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Dawn Ash



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I have loved to doodle as long as I can remember. As a child I had Attention Deficit Disorder and around third grade I sort of withdrew from everything for a time. I used Doodling to go into my own little world in school which was not popular with the teachers. As I got older, I started to focus on what was going on in school and it helped me to understand the lessons (no fidgeting or distractions would catch my attention). This helped me all the way through college. Even now I find I am able to focus on things being said around me and relax more if I am doodling. Now that I am older, my doodling has become more intricate and detailed. I paint with watercolor and doodle on top of that for some of my work. At other times I doodle while waiting at doctor appointments and then paint afterwards. This incorporation creates a multimedia, abstract to somewhat abstract art piece.