Angela Fehr

How to Awaken Creative Flow When Time is Tight

July 22, 2022

Confession: I’m feeling pretty frustrated with my art practice this summer. As much as I want to dreamily move through World Watercolor Month in a watercolor-induced euphoria, my painting practice […]

WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH: Reasons to Celebrate!

July 1, 2022

I’m always excited about guest posting for World Watercolor Month. A worldwide celebration of watercolor? Yes, please! This year as I thought about celebrating watercolor, and brainstormed ideas for July’s […]

Do You Hoard Your Watercolor Paper?

July 16, 2021

What does an artist need? MORE PAPER! That’s just a given! And yet, somehow, when we have a wealth of paper at our disposal, we hesitate to use it. The […]