Charlie O'Shields

Mouse Candy Canes Mason Jason Watercolor Illustration Painting
Peppermint Dreams

December 1, 2020

Welcome to a brand new month and our December Doodlewash art challenge! This month’s prompts where provided by Doodlewash community member Mary Roff and first one up is “Peppermint”! I didn’t have much time so I opted for a quick and loose little sketch of a mouse admiring a couple of candy canes in a jar. In truth, I tend […]

Rooster Sunrise Farm Rural Watercolor Illustration Painting
Break Of Dawn

November 30, 2020

For our final prompt of “Sunrise” this month, I made a quick little doodle of a rooster and then sort of made up a fast and loose background of what I remember from my childhood times on the farm. It’s more the feeling than any specific scene, but those early mornings there are some of my favorite memories. Though, I […]

Two Bunnies Cuddling Scarf Winter Snow Watercolor Illustration Painting
Cold Weather

November 29, 2020

For our prompt of “Scarf” today, I ended up with a couple of bunnies cuddling up to keep warm in the snow. I actually only wear scarves when it’s super cold outside, or simply because I rather like the look. It seemed like a fairly mild day when I was out with Philippe walking our dog Phineas this morning, but […]

Dog Holding Teddy Bear Beagle Cute Watercolor Illustration Painting
Creature Comforts

November 28, 2020

For our prompt of “Teddy Bear” today, I made a little sketch of a dog cuddled up with one. I’ve loved teddy bears ever since I was a little kid and still have the very first teddy bear I ever owned. The bear sits on a shelf now, but when I was a child it never left my side. Indeed, […]

Mouse Reading Chistmas Book Snow Watercolor Illustration Painting
Nose In A Book

November 27, 2020

For our prompt of “Book” today, I made a quick little doodle of a little mouse reading one. Actually, I’ve been rereading books from my childhood recently and that’s been super fun. Mostly my absolute favorite of the Paddington books, but some others as well. When I was a child, I would always have a book that I was reading. […]

Pumpkin Pie Fork Whipped Cream Happy Thanksgiving Watercolor Illustration Painting
Being Thankful

November 26, 2020

For our prompt of “Pumpkin Pie” today, I made a super quick and loose little sketch of one slice. It’s Thanksgiving here in the States today and so I hope all those celebrating are having a very happy one. Philippe is currently in the process of making a feast for us to enjoy this evening. Though, instead of pumpkin pie, […]

Vintage Camera Two Mice Children's Watercolor Illustration Painting
Camera Shy

November 25, 2020

For our prompt of “Camera” today, I ended up with a sketch of two mice with a vintage camera. One mouse is happy in front of the camera and the other is a bit camera shy. I’m more like the latter mouse, but I am making a rare video appearance at the ArtWork summit that starts at the end of […]

Beach Read Rabbit Reading Book Umbrella Watercolor Illustration Painting
Beach Read

November 24, 2020

For our prompt of “Umbrella” today, I did a quick sketch of one and then just started scribbling to see what might appear to go along with it. The umbrella ended up on the beach belonging to a little bunny enjoying a book and a carrot cocktail of some sort. Reading on the beach is a lovely thing indeed, so […]

Puppy Dog With Christmas Present Watercolor Illustration Painting
Still A Puppy

November 23, 2020

For our prompt of “Puppy” today, I ended up with a little beagle and a Christmas present. I’ve no idea if the present is from him or one that’s for him and he’s wanting to know if he can open it now. When I was a kid, there would sometimes be a present under the tree early that was addressed […]

Raccoon Holiday Christmas Wreath Rosemary Watercolor Illustration Painting
Making Things Festive

November 22, 2020

For our prompt of “Herbs” today, I thought about food first, but then I thought about a little craft project I saw recently on how to make a holiday wreath out of rosemary. I didn’t have the materials to make one myself, so I sketched a little raccoon creating one instead. I love the festive decorations this time of year […]

Mouse Smelling Coffee Smell Watercolor Illustration Painting
The Smell Of Coffee

November 21, 2020

For our prompt of “Coffee” today, I ended up with a little mouse smelling a cup. I usually have a little extra time on the weekend, but Philippe and I decided to decorate for the holidays. So, I had less than 20 minutes to sketch something for today, which is actually a fun exercise to try on any day. This […]

Owl Reading Book In Glasses Night Cap Watercolor Illustration Painting
Night Owl

November 20, 2020

For our prompt of “Owl” today, I made a sketch of a little owl reading a book. Indeed, this is what you’ll find me doing every evening before I go to sleep. In my mind, I think I’ll get ahead by several chapters, but I usually fall asleep within the first several pages. Lately, I’ve been waking up in the […]

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