Angela Fehr

Do-Overs Are Not An Admission Of Failure

July 30, 2020

I used to flee my paintings like I was running from a fire. Actually, I used to paint like I was fighting a fire; frantic, poking my brush at each potential mistake, scrubbing anxiously to blot out a too-bold stroke. I was always painting as though I believed that at any moment, the painting would lurch out of my control […]

Gladiolus Watercolour Painting Abundance In Watercolor by Angela Feher
SPECIAL FEATURE: “Abundance in Watercolor” by Angela Fehr

July 23, 2020

What do you think of when you imagine abundance? If you’re anything like me, the first image is food-related. I start with “abundance” which leads to “plenty,” which leads to “horn of plenty” or “cornucopia” and next thing you know I’m counting the days until Thanksgiving, or at the very least, digging into a pumpkin pie! (Charlie O’Shields, I know […]

What’s More Spontaneous Than a Mistake?

July 17, 2020

Some of my most spontaneous adventures have started with a mistake. A wrong turn, a forgotten step, knocking on the wrong door. A taxi driver, unloading my wet palette and smearing beautiful paint all over the bag that held it, prompted the paint miser in me to wipe that fresh paint onto a sheet of paper and try to make […]

Painting Fast, Thinking Slow

July 9, 2020

Painting storage is an issue for me. In twenty-five years I’ve painted hundreds of paintings, and while I’ve sold some, and given others, there are many that weren’t really good enough to show, but not bad enough to throw away, and I save those. Sometimes when I sort through old paintings, I see a chance for a quick fix that […]

Every Painting Starts in Play! How Playful Painting Transformed My Paintings

July 2, 2020

I start every painting session with one goal; to play. I have the skills to create a competent painting, but I know that unless I welcome play and experimentation into my painting practice, my paintings will be missing the life and energy I want for my work. I learned this the hard way; for years my goal was to create […]

Watercolor Painting Demonstration by Angela Fehr
Yes, You ARE A Natural Artist

July 26, 2019

There is a natural beauty about watercolor that thrills me every time I use it. No other medium has such a freshness and immediacy to it. “Watercolor is honest,” one of my students said, and she was more right than she knew. Not only does watercolor, through its transparency, show beautiful rich depths of layers (and thus make it really […]

Learn Color Theory Through Playful Painting

July 19, 2019

As a watercolor instructor, I’m often asked questions about color. What colors to choose for a limited palette, whether to use single pigment, transparent colors, what brand of paint is best. I have great respect for the artists who spend time getting to know pigment numbers and research the vast volume of information that is out there on watercolor paint, […]

How to Paint a Wet-in-Wet Flower… On Dry Paper!

July 12, 2019

I love painting florals. Somehow it always feels like coming home. My first loose paintings were florals; I think because flowers are forgiving, a petal can be a little distorted, and that’s okay, a bug chewed it! Flowers don’t need to be perfectly symmetrical, and they come in many colors. There’s freedom in painting flowers. Floral paintings can have a […]

Finding Your Loose & Free Watercolor Style

July 5, 2019

When I started painting in watercolor, control was my goal. I needed to know how to make the paint and water do what I wanted it to do. I also believed that my style was about control; I planned to work in a botanical style, a far cry from my loose & intuitive style today.

“How I Learned to Appreciate Abstract Art” by Angela Fehr

May 17, 2019

Abstract art used to make me uncomfortable. This is a safe place to be honest about that, isn’t it? I just didn’t understand why anyone would choose to paint pictures that were unrecognizable as anything, when you could show your skill and technique so much better by painting actual “objects.” I often felt frustrated when viewing abstract art at a […]

Angela Fehr Painting - Who's Your Favorite Artist?
Who’s Your Favorite Artist?

March 15, 2019

A few months ago, in one of the watercolor Facebook groups I follow, a user asked the group, “Who is your favorite watercolor artist?” When I saw the question, my instinctive response surprised me. My immediate reaction was, “Who’s my favorite artist? Me!” What? So Arrogant! I didn’t answer that poll; at the time it felt so arrogant to list […]

Are You Getting Worse At Painting Instead Of Better? by Angela Fehr - Doodlewash
Are You Getting Worse At Painting Instead Of Better?

March 8, 2019

Recently, I finished teaching a six-week intensive online watercolor course, teaching principles to help intermediate watercolorists develop their personal style and achieve mastery of watercolor. It is so exciting for me to see students fired up and excited about the possibilities they see as they strive for greater levels of skill and expression in their painting journey, and it really […]

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