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  • “Where’s the rest of it?” This question popped into my head as I considered the word REST, Friday’s prompt for World Watercolor Month. I had expected to write about using watercolor to facilitate rest, but instead

    • Beautiful paintings, and oh, how your words ring true! Thank you for being authentic Angela!

    • Angela, I never worry about what others (aka society and societal expectation) think since so many don’t know how to. Really, far too much time is spent in self analysis instead of just being in the moment and concentrating on the task at hand. If you just want to move paint around to make yourself feel happy then that is what you should do! I always like your works but all that matters is that you do. Just have fun. Check out Jean Haines and see what she does (atmospheric) and she creates constantly but constantly.

      And then there am I making a mess and then framing it. When I decide it isn’t as cool as I thought it was, it gets replaced. Simplo facto.

      Take care and be happy with that paint brush. You do excellently.

    • I started reading and immediately I was overcome with how about keep painting. I started adding more texture thinking the same thing. I love just painting one flower and leaving the rest of the page white. Isn’t it terrible that we compare ourselves probably because I mean hey they are getting the likes and have the business and you are trying to get there. I say have fun and paint what you want to paint. The more you let go the freer you feel. Those wonderful feelings transfer to the painting. That’s what people are interested in. Practice is not about skill but rather learning to trust yourself. Tube out the noise and just make art.

  • Confession: I’m feeling pretty frustrated with my art practice this summer. As much as I want to dreamily move through World Watercolor Month in a watercolor-induced euphoria, my painting practice right now is s

    • It’s so nice to see that I am not alone in procrastinating! I had great intentions of daily painting this summer at our trailer by a lake. We ended up selling it and had to move all of our stuff quite quickly.
      I got a couple of plein- air paintings in, but now I will reset myself in my art room, and
      Take portable tools when I go anywhere to get more plein-air in.
      We always have to adapt. It makes life interesting.

    • Knowing you Angela, you will use this time for increased awareness and application. You deserve a break! Our summers are so short, it’s nice to get out and garden etc….You’ll always be my hero.

    • Thank you, Angela! I tend to be the kind of person that shuts down with faced with many different projects that need to be done. I’m certain your tips will help me jump start my brain when I do this.

    • Well frustration is part of the creative process… Even the Eternal in times have been frustrated… His creation possibly is turned to be something that was never intent to be…. But the issue is that frustrations always have some surprising knowledge in the background, just need to discover them….and there is the true journey….

    • Thank you once again Angela for your honest thoughts and for sharing your process! I’ve had a similar week with frustrations, indecision and lack of time to create – I find I’m much happier creating art and it was quite disconcerting when I couldn’t paint! I sketched in front of the TV (if I wasn’t too tired!) of a night and at least I thought I was getting somewhere. I also tried to do a very loose, quick flower watercolour sketch each day in an old paperback book I have been using for play and that was also quite satisfying. By Thursday, when I had time to think more about what I wanted to create, I had time to play with gouache on a canvas and created a Still Life painting that I’m really proud of! I guess what I learned this week was – never give up, you can always ‘do’ something to keep the creative flow alive!

    • Angela, whenever you put your thoughts and feelings to paper, I nod my head and say – yes, exactly. We know you and you know us. Which is why, for me, I value and trust you. You took this time to do what needs to be done. No need to pressure yourself. Your family supports you! Be kind to yourself and refresh!

  • There is an important skill an artist needs to develop that almost no one ever talks about. This is the skill that makes the difference between artists who persist and grow, and artists who lose motivation, get

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for this beautiful reminder. Being consistent is the only secret to being successful artist, if there is any secret. I liked the way you have explored various forms of fears. I think the fear of failure is a root for all the excuses you have mentioned. This fear is because of our attachment to an outcome. Making another attempt is in our hand, but we don’t have much control over an outcome. That is so true in case of watercolor, because watercolor is very lively medium.

      If one good painting does not make you good artist, then one bad painting does not make you bad artist either.

      Happy world watercolor month!!

    • How well you have articulated our feelings!💕👌💕

    • Your posts are always so inspiring and always spot on. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and painting since I could convince my parents to buy paint for me. Some sixty years later and I still have that fear of failure.

    • Thank you for the reminders—so very true! What I enjoyed most of all though, was seeing your art peeking through the “signs”. I always enjoy your art and encouragement!

    • I really needed this today . . .”He is the best informed non-painting artist I know . . . ” . . .But I can simply and humbly choose to find something to cheer in my art every single day, even when I’m not painting.” . . . As always, your words inspire and motivate!

  • The blank page of a new painting can be terrifying, can’t it? That blank sheet of paper can have a contagious effect, and all my good intentions for my next painting can vanish as I contemplate that clean white s

  • I’m always excited about guest posting for World Watercolor Month. A worldwide celebration of watercolor? Yes, please! This year as I thought about celebrating watercolor, and brainstormed ideas for July’s pro

    • Yes, abundance makes me think of food, maybe a farm market where there is lots of produce piled up to show customers; or a big family dinner…

    • I am celebrating the new friends and artists I have met along my journey to become a watercolor artist. You all have enriched me in ways hard to describe.

    • You are always so inspiring, Angela! I’m celebrate every day by taking time to paint no matter what. It’s both a discipline and a joy!

    • I am celebrating my full return to art making. Now that my children are grown, I feel a freedom to focus on creating art I love especially in watercolor. I am celebrating meeting new creative friends and experiencing this journey together. Thank you Angela for your wonderful, inspiring words! Wishing everyone so much fun this month as we all celebrate World Watercolor Month!

    • Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and thoughts with us Angela! Happy World Watercolor Month!

  • What if all you had to do to get GREAT at watercolor was to USE IT?

    If it didn’t matter how you used it?

    If it didn’t matter whether your results reflected growth?

    If you could just do whatever you wan

    • Process over product. When I taught young children, our goal was process over product. I remember the children who cautiously approached the art area, the children who didn’t want to get messy, and the children who immersed themselves into the paint and wore some of it home. Your conditions remind me of the process children go through in their developmental stages. Thank you Angela for bringing this to light.

    • Mireya replied 1 year ago

      Yes process is everything. I realize that there are no mistakes. Even the pieces that appear to le a lost cause have great ideas. This is what I blog about at

  • What does an artist need? MORE PAPER! That’s just a given! And yet, somehow, when we have a wealth of paper at our disposal, we hesitate to use it.

    The universal paradox of the artist!

    But did you know t

  • When I fell in love with watercolor, it was for life. I couldn’t help it! It was so beautiful, and for a long time, it seemed to like me too. I loved the joy of seeing the color flow in the first wet-in-wet l

    • I don’t think I know a single artist who doesn’t occasionally doubt themselves or feel as though they don’t belong with the ‘real’ artists. Thank you for your fabulous advice, Angela. It’s good to know I’m not alone!

    • Thank you Charlie and Angela for providing those encouraging, safe places where we can grow.

  • When I took my first painting lesson in 1995, YouTube didn’t exist. If I wanted to learn watercolor, I needed to either learn by myself, find a book on painting at the library, or take a local workshop as soon as

    • I can’t remember the exact quote, but Ray Bradbury said something to the effect that you need to learn as much as you can about writing. Then when you write, sit back and let the muse use what you’ve learned without interfering. I always thought that applied to painting as well. I try to be serious about every aspect of painting, except when I’m actually painting. Then I play. Thank you for all the excellent advice, Angela! You are always an inspiration.

    • Angela has been my favorite artist cheerleader for a number of years now. She gave me permission to call myself and artist. Mind blown!

    • Might I add, the difference between a good painting and a great painting is knowing when to stop. It’s also one of the hardest things to learn.

    • Your comments are another important resource in our artist toolkit. Just as necessary as using the best paper and have a loose goose Scroggy brush nearby.

    • Thank you Angela for for all you do for the watercolor community!

    • As always I love the way you inspire people to make art. I began with a local teacher to learn watercolour techniques but I got stuck in all details after 3 years. I had never had drawing lessons and got frustrated how that limited me. I was ready to give up. Watching youtube I saw a new watercolour world and found the loose style I was searching for. Many artists inspired me and I learned to love painting watercolour again, playful and with freedom. Thank you all. 🌻

    • As always, so grateful for you! I’m relatively new to the Heartled and Doodlewash communities but all the effort to encourage us, your own personal art journeys, and the joy you and Charlie invest in us, MATTER! My life is richer because Im an artist, I make art and that has changed my life.

    • Oh PS-Big brushes, I’m letting the paint and water work together more and I broke up with my pencil(we only see each other once in awhile 😉😆l)

    • Excellent article!

    • “””8. Understanding how much water to use will be affected by how wet the paper, brush and paint mixture is (if you struggle with this, see #8.)”””
      IDK what #8 you mean.

  • What are your plans for the World Watercolor Month prompt list? Are you participating in the challenge to paint every day? It was a privilege for me to be asked to create the prompts for this month, but it was

    • I liked all the three options. It would be great if we write a little bit about our thought process behind the painting. This is my first time. Looking forward to it.

    • Thanks, Angela. You’ve given me an approach on how to get around a mental block while pondering the daily prompts.

    • Your prompt list for the month is challenging and yet open enough for such a wide range of interpretation. Thank you for the excellent list and this excellent guide to using it!

    • I love World Watercolor Month! Thanks Charlie and Doodlewash community and special thanks to Angela! As a part of your Heart-led Watercolor Community, I’m privileged to watch watercolor come to life as you’ve challenged us to see with fresh eyes and new interpretations. This prompt list is awesome this year. We’re already buzzing at my house!🎨🖌

  • Angela Fehr changed their profile picture 1 year, 2 months ago

  • I loved seeing your art on this site, Kris! Congratulations!

  • I used to flee my paintings like I was running from a fire. Actually, I used to paint like I was fighting a fire; frantic, poking my brush at each potential mistake, scrubbing anxiously to blot out a too-bold

  • What do you think of when you imagine abundance? If you’re anything like me, the first image is food-related. I start with “abundance” which leads to “plenty,” which leads to “horn of plenty” or “cornucopia”

    • I need to just do it since I have abundant time, art supplies, etc.

    • My thoughts went the way of a cornucopia at first, but then I decided to show abundance of something else. Loved watching you create your abundance!

    • Gorgeous as always Angela! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Fascinante, Angela, me gusto mucho, como se fue combinando los colores y dando transparencia

    • Thank you for this tutorial. I love them all and learn something with everyone. I love growing in my love for watercolor and becoming a heart led fearless artist ❣️

    • Thank you Angela! I believe I am tapped into an abundance I would never have imagined or asked for, I’m just grateful and now I have to use it (fearlessly) and enjoy it and share it!

  • Some of my most spontaneous adventures have started with a mistake. A wrong turn, a forgotten step, knocking on the wrong door. A taxi driver, unloading my wet palette and smearing beautiful paint all over the bag

  • Painting storage is an issue for me. In twenty-five years I’ve painted hundreds of paintings, and while I’ve sold some, and given others, there are many that weren’t really good enough to show, but not bad enoug

  • Yes! There is a balance there but I think we usually err on the side of being too serious about our work.

  • Oh, I always take self portraits way too serious! That’s a really good idea!

  • I really feel like creativity comes in a place of the unexpected and surprise – so I need play to make that happen!

  • Sometimes the cheap paper frees us to try things we wouldn’t on the good stuff! Funny how that works!

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