• For our prompt of “Camera” today, I ended up with a sketch of two mice with a vintage camera. One mouse is happy in front of the camera and the other is a bit camera shy. I’m more like the latter mouse, but I am

    • Charlie if I am still young then you are definitely young. Love that camera.

    • Definitely a bit of nostalgia here with the vintage camera…I will be joining in on the fun of the Art Work Summit..I will be checking you out there 🙂 In the meantime may you and Phillipe and Phineas have a blessed Thanksgiving and keep the joy and wonder in your creative spirit..It is definitely an inspiration to me!!

    • Very inspiring.

    • I totally understand how the mouse behind the camera feels….totally comfortable behind the lens and no need to be in front of it. Besides, someone has to take the pictures. 😊 Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day!!!

    • If you’re young at heart, you’ll never be old! Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie!

    • Fabulous Charlie! We were cloudy, cold bur dry today. Rain is coming in tonight. It snowed north of here. I painted and worked on the business end of art. Learning new things to grow the business. Enjoy your turkey day! We will be gathering with the family by zoom tomorrow evening.

    • Marisela yes I will pray for you. I would call a crisis line and see what your options are. Maybe you can get home help or a volunteer. Yes you need medical care. We don’t pay for it up here in British Columbia althoguh before we did according to income. It is horrible that Americans don’t have much for medicare.

    • Cute cute cute! My son has a small camera collection, but his are a bit older. (No surprise since he is a photographer.) He has the Kodak kind that have the bellows that pop out. They are beautiufl pieces of art with their metal scroll work and designs. Have a very lovely Thanksgiving with your little family.

    • She obviously has issues of her own. Just walk away or tune out or otherwise ignore it.

    • Nice painting, Charlie. I’m with you about being behind the camera.

    • I was cleaning out a closet and pulled out two older cameras that Joe had kept. He said I could send them to Good Will. He has hoarder tendencies, so I’m happy when I can get rid of the least little thing!

      I’m excited for tomorrow! Turkey is thawed, stuffing ingredients ready, Even in a strange pandemic year, there is so much to be grateful for!

  • For our prompt of “Umbrella” today, I did a quick sketch of one and then just started scribbling to see what might appear to go along with it. The umbrella ended up on the beach belonging to a little bunny

    • Sweet rabbit, Charlie! Aahh, my dream vacation is to be on a boat anchored in a small lake, with a huge stack of books and enough food to last a week….at least. Of course, I would probably be stir crazy after a few hours…but in my dream…what a wonderful way to spend a week.

    • We got all of our thanksgiving fixings too. I am making a turkey. I love hot turkey sandwiches with potatoes and gravy! Leftover stuffing is great too! There will be four of us. Our neighbors have been in two weeks of isolation.

      • Aww that’s wonderful you can get together with your neighbors! 😃💕 And yum to turkey sandwiches… I love those! We will definitely have leftover stuffing!

    • Did you know that there is some scientific evidence that reading a favorite book from your childhood can help relieve stress. I suspect the same is true of watching a favorite movie. I have a few favorite books that I pull out every few years to reread. They never take long, and they always take me back to childhood feeling.

    • Charlie, Dull westerns? I would pretend I was an actress and gunslinger female partner with Matt Dillon et al. We even had an abandoned shack about the size of an apartment bathroom up the road and it did look like the Rifleman’s cabin. There was even an empty tin can on the floor. Having gotten nowhere trying to get me to learn crochet and embroidery las done by proper young ladies of the time, my parents gave me the requested cap gun for Christmas (I still can’t figure out how I managed to get that –?) They never knew I went into an abandoned cabin (no doors or windows but they would have freaked out anyway. I made sure those cowboy shows rocked!

      • Hehe!! That’s awesome, Linda! 😃💕 Love it! Yeah, I wouldn’t have been like the boys of the time as I would have been much more into crochet and embroidery than cap guns! lol

    • Excellent Charlie! I hope that you get to relax this week!

    • Marisela I love alone time. Cuddly time especially if it is rainy and gloomy outside. I never think of solitude as aloneness for it is not. It is revitalizing! That’s when God can best talk with us and we can best listen. Solitude is a blessing. Enjoy it.

    • Great doodle, Charlie. Have a great, relaxing. holiday.

    • Fantastic doodle beautifully done!

    • Sweet little bunny. Love his carrot cocktail! I have a friend who is in Mexico right now. She keeps sending me pictures of the resident iguana. I don’t like iguanas, but he has some beautiful orange color on him. She said he lounges on the side of the pool in some plants and occasionally goes for a dip. Bam! There’s your next chapter in your book. You’re welcome. Teeheeeeeee!

    • Just move out. I will not put up with that sort of thing, nobody should.

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 hehe! Oh, I still sketch and paint on Thanksgiving… Philippe is cooking all day and it keeps me out of his way! lol And yes, there are definitely going to be much better days ahead soon!

    • Thanks so much!! 😃💕

    • So happy you enjoyed this one! 😃

    • Aww thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 So happy you enjoy my umbrellas! And my bunny… he was just added for a little story! hehe

    • I just love your paintings..so whimsical and fun. Enjoy your vacation and all the beachy stuff that goes with it!!

  • For our prompt of “Puppy” today, I ended up with a little beagle and a Christmas present. I’ve no idea if the present is from him or one that’s for him and he’s wanting to know if he can open it now. When I was a

    • Legal dog precedent decrees that the present belongs to the dog. Haven’t you seen the t-shirts with the dog rules?
      1. I found it, it’s mine.
      2. I got to it first, it’s mine.
      3. If it’s in my yard, it’s mine.
      4. I chewed it all up, it’s mine.
      5. It looks like my toy, it’s mine.
      6. It was in my mouth first, it’s mine.
      7. I had it all day yesterday, it’s mine.
      8. I have it buried someplace, it’s mine.
      9. I do not care if it was yours, it’s mine.
      10. If I broke it, it’s yours.

    • Back to beagles! I approve! There is a possum out on our deck right now eating cat food. That’s the only Xmas gift he needs. Especially if it comes every day. They don’t hibernate so they are always looking for food.

      • Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s been awhile for beagles and tabbies… need to keep practicing! Yeah, I wish I could hibernate for part of the season… just to save on the calories! lol

    • He’s a beautiful and well behaved beagle. Just look at the patience he’s exhibiting by not tearing into that pretty package. It’s almost like he’s waiting for the go ahead from you, Charlie!! When we had dogs they never showed any interest at all in opening packages at Christmas but our first cat LOVED opening her presents and watching her tear into those packages was more fun than opening our own….okay, almost more fun! Have a great week, Charlie!!

    • Charlie opening is fun indeed! Hope you both get lots of fun little things!

    • Adorable Charlie! I’m glad your Christmas lights arrived. We just saw pictures from the younger daughter who’s house is all decked out already. I think I counted 5 trees. A bit over the top. She makes up for my lack of holiday spirit.

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 hehe… 5 trees sounds wonderful to me! We only have the big one and then a small one… and then a couple really small tabletop ones!

    • Nice doodle, Charlie. We don’t decorate the house until a week or so before Christmas,but our oldest daughter has done hers already.

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, we were a week early this year, but still have the ornaments to add. We do little kids countdown calendars so all of the decorations must be up by the 1st! 😉

    • So sweet. I think he is thinking, “Great, you gave me this gift early, but I can’t open it for another month?!?!” I like to wrap the gifts early (even my own), because most of the time I forget what is in them. 😉

    • Fantastic expression on puppy’s face

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕 Yeah, I always get so excited this time of year!!

    • Aww thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 I couldn’t hold all of the excitement in if I tried! hehe… and as for dog farts… Phineas does that as well. It happens more as he gets older. And I love that you have ornaments that remind you Margaret… that’s so lovely!

    • Thanks so much, Shawn! 😃💕

  • For our prompt of “Herbs” today, I thought about food first, but then I thought about a little craft project I saw recently on how to make a holiday wreath out of rosemary. I didn’t have the materials to make one

    • I painted three pine trees in snow today to send away to friends who have sent me gifts. Now my fingers and dress have gauche snow on them! Lol. I was thinking about Xmas cookies. I bet you could use a very soft brush and watered down food coloring and do a watercolor on a white frosted cookie. Two birds, one stone!

      • Hehe! I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one who ends up covered in white gouache when I use it! 😃💕 And that sounds like a great cookie decorating idea indeed!

    • Sweet little character and what a wonderfully fragrant wreath that would be. It is time to start thinking about making Christmas cookies. In past years I’ve made 9 or 10 different varieties to put in boxes and give as gifts but I think this year I am cutting back a bit; so many of the people I’ve given cookies to in the past have moved away and that many cookies in the house is just too much of a temptation. 😍

    • Oregon has just required that workers who do go into work must wear masks at all times even if no one else is in the room. Hubby doesn’t want to wear a mask all day when he’s the only one there, which he mostly is, so he’s going to be working at home for a while. It will be interesting to see how we get on. I’m looking forward to it but it will mean I’ll have to change some of my art habits!

      • Oh wow! Masks at all time even when alone would be a little oppressive indeed. Glad he can works from home! 🙂

        • It does have some health hazards too – you breathe in carbon dioxide when wearing a mask. It isn’t much over a short period, but wearing one for 8 hours 5 days a week would add up.

    • Adorable Charlie! Enjoy your decorating and hope your lights arrive soon.

    • Time off, Charlie! Yes you deserve it and have fun with that tree and the lights. I am sure Phillippe will make cookies and likely enjoy those too. I am going to make Scotch shortbread. I bought half a pumpkin pie in October and no other dessert since last Christmas so I am giving myself a good girl treat. It isn’t the calories, it’s the fats and cholesterol you gotta watch. Have fun!

      • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Well, it’s time off for me as Philippe is still working and I’m just getting caught up on projects. But it’s a nice break. Yay! I’m glad you’re giving yourself a good girl treat. You deserve it!

    • Nice doodle, Charlie. I’m going to look that up. A wreath made of rosemary would be great. I have a shrub with berries I can add to it.

    • The idea of a rosemary wreath is appealing. On Thanksgiving break from college I would make huge, very full balsam wreathes to sell. Dad would paint pine cones, Mother would make big bows and decorate the wreathes . A family project. We lived on a farm on a fairly busy road between larger cities and the wreathes would be sold right on the edge of the road. A simpler time.

    • She is so sweet. Her little expression is almost saying, “I’m sorry for pooping in your yard all year.” My tree is glowing and making me very happy. I’ll finish it up today and start on the rest of the house. I’m happy to hear that I am not the only one who has their tree up!

      • Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 hehe… that’s definitely the expression!! That all we ever get from raccoons here! lol Yay for having the tree and lights up! Why wait? Especially this year! 😉

    • Good for you educating your ophthalmologist! Two litres are what my doc told me and even that is a bit much as far as I am concerned. Making a face helps. Happy Thanksgiving! Take care and stay safe.

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yay for decorations! I love that you’re good at it. I’ve no idea if we are, but everything sparkles so I consider that a win. lol And yay to no toxic or bitter people. There’s never a need for that!

    • Adorable! My Xmas prep is working in cards I hand paint all morning me and it is going so slow this year think my list will have to be cut back!

  • For our prompt of “Coffee” today, I ended up with a little mouse smelling a cup. I usually have a little extra time on the weekend, but Philippe and I decided to decorate for the holidays. So, I had less than 20

    • I used to love a live tree in the house! The smell was so wonderful in December. We no longer do a tree. It’s just too hard for me to navigate. But you have me thinking that maybe I should get Joe to cut some boughs just for the smell of them. Cute mouse! I too didn’t like my dad’s coffee with cream, but now I either have it black, or with whipped cream and hazelnut syrup!

    • Charlie yes and I love my Folgers decaf because it tastes and smells like “real” coffee. I have to have it ready before I tackle my Morning Pages and after I slug back a 12 oz glass of water (five of those every day and did I mention I don’t like water). Your routine is not solid til you have coffee!

      • Morning pages? Artist’s Way?😊

        • Hi Nellie,
          Look up Julia Cameron and her books. Her first creativity book is The Artist’s Way where she teaches the things you have to do whether you are writer, artist, redecorator, any creative. Walks are one. Artist Dates are another (take yourself out once a week by yourself and do something you like). Morning pages are three full pages of anything writing every morning as soon as you make your coffee. I am reading her “Finding Water” which discusses perseverance, and “It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again” regarding creativity in retirement. Thanks for asking.

      • Indeed! Coffee is the best start! 😃💕 And lots of water, of course, though it doesn’t taste as interesting as coffee! hehe

    • Ah, the smell of coffee and pine!! Doesn’t get much better than that. Just the thought of a pine tree in the corner with some twinkling (or not) lights has me headed down a sweet memory lane.

    • I’ve pretty much switched over to tea, though I tend to drink the British stuff and brew it up til it’s almost like coffee. It gives me the morning jolt but doesn’t seem to make me crave more like coffee does. I still have coffee on the weekends when we go out for breakfast. The restaurants here have been closed again so that’s an end to coffee for a while.

      • Yeah, we just skipped even going to the restaurants so we’re not sure which ones are still open to the public. I love the description of a morning jolt! Perfect! 😃💕

    • As cute as he is, I would not want him visiting me upon my first cup of coffee for the day. Yikes! Hubby got our tree out of the attic today and put up the lights outside. They are currently on, along with our neighbors. Let the holidays begin! I’m in!

      • Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 hehe… yeah… mice are only cute in illustrated form, never actually in the home. Yay for getting your lights up! The holidays are here!!

    • Wonderful Charlie! The smell of fresh coffee beans is marvelous! Since I was lucky enough to land an art exhibit last February at a local downtown coffee shop i buy my coffee there now. They roast there own beans so I buy a couple of pounds at a time. Yum.

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Aww yum!! I love that you get coffee from that shop. We have several of those shops here and coffee is always so good!

    • Mmm, the smell of coffee is great, just like freshly baked bread, it does something to my senses.

    • The smell of coffee, always and forever! From 4 to 44, no problems, then one day-The End. It’s taken years for me to be able to have a cup after a meal, and I enjoy it like I’m having the best dessert! It’s Cacao or coco or a light tea for me but I still get to relish the smell when my husband gets his ready for the morning. As for the mousie, that was me, utterly silent till my first cup, then I could walk, talk and drive😄 I grew up on my dad’s version of Navy coffee, I’m sure I was the most attentive Kindergartener in my class 😆
      Ps We put up our first set of lights last night, but I didn’t actually see their entire repertoire until I drove up the street this evening. OMGOSH! I have to ask the neighbors if they are able to sleep, or if they possibly have any kind of disorder that could result in seizure. (I sort of love my lights though, so I could move them to the backyard…🤣)

      • Yeah, that coffee smell is the best! And I best you were the most attentive Kindergartener with that! Awesome! 😃💕 And your lights sound totally fun!!

    • Lovely painting little off the smell
      Of coffee cuz I used it as a pigment for this prompt but will relish it tomorrow am.

    • Jacob replied 4 days ago

      I wonder if these recurring mice are a subconscious hint that you really want a pet mouse for Christmas. What would Philippe say to that? Furthermore, what would Phineas say to that? I feel like he’d need more convincing. 😛 While I quite like the smell, I don’t drink coffee. We’ve probably had arguments about this before!

      • hehe! I think we have! 😉 Well, at least you enjoy the smell of coffee. And as for mice, I’m really just practicing making characters and figured I should do them more than one every couple of weeks to practice properly. And Phineas would never allow another pet of any species in this house! lol

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Yeah, a mocha is so delicious! 🙂

    • Lol! Love that stamp! That’s perfect! 😃💕 And yeah, 2020 has been one crazy year indeed. And wow… never had coffee? But if the smell doesn’t entice you, then it probably wouldn’t be good.

    • Oh what a wonderful thought…I am like you my hubby knows not to talk to me until I have had some caffeine in me LOL your adventure sounded wonderful ..we have a fake tree that I love and little does he know but we may be putting it up early this year too !!! Be well!

  • For our prompt of “Owl” today, I made a sketch of a little owl reading a book. Indeed, this is what you’ll find me doing every evening before I go to sleep. In my mind, I think I’ll get ahead by several chapters,

    • Wonderful!

    • I used to fall asleep whenever I read. Turned out I needed a different prescription for my reading glasses! It was the eye strain that made me so tired. Good thing. I hardly watch TV anymore and can’t go out to the movies, so I need my fiction fix from books!

    • Wonderful owl, Charlie! I read until the wee hours every night even though I’m all snug in my bed by nine. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid when my parents often threatened to remove the bulb in my bedroom lamp. I got around that by smuggling a flashlight into bed and reading under the covers and I’m sure you can imagine how long that lasted. It’s just difficult to put down a good book.

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 hehe! I did the same as a kid. And now, if it’s a really good book, I can pull it together and stay up longer!

    • Charlie that is nice of you to reassure him. And I too am passing out on my Reading Chair on the first page, first lines, at 8 and waking up about six hours later. Eight hours is what we need for good blood pressure. Imagine, awake at 2 or worse. I make myself stay abed til four or close to it and then get up and write my Morning Pages for an hour or so. Sigh. I just can’t seem to turn my inner clock ahead. And to think when I was a kid I hollered mightily to stay up like grownups do… 8 PM. Ya. I love the owl.

      • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, I remember wanting to say up late as a kid and now… I’m sort of fine with going to be early. Other than the waking up too early part, of course!

    • Ahhh, he’s so cute. Complete with your blue glasses. Love him! I have been having the same sleep issues. I agree, 3:00 a.m. is too early, is even for this early bird. I love mornings, but that borders on the middle of the night. Haha. Do you suppose it’s from the inactivity we are experiencing? I was going to the gym, just because I knew it would help me sleep, but we can’t again. Gyms are closed again so today we went on a vigarious hike to the Pillars of Hercules in the Columbia Gorge. I should sleep for days!

      • Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Oh wow! That does sound like a lot of good exercise. Hopefully it will help you sleep. For me, it’s always more about what’s on my mind. If I’m thinking of lots of ideas I just can’t shut the thing off! lol

    • Fantastic Charlie! Yeah I’m with you in being able to stay away to read much at night. My routine has now turned to trying to listen to a Canadian news/human interest show on NPR. It starts a 10 and lasts an hour. I don’t always get upstairs to catch the start. I set the radio to go off in 30 minutes and am usually asleep before the radio turns off. The eyes are too tired to read too late at night. Enjoy your weekend!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Aww that sounds like a lovely way to end the day indeed. Yeah, I’ve definitely found that I need to rest my eyes more… so I can save them for making art!

    • Absolutely delightful night owl and story! Love your non-stop creativity!

    • What a cute guy!

    • Ha ha brilliant doodle, Charlie. I know what you mean about the early to bed and early to rise. Although I actually don’t mind getting up early, especially in the summer when I can get out when it’s nice and quiet.

    • Amazing owl he has your glasses do you have his nightcap?

      • Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 hehe… I don’t have a nightcap, but I’ve always wanted one to wear around the house during the holidays!

    • My husband shouts and kicks in his sleep. He seems to always be fighting off someone, but he seldom remembers what the dreams were about. I used to sleep like the dead for 8 hours. Now I’m lucky to get 5 in. I miss sleep. I do find it comforting the read before I sleep. Itsit’s kind of like mediation.

      • Yeah, reading is really a great way to end the day. And so curious to know who he’s fighting in those dreams! hehe… funny that he can’t remember. 😉

    • Hahaahaa he’s wearing your glasses Charlie!😊…Nice expressions well done!

    • Thanks so much!! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yay that you’re a night owl! Yeah, I used to be able to stay up so late, but not anymore. Though now, I only need about 6 hours sleep to feel fine. And yeah… a Monster dog is way better than a Monster truck! hehe

    • Night owl by nature, but I would like more sleep especially during the dark days of the year. Asleep just before 3am isn’t unusual. I’d love to paint then but it’s too cold and in my little home, I also don’t want to wake my husband. Reading often will do the trick. When we first locked down we read to each other every night. Winter’s a great time to that, hmmm, flannel sheets and a long book🤗😴

    • Thanks so much, Sara! 😃💕

    • hehe! Yep! And he’s wearing my glasses, so he probably has! 😉

  • For our prompt of “Hiking” today, my mind drifted to nature in general and then I got a sudden urge to sketch some chipmunks. I’ve never actually done the kind of hiking that takes hours and hours and requires a

    • Squirrels always seem to know the dogs that are serious hunters and the ones that are just playful. They love teasing both, but are much more careful around the former. It’s amazing the animal companionships that form when hunger is satisfied without the hunt. Even in the wild such bonds will form on occasion.

    • Fabulous Charlie! I’ve done a little day hiking years ago. How could I not given that I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian trail and lived near Mount Washington for years. The views are spectacular! I lived in Wisconsin for a while and was shocked at how flat it was.

    • Love this, Charlie! Chipmunks are so much fun to watch but I have never seen one down here around our house…possum, raccoons, and lots of squirrels…. loads of little gecko characters who I love! but no chipmunks. The squirrels, possum and raccoons pretty much mind their own business but the little gecko guys will stop in their tracks and act like they’re listening if you talk to them. And, I have to admit, I can’t pass one by without saying something to it. Gotta love nature and all its wonderful little critters.

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Awww… geckos are awesome! I love them… so cute in their own way. I’d definitely talk to them as well… hehe

    • Charlie I could write lots of stories about living at the edge of a cemetery. As for nature hikes we went all over the bush, grizzly country etc. I was fine until I found out there are cougars out there too (BC Canada). End of camping. We had a huge gray squirrel in a locust tree right outside the balcony doors for about three years. It disappeared one freezing February and I missed it til I did some research and learned those are predatory animals. They eat bird eggs and the babies too. Then I was glad to be rid of it — but by summertime we had a new batch of squirrels. Meantime I knew why the robins in the next locust had never come back. Grrrrr. So now I just try to teach the crows to talk although I don’t know if those do, ravens do. Your mouse is bigger than the squirrel! Awesome/

      • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Yeah, cougars would definitely put an end to camping for me! hehe Yeah… squirrels can be a bit of problem when it comes to birds. We’ve lost a few nesters here as well.

    • That is why Julia Cameron says to walk! Walking is good for a lot of things. Enjoy it.

    • I love chippies! We don’t have any by the house though I’ve seen them on the trail.. I’m guessing too many cats around here. Joe picked up our groceries yesterday. He had me buy some canned cat food. Usually they just get dry. It must be the holidays making him want to get them a treat.

    • Great doodle Charlie. I used to go for day walks. Nowadays my long distance trips are on my bike. I still enjoy a two or three hour stroll around my local patch though.

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Oh wow! That sounds so wonderful! I never had that much time all at once… but I try to take as much as I can get for a walk!

    • So cute! It looks like me and my son. I used to question ask him a million questions any time he would leave for a hike. I quit the day we went on a day hike. We stopped along a a creek. He started getting out his water filtration gear. I asked what he was doing. He said, “Mom, you are almost out of water. I am going to fill your bottle.” Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.

    • Aww thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Aww I love that story of animal friends!! And love polar bears as well! It’s so wonderful to see animals connecting like that in unexpected ways!

    • Indeed! Nothing like a good walk! 😃💕

    • I don’t often listen to music while I paint because I’m doing it as I’m chatting with Philippe while he’s making dinner. hehe… but I love all types of music, though not a fan of rap. 😉

    • We have a variety of critters passing our backyard, deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds..that is why I love the spring and summer and being outdoors to see them pass by…hiking maybe…
      Your painting is a joy!!!

    • Philippe is my husband. 😉

    • Yes! Philippe started painting and then that’s what made me start! 😉

    • He’s more of a painter, where I’m an illustrator. 😉

    • yes… there were several posts of Philippe’s paintings in the first year I was blogging but he doesn’t paint much anymore. Here’s one – https://doodlewash.com/guest-doodlewash-dreaming-of-erbalunga/

  • For our prompt of “Cityscape” today, I thought about the views I love most while living in the city. In truth, though the tall buildings of a downtown skyline are rather impressive, I like them better as a

    • Wonderful Charlie! I’ve enjoyed scenes like this when we have traveled. Our downtown only has 4 story buildings as we have a population of about 22,000. Before so many people started working from home the daytime population would about double as people would come in from the outlying towns to work. We live on the outer edge of town which is nice.

    • The best of both worlds, Charlie!

    • Charlie me too, sleeping at 8 pm and then waking between 2 and 4 am. And I found the other night while I was on the floor upon the yoga mat that I love the lights at night even though I detest big cities and tall buildings and endless rows of condos et al. I was born the Rocky Mountains. Concrete and steel just don’t cut it. Sounds like Phineas is convinced he starves. Hahha.

      • Indeed! Phineas thinks we’re trying to starve him! 😉 hehe And yeah, lights at night are always lovely, but I do prefer a view of nature!

    • Life imitates art, and contrast is key in both. A constant supply of treats would soon get boring.. We should appreciate our times without more, because they are what makes a treat so wonderful. The longer without, the better the treat!

    • Probably our most favorite place is a bench, facing the ocean, in patch cleared of the tall grass, at a monastery in Big Sur, California. We sit like those mice in sun or cold in silence and appreciate just being. Where it is makes it great, sitting together makes it perfect.

    • Cute painting Charlie. We have a cathedral with a tall spire in the city we live near. Even after all these years, it’s always nice to see it in the distance, if we’ve been away.

    • Lisa replied 1 week ago

      When we lived in the suburbs of Chicago I loved riding the train into the city and getting that first look at the skyline filled with tall buildings. My other favorite was to go in to the city right after Thanksgiving and see all of the trees wrapped in white lights. It was beautiful.

    • I agree that KC has some fabulous buildings, including at least two great art museums.

    • These mice certainly are getting around! Adorable! I too think a cityscape is best enjoyed as a backdrop. Whenever I venture into London or somewhere like that, I feel totally out of place. Country boy I guess.

      I don’t normally go to bed earlier at this time of year, but I do seem to wake up later, especially if it’s cold and gloomy outside. I’m not a morning person either, so it’s just as well really!

      • Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 hehe… nothing wrong with being a country boy. I hope to be one too one day! Yeah, I don’t feel like I miss much if I sleep in just a little more in the morning. Cold and gloomy days never inspire me to get out of bed! hehe

    • Fantastic park scence

    • Aww thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 So happy you enjoyed this one! And ugh on light pollution… we don’t see many stars at all. There was a meteor shower several days ago and no point trying to go out and look for them. I used know all of the constellations when I was a kid!

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕 Yeah… nature always wins!

    • Thanks so much, Helen! 😃💕

    • Aww thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this!

    • One of the few things I miss about living in the city is the lights…and it was a nice place to visit but I know I could not live there any more…Love the painting!

  • For our prompt of “Soup” today, I was running short on time so I made a super quick little doodle of a mom serving her little one some chicken noodle soup. Well, a bunny mom and her little bunny child, of course.

    • Wonderful Charlie! Soup does taste good when the weather starts to get cold. I should make some soup but my husband would much prefer the kind that comes out of the can. Some battles aren’t worth having.

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 hehe… I haven’t had soup out of the can in years, but I think it would bring back lovely memories!

    • Did you know that there is some basis in the idea that chicken soup is good for you when you are sick? It helps with congestion and is a mild anti-inflammatory. Of course, the most important ingredient is the loving care that goes into making it! I love what you’ve been doing with your art lately. It may not be as polished as your earlier work, but polish is just an illusory shine. Your recent work is imagination brought to life, something rare and always appealing!

      • Aww thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah, I’ve found myself busier than ever and so I can only show up for mere minutes lately! So my usual hour has turned into around 15-20 minutes. No way to get the polish in that time, but I rather like seeing my pure imagination! Glad you do as well!

    • Charlie you ate canned meat?? The look on my face far outhorrifies that on the face of Phillippe. When my progeny studied Culinary Arts they told her an entire pig is packed into one meat can. One. Entire. Pig. Charlie canned meat will kill us. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Puff Puff.

      As for the Quebec French, it is different from what we learn in school. Phillippe is right. I’ll just stick to my Italian where I am a lot safer and don’t sound Acadian.

      I made turkey soup this morning and the onion was mouldy so I threw it out so no onion and then I put too much poultry seasoning in it. I gagged on the smell while the turkey parts were cooking in the oven. I just do not like turkey although Ilove it in soup. When I don’t mess it up that is.

      But I did start the preliminaries for my Christmas card paintings.

      Have a splendid Thanksgiving.

      • lol… yeah, I ate canned meat. I was an American kid in the 70’s! hehe But I haven’t eaten it in years. And yeah, we don’t every really eat turkey. Our normal Thanksgiving is usually a chicken breast of some kind. This year, Philippe is making his first turkey, so that should be awesome!

    • Xmas Eve dinner when I was a kid was always at my mom’s house and it included shrimp salad, cheeses, hard salami, crackers, fruit salad, and Xmas cookies for dessert. When my grandma was still alive we also had angle food cake because that was what she made for my birthday cake. These days Joe and I usually have garlic shrimp and a baked potato. Sometime during holiday meals I sneak in a chicken biryani because we both love it, but it’s kind of a pain to make, so I save it for special occasions.

      • Aww I love those traditions! Food is such a wonderful thing. And I would eat ALL of what you described. YUM!! 😃💕

    • Nice doodle, Charlie.

    • Beautiful bunnies, yup food made with love tastes the best!

    • Adorable painting …I don’t have a lot of memories from childhood around food..mine came more as an adult.lol like what we had at a wedding or other significant event. Good food is always good for the soul not always so good for the waistline LOL

      • Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 hehe! So true!! I used to have a crazy awesome metabolism until about 4 years ago and now… every transgression appears on the waistline. Ugh! I just try to balance it all. Sometimes food transgressions are totally worth it! 😉

    • Lovely. What a great mom bunny taking care of her little one.

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Bonjour, Cathy! There’s hundreds of my previous sketches available if whimsical illustrations aren’t your thing. Though I’ve often and always painted animals! Just look here – https://doodlewash.com/project-type/doodlewash-adventures/

    • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 hehe! Yay for cooler weather there and mac and cheese!!! I would be knocking at your door right now! Love!

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Hehe! Bean dip in a can is actually quite good… my dad had it as well! Yeah, other than the deadly amounts of sodium, the flavor was pretty awesome. And Mexican food is SO good! Philippe and I get some from a local restaurant for lunch every Saturday. I don’t like “Tex Mex” though where it’s a game of hide and seek with cheese… just the authentic stuff from actual Mexicans.

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I’d never watched David the Gnome so had to look that up… I’ll have to check it out! Mushroom in anything and I”m IN! I adore it! We don’t eat meat often here, so it’s usually always a bit of mushroom instead. So delicious!

    • Lisa replied 1 week ago


    • What lovely little bunnies! A good mommy like ours! I ate plenty of canned chicken noodle, Vienna sausages(and yes, they are SOOO not Viennese or sausage) and potted meat on crackers too. I recently was recommended to have sardines for my cholesterol and I can do it if I have a gluten free cracker under them and some cucumbers, (of course some cheese would help 🤦‍♀️) However, one of my favorite memories, and favorite foods , possibly my second or third word was “rice.”Not just any rice, my mom’s Spanish rice is the best! (No offense to all you other moms😉) I think we all can keep one smell near and dear, I’d like nothing better than to take a nap and wake up to a house filled with that blessed scent!

    • Fantastic! I’m so happy to hear that! 🙂

    • Yay for authentic food! I don’t think one can ever have enough! 😉

  • For our prompt of “Bicycle” today, my mind went back to my childhood. My mother used to sing bits of a song sung by Nat King Cole called “On A Bicycle Built For Two.” I hadn’t thought about that song in years, but

    • I often wonder which of our songs will survive to the next century with the constant influx of new music and competition for attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them are forgotten, while mothers still sing “Daisy, Daisy…” to their children.

      • I think so too! hehe 😉 I was thinking about how it’s been so love since we all listened to the same music. That’s usually the only way something survives for years.

    • Two very happy rabbits and looks like the bicycle built for two is the perfect mode of transportation. I’m sure there would be a positive answer to the question.

    • How romantic Charlie! I think that I have ridden a bicycle built for two at a camp ground many years ago, fading memory. Likely I was a pre-teen.

    • Charlie, ack! Someone turned down marriage in the 1890s? So does one of my novel heroines who wants to go to work instead. Only she uses a horse. Great story as usual! Do you speak French too? Being Canadian they forced us to learn it in school and while I elected to continue taking it for 7 years it turns out to be Acadian. That means fractured French. Ask Phillippe what it means as I’m really not sure — and tell him thank you.

      • Actually, I understand much more French than I can speak. I can never seem to pronounce things properly, and even a slight alteration makes it sound like mush to Philippe! 😉 As for French in Canada, he’s only mentioned Quebec French. Says he understands it, but there’s a definite accent.

    • My mom sang this one. Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
      A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

      I was really into biking in my 30s, but there came a time when I could no longer do it, so we bought a recumbent tandem bike. On our maiden voyage down the bike trail, we took a spill and I broke my foot. That was the last time we ever rode that bike! I still own a hand cycle through I haven’t used it for years. I should sell it, but that feels like surrender, so it hangs unused in the shed. Bad Lisa!

      • I’m not sure I’ve heard of that song! And, oh wow… I think I would break my foot as well if I actually tried a tandem bike. I’m too clumsy. 😊

    • Brilliant doodle, Charlie. I remember that song. I didn’t realise it was that old though. I remember it from my childhood, sung by a man called Max Bygraves. He was a singer, comedian and TV host.

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 I haven’t heard that version. Yeah, I honestly didn’t know the song was that old until I looked it up. It’s amazing what songs endure!

    • Gorgeous ride in the country!

    • Not a big deal, Marisela. You know we might never again get this kind of time and space to be creative. I am enjoying it. I love it when it gets dark and I feel cuddly and I love it when it gets light and I have lots of stuff to do. I have been redecorating. Again. I made a grouping of frames I have to fill with paintings. And thanks for the greetings, I have turkey soup on the stove. I don’t like turkey but I do like it in soup and casseroles, go figure. Have a great week. Be happy. The Lord gave us his peace. Use it.

    • Yay! Glad you remembered that song as well, Maureen! 😃💕 hehe… and yeah… it’s going to be stuck in your head for awhile now. You’re welcome! lol

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m not a fan of a lot of the newer music. Still love the oldies, which just makes me sound old I guess. haha! You totally have to ride an adult tricycle… that sounds amazing! I’d do that in a heartbeat! Fun! lol

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, Philippe and I met a bit later in life. Prior loves didn’t work out for me either, but that makes this relationship all the more special! So, it always worth trying again and demanding that fairy tale ending! You deserve it!

    • Thanks so much, Shawn! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this!

    • Hi Marisela, I can no longer ride at all because I have MS, and my legs don’t work. I use an electric wheelchair these days. My hand cycle is a three wheeler and it worked well when I was still able to use it.

  • For our prompt of “Pine Cones” today, I made a quick little doodle of a mouse marveling at holiday decorations. It’s a few more days before we’ll actually decorate for the holidays at our house, but I’m already in

    • It sounds like you’ll have a marvelous Thanksgiving! I hope people realize that the Holiday should be about being thankful for those not sick (who are the majority), and what we do have, and not about freaking over what has changed in our lives.

      • Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah, I adore our Thanksgiving. And so true… it’s just one little year and next year it will all be different!

    • It’s hard to believe that the holidays are nearly here…where has the year gone?? Although we always spend Thanksgiving with friends this year it will just be the two of us and our 3 cats. Hoping that next year we can all be together again!!

      • I know! The year is flying by! That still sounds like a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving! 😃💕 I’m sure the cats will appreciate the extra attention!

    • Charlie I beat you to it. A relative put up their tree and sent me a picture so I said okay I am gonna put mine up and say you made me do it. I took it down from its shelf and hauled it into the living room and etc. Actually it is about two feet tall and missing its cord because after 35 years I no longer trusted that. An uncle made it an dmy father wired the base onto it for the lights. An aunt and I each have one from the same tree makers, hers too minus the cord now. So you put a couple of battery operated candles on the table with it and it is gorgeous.

      I found a batch of what look like tree branches from a fake tree. I do not know how I obtained those, likely from a thrift store. So I thought to make a centerpiece with those and some ornaments.

      When it got dark outside I noted that the neighbour had their Christmas lights on already. Methinks people are looking for some joy and cheer in these dismal times. Now if they stay home and create like we artists do, the pandemic will have no one to attack.

      We had our Thanksgiving last month so here’s to a happy one for you and Phillippe and of course Phineas.

      • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Your decorations sound so wonderful! Yeah, I think it’s never too early to start decorating for the holidays! hehe And people need that bit of sparkle now more than ever indeed!

    • Wonderful Charlie! I hope you have a great week! We are hoping that the electrician shows up tomorrow so that are deck project will be done. I have two paintings to deliver this week to the last live show that I am part of. Other than that I get to play in my studio.

    • Thanks Marisela. It is warm here, 8 Celsius, for this time of year. I love those high temps such as those and what we get in summer. Love it while everyone else whines and snivels yeesh alteady. They get even in the winter when I freeze and they are saying what, it’s warm out here. Like blazes it is.

    • You’ll get there. Not to worry. Let God take the reins and you will arrive where he wants you to be.

    • Really nice painting, Charlie. We usually have a big family get together on boxing day, but we don’t know what the situation will be here so we can’t make any plans.

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s so different this year, but there are vaccines heading our way in time to make next year’s holidays much better!

    • With my being homebound for quite a few years now, we really don’t go anywhere during the holidays, but usually people come to us for at least one of the holidays. This year I am not sure we will see anyone. Our neighbors may come for Thanksgiving if all the stars align, but we’ll have to see. No matter what, I’m cooking turkey and stuffing, so that will make me happy. And gratefulness will abound.

    • That pretty little mousie, she looks magically inclined and she’s already enjoying the beautiful decorations of Christmas.I want lights and trees and glitter-you know in an understated way. (Ha!😆😂🤣 No, not really, I want to be finding glitter till 4th of July!) We have so much to be grateful for this year, even if it seems different, I’ll be celebrating what I love to celebrate every Christmas!

    • That’s cute, though I’m not sure how I’d react if a mouse were crawling through the decorations! Normally I would say it’s way too early but I think people areentitled to some extra festive cheer this year.

      • We are SO entitled to extra cheer this year! I think the lights should happen now!! 😃💕 hehe… but yeah, minus a live mouse in the tree… that would make me scream in a rather embarrassing way. 😊

    • Yay for big dreams! 😃💕 It’s time to live and dream again indeed! This time just gives you more time to dream so you’re really ready to take on the world. And I do remember that movie… it cracks me up every time! lol

    • Yes, that’s my hope, but right now, I’m just practicing a bit more. Well, that and hoping to find the time! 😊

    • Aww that makes me so happy to hear! 😃💕 Yes, if I when I finally write and illustrate that book it will definitely be for people of all ages.

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I’m totally impatient, so I completely understand. I draw the outer shapes that will be light and then just add lines converging inward. Then I use a bit of yellow ochre on everything but the tips, add a light red (Terra Cotta in my paints), and then mix a dab of blue and light red without much water and dab in darks at the center and under the tips. It’s quick and dirty but keeps the contrast that makes it look like a pine cone at least! 😉

    • I too am excited about the holiday lights and decorations..sad wont be able to see family this year but praying for a better year in 2021..Thanks for the lovely reminders!

      • Glad you enjoyed this, Priscilla! 😃💕 Yeah, this year will be a bit different, but next season will be back to bit more normalcy I think!

  • For our prompt of “Stag” today, my mind drifted into a holiday mood, and so I ended up with a little reindeer. As a kid, I always loved the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and used to sing that song all of

    • Wonderfully festive Charlie! The warm weather has left us here, mid 40s today. We only worked outside briefly. I worked a bit on three abstract paintings that I have going. Too much time on the computer lining up new ways to promote my paintings. We are relaxing this evening. Hope that you are thoroughly enjoying your weekend!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Yeah, the cold came back here as well today. Yay for painting time and projects though! Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!

    • Yup Charlie, I wrote in my creativity memoir just that about the wild child (as cited by Judy Reeves in Wild Women, Wild Voices (NWL 2015). This child was ratted out by a teacher who told my parents that Linda has a wild imagination. Thank God. Hehehhehe it serves me yet. People were not ready for kids who were different (aka smarter than that teacher). Carry on Charlie and don’t ever grow up.

    • I seem to manage to fill every hour of every day with activity and still find time to dream. Can’t imagine a world without dreams. Your little Rudolph is perfection!!

    • I love your auroral (yup, that’s legit) skies!

    • I was born on December 17th. Near to the shortest day of the year. Joe was born on June 19th. Near to the longest day of the year. But we are also both right there at the turn when my days begin to lengthen, and his shorten. These vagaries of the calender seem to fit our personalities. Funny how that worked out. November has been speeding past and even though I think Covid should be slowing things down, that does not seem to be the case.

      • Yeah, sounds like your birthdates worked out just right for both of you! 😃💕 And yeah… one should think Covid would be slowing folks down, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • Great doodle Charlie. I’ve had a very lazy weekend. Not very I get that.

    • Beautifully done👍

    • That’s right!

    • So darling! Like always, the coloring on this is beautiful. I always have a lot of projects going. I know depending on my mood they will eventually get done….some day. That is what is so wonderful about being a creative soul, there is always something we can do!

    • Ah so simple but a lovely image and feeling. Thanks for sharing all of those dreams with us. Have a lively Sunday

    • Yay for never growing up! 😃💕 hehe… I don’t think we should ever bother. It’s much more fun! And it’s so fun to play and be silly, good for you! Yeah, some people are just too serious, and I’ve always found those people a bit boring.

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed the sky!

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. Hugs back to you! Yeah, I think being different is truly a gift that we should celebrate and enjoy!

    • Thank you Charlie the image and thoughts are wonderful..not looking forward to winter but to the holiday spirit of things, movies, food etc. the wonder and awe never leaves me!!

  • For our prompt of “Cozy” today, we have a tiny bunny cuddling up under a blanket of autumn leaves. As the weather gets cooler here, the quilts and blankets will soon come out, and if I’m lucky, maybe even a mug of

    • You betcha Charlie, food is always a treasured moment. Enjoy your dinner and your weekend. Are dogs allowed to have poultry???

    • Adorable!! I just want to tickles those toes! Have a great weekend, Charlie!!

    • Do you get the same kind of pizza every time from the same place? Just curious.

      When I was working, and exposed to books a lot, every once in a while I’d go into a reading slump wherein nothing appealed to me and I pretty much stopped reading. Not a good thing for a librarian! So I found the best way to fix the problem was to get a young adult book or two and dive into them. For some reason the simpler stories and generally shorter books, broke my reading dam.

      • Yep… we’ve lately gotten the same pizza each time from a local restaurant. It comes with a hummus appetizer and salads! 😉 And yes! I sometimes just want a simpler story that moves quicker! hehe

    • Oh cozy creatures, quilts, food and coco! I should have been a bear, or a mouse or a something that gets to eat, and curl up with a warm den mate and sleep through the short days and cold nights☺ I suppose it’s been closer to the truth since March but I am also grateful to stay home withmy lived one, do art, walk around my end of town and be healthy. Yes, I am grateful for cozy.

    • Oh, how comfy a spot is this! Stay healthy and safe Charlie! We are staying very close to home. I’m glad we saw the grandkids last weekend as it will likely be some time before we do that again. Enjoy your weekend!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Yeah, I think we’re going to go out much less during the holiday season, but it will definitely be cozy!

    • Lovely doodle, Charlie. I often have two books on the go, one for my breaks at work, and one at home.

    • Fantastic image. I love reading my favourite “ youth” books at lest once a year. I never can get enough of To Kill a Mocking Bird and gone With the Wind,

    • I absolutely love your images. I pin them everyday so I can go up on my board and just scroll through the images. It’s one of my happy places. Happy pizza night. thanks as always for sharing.

      • Thanks so much, Theresa! 😃💕 Aww I’m so thrilled you enjoy my illustrations! Pizza night was super happy! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    • Oh my gosh! This is so stinking cute! The expression on the little bunny is wonderful. One of my favorites! It combines all my favorite things, mushrooms, bunnies and fall leaves. Love love love it!!

    • I only use masking fluid rarely… the fireworks image I made recently as an example. Only the images with a background though, and just when I have to! 😉

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yes! Phineas is SO spoiled! But he adores the food Philippe makes… as do I! So, I guess I’m spoiled as well. And yes! I’ve really been enjoying young adult books… shorter and often even better without a lot of fluff! hehe

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I think taking time to be thankful for those constants in life is the most wonderful thing. Especially during these times. And pizza night was fabulous as always. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend my friend!

  • For our prompt of “Chocolate” today, I did a quick little sketch of a couple of mice stealing the cherry on a chocolate shake. Indeed, cherries and chocolate are two flavors that just seem to be made for one

    • I am definitely going to have to show this post to my husband; he’s convinced that I am the only person on planet earth who likes fruitcake. My mom always made a fruitcake for the holidays and it was the best fruitcake this side of anywhere. Love the way the mouse is hanging on with his tail wrapped around the straw! Cute!!

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 hehe! Yeah, I do enjoy fruitcake, but not sure if I like every kind. There’s an imported one we get that I enjoy. My family never made it so I was an adult before I even tried it!

    • This is a wonderful, if not the best, banana bread recipe out there. I’m sharing with you guys out of the goodness of my heart!😂😂

      Banana Loaf Cake

      1/2 Cup butter
      1 teaspoon vanilla
      1 1/3 Cup brown sugar
      2 eggs, well beaten
      2 cups flour
      1/2 teaspoon salt
      1 teaspoon baking soda
      1/4 cup soured milk (add 1 teaspoon vinegar to milk to sour it)
      1 cup banana pulp (about two very ripe bananas mashed)
      1 cup chopped walnuts

      Preheat oven to 350. Grease 9 inch loaf pan.

      Measure and stir together dry ingredients. Set aside. Cream butter, vanilla, and brown sugar. Add eggs. By hand, stir in dry ingredients, alternating with milk and banana pulp. Stir in nuts.

      Scrape into greased loaf pan and bake 1 hour, or until toothpick comes out clean. (I bake for an hour and 10 minutes)

      Cool on rack for 15 minutes then turn out and continue cooling.

    • Wonderful Charlie! I also can’t remember the last time I had one of these. Truth be told I prefer vanilla, coffee or a root beer float!

    • Charlie you are going to start to look like a dessert if you keep eating that stuff!! I am only allowed a square and a half of a Lindt chili chocolate bar a day (no more than one bar a week, the dr. says). Tell Phillippe we said so! Have fun over there with all that yummy dessert. Oh, I am having that pizza tonight — well, a slice and a half.

      • Hehe!! I don’t get to eat anything like this! lol 😉 It’s all just drawn from lovely memories. And the banana bread is rationed out in small little slices. So, I’d have to steal a square of chocolate from Philippe to get something more. And yay for pizza! Yum!

    • As everyone knows, I adore mice! So these two are just to my taste! They remind me of my BFF (TR) and I in grammar school. We could always make time for mischief and dessert. Filching dessert like these two little mousies is a skill-one I have am currently reformed from-but they make me miss TR! What I do love now is a cup of rich chocolatey cacao, with unsweetened chocolate almond milk and stevia. Add a little collagen and I sometimes forget to eat until mid-afternoon. A little cacao goes a long way! I suddenly have a chill, I may need some-right now!😋😄😆

      • Thanks so much, Nellie! 😃💕 hehe… sounds like you two got into a bit of mischief. Fun! And yes, I think you certainly need some cacao right now!

    • Great doodle, Charlie. I like the way the mouse is hanging by his tail. My wife bakes a lot, including the most beautiful bread. This week for the first time she made soda bread which has honey in the recipe. Mmmm, delicious.

    • Ahhhhh, so sweet. Ha ha, pun not intended. I love how you have his little tail wrapped around the straw. Happy Friday! Our wet weekend has begun……yay!

    • Love the shake and I haven’t had one in a while so I am due LOL Chocolate and whipped cream good any time of year..My husband makes a mean chocolate cream pie and guess what we will have for dessert on Thanksgiving..with plenty left over for me!! Enjoy your banana bread..and yep tis the season for lots of treats!!

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s been years since I’ve had a shake of any kind. hehe… you should try the fruitcake just to see! 😉 Aww I adore pumpkin bread, but haven’t had that in forever!

    • We always stay home by ourselves on Thanksgiving, so no much will change here. Philippe makes a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings… hehe… it was new to him when he came to the States so now he really gets into it! 😉

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this! For whipped cream I just sort of outline the edges with dark blue for contrast, yellow for fat, and red for color! hehe And yes! The banana bread was delicious, but I still just got my little portion. It’s for the best really! 😉 lol

    • So gorgeous! The milkshake makes me want to order the UberEats people to bring one ( or two) from the best skate makers in British Columbia, Canada or possibly the world White Spot restaurant in house they serve it with the whipped cream, cherry and the frosty sliver milkshake container with at least another milkshakes worth ah the days before Covid!

  • My name is Kris DeBruine and I’m from Bellingham, Washington. Even when I was just a child, I loved to draw. I remember drawing lots of animals, especially horses. I loved the feeling of creating something out of

  • For our prompt of “Boots” today, I ended up with a couple of little bunnies in red boots, bundled up to stay warm from the cold. The temperature has dropped where I live, so the coming cold was on my mind today.

    • I don’t usually enjoy snow either because hubby drives to work. We need it here in Oregon though, to thoroughly put out the forest fires so they don’t start back up in the Spring. I wish California could get some snow as well – they need it even more than we do. Unfortunately, I don’t think Santa will give it to them. Still, one can hope!

    • Char – lieeee wear your hat and get some real boots. And yes dress in layers . Listen to this Canadian who lives in the hot spot and still gets cold days nonetheless. Fake fur and leather will freeze your feeties. Yikes already. Get some Merrells or Nikes. You could check your weather on http://www.theweathernetwork.com and insert your city and country and get the daily temps. There is even an icon where you can choose F or C values.

      Guess what? I finally got a pizza from my store, that does not have meat on it. Or that awful pineapple.

      Take care and keep warm.

      • Thanks, Linda! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, boots are only needed here for a few days of the year. It’s mostly ice underneath and so Philippe has spikes he adds to his shoes! And yay for a veggie, fruit-free pizza! That’s my favorite kind!

    • Amen..my hubby keeps asking me about Christmas and I have not been able to wrap my mind around it yet..Your painting is adorable and colorful and although they seem to be in the cold there is a warmth that is projected through the images..thanks for your imaginative sketches!!

      • Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Yeah… I truly think Christmas is going to just suddenly appear and catch us all off guard this year!

    • Adorable Charlie! Bunnies will also be making several appearances in the book!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, bunnies and mice are a similar head shape and easy to pose. Turns out cats and dogs are super tough!

    • Adorable bunnies and I love their red boots. Would love to see beautiful white snowflakes drifting from the sky.

    • Lisa replied 2 weeks ago

      One of my first dates with Joe was in the winter and I took him to a winter festival in Eagle River Wisconsin which is way up north. We went to the dog sled races. Instead of wearing my warm but ugly winter boots, I wore the cute ones which meant my toes were falling off in about 10 minutes. So bad that we had to leave early. So much for looking cute on a date. Never again!! Lesson learned!

      • Awww… too bad you had to leave early! That sounds like a fun date indeed though for the time it lasted. As it turns out, fashion does feel pain! 😉

    • I just lost my whole text-maybe-sorry if it pops up again somewhere🤷‍♀️ I was asking Charlie to please paint the hat Philippe makes you wear on one of your animals!🤗
      You can check out my Plankton hat on Instagram (NellieNellie78) and I was commenting on those splendid red boots on the happy rabbits, I do adore a nice rain boot, but mine are more like Christopher Robin’s 😀 😄

      • Thanks so much, Nellie! 😃💕 This is the first comment that I’ve seen from you on this one. Glad you liked the boots and rabbits. And my winter hat is so boring… just a knit cap without the fun little ball at the end! lol

    • Wow Charlie its an excellent work

    • Fantastic doodle, Charlie.

    • Lovely litle couple. I had to pull out my winter coat the other day. It still fits, so that’s good! I keep waiting for our East Fall winds, but they really haven’t arrived. We are supposed to get a West wind storm this weekend, but those really never amount too much for us. We’ll see.

      • Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 We only seem to have the west winds that stir up whatever happens to be blowing across the nation. And it changes on a dime! hehe

    • Wonderful awesome bunnies and warm dressed up great doodle Charlie!

    • Yep our Charlie knows how it’s done!

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, you’re right on being indoors and just watching the snow fall… hehe… that’s the best place to be in the end! Yeah, we have to walk Phineas no matter how cold it gets and some days are horribly cold in the winter. Thankfully it doesn’t last as Phineas goes on “poop strike” and will just hold it in if it’s too cool out! lol

    • haha! I remember that episode! Too funny! 😂

    • hehe! Indeed! I think that’s the perfect definition of an artist! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Hehe… I don’t like to drive in snow… otherwise, I adore it! Thankfully we live in a condo and the snow removal is taken care of for us… I don’t like shoveling snow either. I just want to play in it and watch it fall like when I was a little kid! Wishing you and yours are Happy Diwali as well! Much love!! ❤️

    • I totally auto-corrected that in my head and then still couldn’t see the glitch! hehe… but yay to get that wish again! Wishing it back again to you my friend! 😃💕

  • For our prompt of “Fruit” today, I did a little sketch of some mice discovering a variety of fruit. I’ve been enjoying sketching mice lately, and though the idea of real mice rummaging through one’s fruit bowl

    • Fantastic Charlie! You are almost getting me past my phobia of having mice in my house. Maybe mice are going to end by being the stars of that book that is developing in you head. 😉

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Yeah, I definitely think there will be mice in the book! hehe… so far, they’re the only critter I can pose in million ways! lol

    • Your imagination is definitely a cornucopia of fantastic things, and your talent excels in bringing it all to life!

    • Love these mice, Charlie! Time and effort…and imagination. Just wish there was more of that thing called time 😊.

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 You and me both!! I feel like I will never have enough time to DO all I want to do!

    • Charlie, the mice and you keep reminding me I have to get my Christmas cards done with my own munchkin meece. Have fun! Charlie just three more sleeps til Pizza time. Speaking of which I think I will put one on my shopping list right now.

      • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, I think Christmas is going to suddenly be upon us before we know it! And yay for adding pizza to your shopping list!

    • Great doodle, Charlie. I really want to paint some of the landscapes that I see on my walks and rides, but I can’t seem to be able to paint clouds or trees. That frustrates me.

      • Try using the end of your brush instead of the side. Dip it in the pigment and touch it onto the page. You might have to sweep parts of it. Trees are a series of V. I had a hard time too so I sat at the window and replicated the real one while looking at it. It worked. Almost exactly a year later they felled it.

      • I mean touch the ends of the brush and just touch the page, not sweep. Sweep later to even parts of it out. Just practise without making a painting, use paper ends or the backs of pictures. Jean Haines says to paint for the bin (and if it turns out great then keep it).

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Yeah, I typically avoided backgrounds as I just didn’t practice them enough. Your prompts helped me try things I haven’t (fireworks and mist no less!). I just watched a bunch of process videos and then did my own thing and played. If you play a bit and forget about doing it correctly… it works way better and is often surprising! 😉

    • Fantastic guys but yes not fun having them in your fruit bowl, I had to move all the fruit into the fridge, the only place your buddies couldn’t get into!

      • Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, mice actually in a home and fruit bowl are not cute at all!

    • What you are doing is a form of walking meditation, Marisela! Thanks and you too have a great week. I found replies on my log in thing which I didn’t know were there — for six weeks. You as well have a good week.

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this one. As for pay dirt… that came to us in the 1850’s during the California Gold Rush. 😉 hehe

    • Bon jour, Cathy! 😃 I’m working on illustrating a picture book, which has always been my goal. So, that’s where I’m heading next. I only started with realism to practice the form of things, and now I’m doing more narrative illustrations.

    • Thanks so much!! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 hehe! I adore your imagined mouse discussion. I think that’s exactly what’s taking place here. Save those pages that you think a kindergarten kid made… there’s magic there. When you look back a couple years from now, you’ll be able to see what it was and use it in your work! 😉

    • Wow so wonderful!!the painting and the encouragement! Key is to keep practicing! thanks much!😊

      • Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Yes!! Never stop practicing a little each day. That’s the big secret, that’s SO easy you’d think everyone would be doing it! 😉

  • For our prompt of “Misty” today, I nearly sketched my first dog since that was also her name, but then decided to try something a little more atmospheric. So we have a little red fox enjoying the view during a

    • A painting teacher I know paints mist and fog by using a rolled up piece of Kleenex over wet paint. It looks surprisingly good. And I love your fox. Its been years since I saw one in real life. We have a lot of coyote around here.

      • Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕 Glad you liked my fox! Yeah, there was a red fox that lived next to us, but then it went away. I miss that little one!

    • You have a real gift, Charlie! We are mostly wired to remember the bad things that happen, especially when doing something different from our daily lives. Makes sense. You want to rmember the things that might hurt you. You always remember the happy things. The true path to a happy life.

      • Aww thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah, I don’t think I’ve had an abnormally happy life, but I’ve found that the remembering happy things is way more productive and joyful!

    • Gorgeous colors Charlie! Another beautiful day here in New Hampshire. We worked outside for a while. I found my first tick this year. 🥺 Luckily it was just crawling on my arm. I had let my guard down and wore sneakers instead of my very colorful garden boots. I stood by the field talking with our neighbor who owns the goats.

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Ugh! Ticks are the worst…. I remember those from when I was on my grandparent’s farm. Glad it was just crawling!

    • Wonderful post and painting, Charlie!

    • Another fantastic visual, Charlie, of “The Smokies.” I have ex-relatives (yes?) who live right in the Smoky Mountains, and send me stacks and stacks of physical photographs (the husband is a landscaper as his profession–AND a photographer–[landscape photographer in my book!]), but I must admit, his photos are stunning. We’re all diehard transplants should we move away from our hometown, but his frustrated wife, tolerates Etai stopping to put the car every 20 feet. So it’s no small wonder your sweet fox stares in awe at the magical views. I love a happy post with an even happier animal! 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this! And wonderful that you get photos from The Smokies. I bet they’re fabulous!

    • Beautiful painting, Charlie. We don’t have mountains, but have a ridge of hills about a 30 minute cycle ride away. I love to get to the top and look back over the coastal plain where I live. It’s especially nice in the winter when the low sun sparkles off of the English Channel.

    • Charlie a very endearing story of past and present. Yes now a days we look out into the world and watch the little critters to continue enjoying their lives, they bring laughter and joy to our crazy days. Even with our pets they too can be funny and crazy in the same moment to make us just shake our heads and laugh. I’ve adopted two chipmunks and I can who’s who, Daniel Greg and Pierce Bronson, then cutie pie flew in for some attention or just the nuts aka Bluejay Back up for the live entertainment for my indoor cats (Lexie & Maisie) who enjoy watching. When the gang gets together it turns into the movie “Fast and Furious”…. Sorry got off track, you couldn’t have selected such a perfectly appropriate animal for this topic, FOXIE its so beautiful and what a sweet smile. A fox fan at heart.

      • Thanks so much! 😃💕 hehe! I adore your names for your furry friends. That’s so much fun!! Sounds like plenty of entertainment indeed!

    • Hey Charlie just this morning as I did my three pages of writing I remembered my grandmother always showing me the things of nature. “Ah what a pretty rock,” she’d say, and she’d point out flowers and birds and anything else in our path. One time she gave me a branch and said to beat up that bear over there. It was a boulder but in my mind it really was a bear and I had to give it a couple of good whacks.

      We were raised in the blue Canadian Rockies a few miles from the famous Frank Slide that took out Turtle Mountain. There was lots to look at. all of it incredibly beautiful. Love your fox!

      • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Aww what a fun memory of your grandmother. She sounds like quite a character. And sounds like you were raised in a really lovely place indeed. Beautiful!

    • Awesome! Experiments are so fun! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, those roads sound a bit terrifying… well… so do those other drivers! I bet that was a bit scary for a kid. And yeah, drivers on low ground don’t get any better! lol

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yay for a new dream to dream. It’s a beautiful place indeed. And now that the song is in your head, it won’t leave for awhile… trust me! lol 😉

    • Thanks so much, Shawn! 😃💕 So happy you enjoyed this!

    • Beautiful fox!

    • Oh wow! You’re kidding me right? hehe… Thanks!! I’m actually twice that age! I’ll be 50 next year! 😉

  • For our prompt of “Feathers” today, I did a little sketch of a couple of lovebirds discovering one another under a leaf for the first time. These birds are beautiful and known for their loving actions toward one

    • It’s always a pleasure to spend time with friends!!! So glad you had a good evening! Sweet little lovebirds, Charlie!

    • Depending on how our neighbor who has cancer is feeling, we plan on having a Thanksgiving meal together none of us have much contact with the outside world, so we feel as safe as we can in these times. For me, all I need is Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Anything else is bonus, but not necessary. I may try to get some Brussels sprouts just because I like them. All that makes me grateful for November.

      • That sounds like a wonderful a thing indeed! 😃💕 I love Brussels sprouts as well and didn’t add them to our last grocery order so thanks for the reminder! hehe

    • I have some family visiting soon from Florida, and I’m a bit ambivalent. It will be so fantastic to see them, but of course I worry about Covid. I decided not to worry too much and just go with the flow.

      • Yeah, the only perfectly safe thing is to never see anyone at all, but that’s never good for mental health. It’s good to see family! So we still still a few friends, but it’s a short list of people who stay home mostly like we do. 😉

    • So wonderful Charlie! I’m glad that you had such a great evening with friends. We had a great time with family today. Our grandchildren are growing up so fast. 13 and almost 18. We set outside on a perfect day. Perfect!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 That sounds perfectly wonderful! Yeah, I’m going to miss the warmer weather now a bit more. It’s perfect to be able to meet outside!

    • That’s lovely, Charlie. We’ve just gone into lock down again until December 2nd. The only person my wife and I can visit is my mum who’s in our “care bubble”

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Yeah, my family is Paris is going back into lockdown as well. These next several months are going to be tough, but this time next year will be much better.

    • So lovely glad you got to share time with friends, we are in modified lockdown for the next two weeks, no one outside your household .. breathe and paint that’ what I can do!

      • Thanks, Susan! 😃💕 Yep… this was probably the last time for awhile to see friends. Thank goodness for painting… that always makes the world brighter!

    • Such a pretty pair. Your colors are wonderful. This reminds me of the day there was a parrot in our backyard. Yep, I heard a noise and looked up and he was sitting on the fence. I don’t know if he ever found his home. 🙁

      • Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Oh wow! A parrot visitor. That would be fun. But yeah, if you don’t live in a place where parrots visit, I do hope he found his way home!

    • I love the colors in your painting so bright and encouraging…In these times it is important to find the things that bring us joy and some sense of contentment..as today’s world can be just exhausting..I find solace in my art practice as well as my faith…and I am grateful to have both! It is also important to enjoy the times we spend with others since it has been sparse these days..Glad you had a good evening and be encouraged!!😊

      • Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Yeah, the colors in this one came out even brighter than I intended. But the world needs more brightness now, I think. Yes, art definitely gives me solace and a bit of time with friends (only outdoors and distanced these days) was a wonderful thing. Though, I still can’t wait until the hugs return. 😊

    • That’s wonderful to sleep under the stars. I’ve only done that once in my life and it’s a beautiful experience indeed! 😃💕

    • I’m not a good camper… the first time I went with friends I forgot most things one would need to camp properly! hehe 😉

    • That’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy it! 😃

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Indeed! You have a friend in me now! And truly, we are so much stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. Anything is possible and we can always get through anything that life throws our way. And, it’s wonderful to be able to connect with people online and find your tribe!

    • Thanks so much, Shristy! 😃💕

    • Aww thanks so much, Brenda! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you enjoy these!

    • Don’t be sorry at all! We’re one big Doodlewash family here and our life and feelings are the source of art itself! We should share both! 😃💕

    • Oh your parrots are love birds! (At least figuratively 😉) so happy you and Philippe had time to take a break with friends. So far, we’ve been able to do a little family time distanced and masked. It’s a far cry from the noisy busy mob we usually are, but I have faith we’ll all get together again. Corn hull, chicken foot and late night snacks. Oh if you don’t know chicken foot its a fun game, dominoes, even for two🤗

      • Thanks so much, Nellie! 😃💕 Yeah, this too shall pass one day. And no, I haven’t played chicken foot. I can’t get Philippe to play games like that only put together puzzles with me! hehe

        • OMGOSH Charlie, I just saw the most amazing puzzle on someone’s feed, it’s tiny little characters, all cut from wood that make up the pieces of the puzzle. The company is Unidragon.com! It was beautiful, I haven’t checked out the $s yet but I’m thinking everyone is doing puzzles these days ! (I ordered a another traditional puzzle in March but it arrived from Wuhan so we haven’t actually done it yet😳)

    • Aww yay! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the book! 😃💕

    • Marisela relax and know that the Lord has a plan for you. Try writing in a notebook every morning before your mind starts to hum and perk, three pages in one of those 8.5×11 notebooks. Everything and anything. Walk a lot. And once a week do something for yourself and by yourself (ideas from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way series). You do not have to be artist or writer or anything else to do Pages. Those stir the inner heart and creative juices. Take care. We care.

    • Charlie your life sounds so cuddly. You are blessed.

    • I’ll often use a bit of clear water to smooth out some of the edges a bit.

  • For our prompt of “Coat” today, my mind first went to that scene in the movie A Christmas Story. The one where the mother sort of overdoes it when preparing the kid to go out in the cold and he can’t even put his

    • Fantastic Charlie! Hope that you enjoy gathering with friends. We got out and did some yard work this afternoon, in short sleeves which is a pleasant surprise this time of year. I did a little art. Tomorrow we are venturing out to visit the two daughters and grandchildren which we haven’t seen since Christmas. They all live in New Hampshire but it hasn’t been save to visit. Like you we have been video chatting.

    • Adorable, Charlie! I do remember those bundled up days and spending hours skating on the local pond in the winter. One of the reasons it was so bearable was the cup of hot chocolate that was waiting when I got home. And I don’t think it was necessarily the chocolate but the love put into making the hot chocolate and the bundling that made the difference.

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Hot chocolate is so wonderful indeed, but yeah, I think it was all of the love that made it taste so good!

    • Kids enjoy weather so much more than adults. They don’t have to worry about getting to work or the store or getting kids to school. Or having kids at home unexpectedly. Hmmmm. Sounds like our current situation. Let’s hope that melts away soon, just like winter snow!

    • Cozy story Charlie, and cozier sketch.

    • Oh lucky you Charlie! A gathering and great weather to enjoy Phineas time! It’s freezing here at the edge of the world, it rained intermittently, and I had to put on capris and a short sleeve shirt😄😁😆-yeah, I know, it’s in the 60s. The looow
      60’s! I still remember my mom saying the same thing! Never know when an unseasonable cold snap could happen before you get out of school. I love the mice, you know I adore them! Funny thing I just spent half an hour talking to my mom about our family’s misadventures with mice! OMGOSH I thought it was just me! I have mousie stories now!✋😁

      • Thanks so much, Nellie! 😃💕 It’s about to get cold again here so I’m enjoying the next couple of days while they last. Oh wow! That’s fun that you and your mom were discussing mice!

    • I love that movie where the kid falls on his back and can’t get up because he’s wearing too much. Turtling they called it!

      It was a great day here too! I keep reminding myself not to get used to it because the cold will be back! I it’s great not wearing a coat in Move!

    • Nice doodle Charlie. I love to wrap up warm in the winter. Even commuting to work I look forward to the time of year when I can get my winter cycling clothes out.

      • Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Yeah, I have several cool coats I love, but sometimes it gets so cold here you can’t even be outdoors for long!

    • Lovely!

    • One of my all time favorite movies! They are perfect! Love Momma mouses slippers. up in Wisconsin, I remember those cold snowy days. Oh the fun we had bundled up like little ticks ready to pop! Our weather has finally changed and has gotten chillier. We woke to a beautiful hard frost this morning.

    • Nice work, Charlie. I found myself saying today bring on the winter and then I said WHAT???

    • Nice work, Charlie. I found myself saying today bring on the winter and then I said WHAT??? no no no no! I messed up the first comment when I hit a key so here it is again.

    • Lovely doodle Charlie

    • Love your picture and I remember that scene as well LOL Great painting!

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕 Thrilled this brought back good memories!

    • Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, the snow is a wonderful thing each year, but you’re right… it’s only a few days of magic before I’m ready for it to be spring already! hehe

    • Glad you enjoyed this! 😃💕 yeah, I think it’s tough to imagine a kerosene lamp today. I loved them!

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