• Alyse Riehl started the topic Watercolor Brand Equivalents in the forum Seeking Advice 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hello again!

    For those who helped me with my last post/question regarding the painting I was making for my husband….thank you for the responses and help. I posted the completed work in my gallery. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Now to get it framed…

    My new question is: Is there anywhere to find a chart with good watercolor brand equivalents? For example, what would be an equivalent for Holbein Bright Violet in, say, Windsor and Newton or Daniel Smith? I have been watching some courses where they suggest some colors I don’t have, but maybe have the equivalent in a different color, if that makes sense. I know I could figure it out the long way, by looking at the pigments and comparing, but I was wondering if someone has already “done the work” so to speak, because I have a number of colors I’d like to compare. Thanks!

    • It’s a tricky subject. I’ve never found a chart like this, and one wouldn’t necessarily be accurate over time because companies change their formulations for various reasons. Even going by the index numbers doesn’t always work, because the colors can be different depending on how the pigment is processed. For instance, PBr7 can end up as anything from a raw sienna to a burnt umber. You might want to check out (, with the proviso that it hasn’t been updated in years so some of the information is no longer valid. Much of it is though, and it’s a goldmine for watercolor information of all kinds.

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