor journey. I just randomly picked up a student grade watercolor box from a supermarket. And then just forgot about it. This was 2018 sometime. And then, in April of the same year, I remembered about it and started my watercolor journey. I did a few loose style pieces and couldn’t figure out how to go about it. So another 6 months went by just like that.

In between that time, I did a few random paintings, watched a few tutorials on YouTube, and also purchased a course which, by the way, I haven’t even started yet! At that time, I was only sure about one thing and that was my adoration for this medium.

My actual “Love” for it started that day when I randomly picked up a fallen leaf while on my morning walk and just decided to paint it. I had never done anything like that, and to be honest I haven’t even done any decent painting apart from random practice.

Passion Fruit Watercolor Painting bytheartbug (6)

That day I surprised myself! My husband’s first reaction was that I had glued a leaf on the paper. And after that there was no stopping! So, for me, it has been trying and learning. The pandemic was a blessing in terms of time and attention I could give to it to keep learning, practicing and growing.

Art Is Like Therapy

Art is like therapy for me. In present times, especially during the pandemic, watercolors have been my biggest savior. I have always suffered from stress and anxiety and Art has always been my rescue.

With watercolors it became even more therapeutic as unlike crafting it didn’t take much. I just had to grab my colors and start painting!

What Inspires Me

Nature is full of beauty and abundance and it has always been and will always be my biggest inspiration. I recently started with plein air painting as well. I have done only 3-4 pieces so far so I am very new to it.

Being in nature and painting brings me immense joy and satisfaction as I observe and paint. I love painting flowers and leaves. I also love to paint miniatures, doors and fruits.

How I Approach It

I like to paint from real life references and my own photographs. Sketching is minimal for me and it is more of playing with colors. For landscapes & plein air I prefer to start directly with paint. I see everything in layers and that’s what helps me with getting the colors right and get into details.

What Tools I Like

Supplies have never been an issue for me as I was totally ignorant about artist grade supplies for a long time when I began. I knew good paper was needed so I did invest in that initially but for brushes and colors not so much. I did my best with whatever I had and once I was sure that I can do more I invested into premium watercolors like Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton, the latter is my favorite to work with.

For practicing, I still use the economical sets from Brustro and Camel which are really good for anyone who is starting out. I consider myself lucky that I could try every possible variation available like watercolor pencils, cakes, brushes, inks, sticks, handmade paint etc. But, hands down, tubes are the most useful and economical!

For anyone who is just beginning, I always recommend to not stress about the affordability and just invest in paper initially and the slowly figure out how and where you are headed and you will know what to do. Round brushes are all one needs to paint when they begin.

Cherries Watercolor Painting by Megha Cassandra

Since I love painting, I also sell my art so that it can reach more people. And I teach it because I truly believe that anyone can learn to paint and that’s what I intend to do! I make it a fun and enjoyable experience through my classes.

I am really thankful to Charlie O’Shields and Doodlewash for this amazing opportunity.

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  1. Hello Megha,

    Greetings from Navi Mumbai! Your paintings are gorgeous and I really love your miniatures. Getting those to such perfect scale is no mean feat! Congratulations & best wishes.


  2. Thiis is so great! I feel like I was reading about me interms of the nature inspiration. The part about picking up a leaf and being inspired to paint one. I’ll be painting one tomorrow as that literally just happened to me today.

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