• Lynn Sullivan posted an update in the group Group logo of Art SuppliesArt Supplies 4 years, 5 months ago

    Not much to show off. I’m just wondering about tubes of paint vs trays. I use tubes and a palette but maybe trays are more practical. Sort of a noob question, I know. Sorry. Of course it’s the final result that matters most. Still. Any opinions about this?

    • I love tubes but use way too much, filling pans however from tubes, seems to work for me. And your ready to go with less mess or leads to loose or leave behind 🙂

      • Good point. I’m such a slug. So far I have never left the house, just do still lifes at home. But if I do the July challenge I know I’ll want to get out a bit. Thanks.

    • I’m assuming by trays you mean a special watercolor box?
      In my experience the specially made boxes are most helpful if you’re in the habit of making up custom mixes that get repeated over several pictures. If you don’t mix up paint much, or if you clean up your mixes every time, the special box adds very little.

    • I always use tubes – for painting at the studio and for painting outside. For plein air painting I’ve tried several palettes and my fave is the Airtight PEEL-OFF Paint Palette. It’s easy to take it with you and you’ve a large mixing area.

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