• Davio Smitti posted artwork 6 months ago

    A Christmas card, 12/2022 Christmas spruces

    Davio Smitti posted an update
    A Christmas card, 12/2022 Christmas spruces
    A Christmas card, 12/2022 Christmas spruces
    • This is a beautiful card!

      • thnx, constructive feedback always welcomed, if you have any suggestions.

        • You have simple shapes and simple colors to form a lovely composition. With the understanding, that what I see onscreen may not match the reality, I find it difficult to tell which trees are closer and which are farther. While the tree on the right clearly seems the closest, the trees to the left of it are more difficult to tell – their actual placement, detail, and their shading don’t quite match up. The closest trees should have the darkest shading, (especially the backlighting in the middle), the most detail,, and the shade beneath the tree. The middle of those three seems to be placed slightly closer, but the backlit shading of the leftmost tree is much darker, which would indicate that it is closer. The rightmost of these three and the middle have very similar backlit shading, but the rightmost seems placed further back. To correct this, the closest tree should have the darkest shading, and the longest shadow (that said, the rightmost tree doesn’t need that shadow because it is at the edge of the composition- people will assume the shadow is there if the rest is done correctly). Each tree should have less shading and shadow according to the distance.

    • Wow, you’re planning ahead!

    • Nice!

    • Lovely.

    • This is lovely.

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