• Cindy C posted 2 pieces of art 2 years, 3 months ago

    Now that it’s done, I can see where I could have done better…. 025EE96F-B226-4D17-B24F-6FBA6E979756E6765BEE-1E9C-4346-8034-B502B4ADCFF5

    Now that it’s done, I can see where I could have done better…. 025EE96F-B226-4D17-B24F-6FBA6Now that it’s done, I can see where I could have done better…. 025EE96F-B226-4D17-B24F-6FBA6
    • It’s a very good likeness,Well done,I think we can always see something that we could improve on, so we will never be bored we will always be trying to improve.😊

      • Thanks Pamela. It took a little more concentration than I was prepared for. It’s a painting of my son, so he was not too hard on me 🙂 When I finished, I realized that I like painting architecture more than portraits ✒️🎨

    • Hoping someday I will be able to try portraits!

      • There’s no day like today 😊. Anyway, please tell me what you like to paint ?

        • Being a beginner, I am trying a bit of everything in an attempt to learn different techniques and to understand the medium and get comfortable using it. I find wet on dry easier, since I like “control” and detail, but am fascinated by wet on wet and the freedom and serendipity it comes with. Interesting how I love other people’s loose paintings, but look at mine with such critical eyes. I would love to do animal portraits, and would love to try people as well. Perhaps my hobby is more collecting paintings and water tutorials on pinterest and of course on this site!

        • I found that I really enjoy Plein Air, especially painting with others. I really enjoy Urban Sketching. Are you familiar with that?

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