Andrea England

Doodlewash Outdoors Plein Air Watercolor Sketching
Doodlewash Outdoors: Starting Plein Air Sketching

June 20, 2022

Taking your paints and sketchbook outside is an incredibly rewarding way to make unique memories of a special place, but if you find the thought of creating plein air intimidating, you’re not alone. When I first ventured outside with my sketchbook, I felt a bit overwhelmed. What should I sketch, what if it all went wrong, what if people looked […]

Beneath the Waves: A Watercolor Tutorial for Kids of All Ages!

August 21, 2019

There’s something very special about diving under water and looking up to see the sun surrounded by ripples of turquoise. When there’s a school of fish silhouetted against the blue, it becomes truly magical. I wanted to create a painting which captured this effect and let me practice the wet-in-wet technique with my watercolors. Wet-in-wet painting got its name because […]

Imaginary Gardens: Color Mixing for the Young (and Young-at-Heart)!

July 15, 2019

This is a fun rainy day activity which is also an entertaining way to practice color mixing, whatever your age! It works great with any kind of water-based paint. For young artists, this is a good way of learning the basics of color mixing, and for slightly older painters it helps us to get to know our pigments and how […]

Andrea England Painting Waves In Watercolor Tutorial
Painting Waves: A Watercolor Tutorial

June 26, 2019

Hi! I’m Andrea England, a watercolor artist living on a little yellow sailboat. Of course, I love painting the ocean. Creating waves in watercolor is very meditative, and I love the warm glow of sunset colors when I paint. I leave white ripples through my work which build up a feeling of movement and light in the water. People often ask […]

Watercolor Projects For Kids - Doodlewash
Watercolor Projects For Kids & Kids At Heart

July 31, 2018

Hi, I’m Andrea England, World Watercolor Month Artist Ambassador, back again with some fun watercolor projects for kids! These days I am a full time artist and sailor, but my other life is as a primary school teacher and art coordinator. I’ve taught watercolor to children from Grade 3- 8, and wanted to share some of my favorite activities for you […]

Watercolor Mixing Project For Kids & Kids At Heart!

July 24, 2018

Hi, I’m Andrea England, and World Watercolor Month is my favorite arty event of the year! And, this year is extra exciting as I get to join in as a Watercolor Ambassador!  One of the great things about World Watercolor Month is it supports The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, who do amazing work ensuring that children around the world have access […]

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