Charlie O'Shields

Chameleon Cute Colorful Watercolor Illustration
The Beauty Of Change

February 26, 2021

For the prompt of “Reptile” today, I’m popping in with a quick little doodle of a chameleon. I’ve been a bit of a chameleon myself over these past few months while I change up my style a bit. When I first started sketching stuff, I was always a slave to my references. But now, after sketching those references for so […]

Colorful Flowers 3 Watercolor Painting by Saumya Agrawal
GUEST ARTIST: “It’s Not About Perfection, but Satisfaction” by Saumya Agrawal

February 19, 2021

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! I don’t believe in seeking perfection because what might be perfect for me might not be for you! It’s about doing what gives you fulfillment and trying to learn and grow yourself more. The Beginning My name is Saumya Agrawal from India, a working professional, a new mom and a watercolor addict. […]

Mouse Flying Wooden Toy Airplane Watercolor Illustration2
A Whimsical Journey

February 17, 2021

Just popping in with a little sketch inspired by today’s prompt of “Wooden Toys.” I thought the little mouse character I’ve been sketching these last few days for my next book might enjoy a ride in a wooden toy plane. I’ve no idea what powers a wooden airplane, but I imagine it must be fueled by a vivid imagination and […]

Cotswold Cottage watercolour painting by Kusum Shabong
GUEST ARTIST: “Watercolour: An Endless Journey” by Kusum Shabong

February 11, 2021

Hi, my name is Kusum Shabong and I am a watercolour artist from Wokingham in the United Kingdom. As with most artists, my love for painting is rooted in my childhood. Growing up in the tea gardens of North India at the foothills of the Himalayas, we had an idyllic childhood by any standard. Nature surrounded us in all its […]

Cute Kingfisher Bird Cartoon Watercolor Illustration
One Little Bird

February 8, 2021

I‘m dropping in again for the prompt of “Kingfisher” today, with a little doodle of one. I’ve sketched these birds very realistically before, so I thought I’d try something a bit different. I’ve been practicing the creation of my own simplified characters lately, while working on my next book, and realized that I hadn’t really tried to make a bird […]

Sunny side up Fried Eggs Pan Watercolor Painting by LIsa Goell Sinicki
GUEST ARTIST: “Progress Over Time” by Lisa Goell Sinicki

February 4, 2021

My name is Lisa Sinicki and I currently live in Decatur, Georgia but grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. When I was twelve, a professional watercolor artist, Katherine Liu, moved into our neighborhood. My mother, who was always looking for art experiences for me, arranged for me to meet Katherine. Her work was loose, clean, and transparent—very different from the more […]

Penguin Scarf Hat Winter Sledding Down Hill Watercolor Illustration
Winter Fun!

February 2, 2021

Though I’m still simply popping in and out with my posts these days, a prompt of “Penguin” was too fun to pass up! So I made a quick little doodle of a penguin having a bit of fun in the snow. It’s actually been quite cold here, but there hasn’t been much snow this season. Indeed, I was just so […]

Garlicky_talk_Shikha_Garg watercolour painting
GUEST ARTIST: “A Wondrous And Serendipitous Journey Of Self-Discovery” by Shikha Garg

January 28, 2021

Hi I’m Shikha Garg, a watercolour artist and art educator and I live in Bangalore, India, with my husband and twin daughters. Originally a Visual Communication Designer, I worked with advertising and design agencies from 1999 until I founded my own design company midniteOil Design in 2005 and worked for the next 10 years with clients across the globe. In […]

Baby Bunny Mushrooms Easter Spring Watercolor Childrens Illustration Painting

January 25, 2021

It’s been several days now since my last post, so I figured I’d pop in again and say hello with a little sketch of a wee bunny. For those of who might have missed my previous posts, I’m taking a bit of a break from daily posting after reaching my crazy fun goal of 2,000 consecutive days of sketching stuff! […]

TRIBAL INSTINCT Elephants Safari Pink Sky Watercolor by Kathy Lee
GUEST ARTIST: “It’s Never Too Late!” by Kathy Lee

January 21, 2021

My name is Kathy Lee from Sydney, Australia. Who would have thought 2020 would bring Covid into our lives, and lead to me discovering at the ripe old age of 69 that I could paint, and yet that’s exactly what happened! April 2020 saw me (along with pretty much the rest of the world) looking for ways to pass time. […]

Landscape Watercolor painting by by Vishal Jain
GUEST ARTIST: “Wonderful World Of Watercolors” by Vishal Jain

January 13, 2021

A guy in his late 20s walks in to a book store (fond of books in general) and stumbles across a very little book containing beautiful quick paintings. At once, he gets lost in lost-and-found edges, impressed by the brush stroke impressions, feeling light with the light shining through paintings, the glow, the transparency, the flow. And it is decided […]

Baby Chick Easter Spring Watercolor Childrens Illustration Painting
Freshly Hatched

January 8, 2021

Hello again my friends! I haven’t been posting daily lately, but a prompt of “Chick” was just too cute to pass up! I’ve still been sketching every single day, but my current approach is lots and lots of pencil sketches as I explore different characters for my upcoming book series. Many of my sketches were perfectly wretched and for just […]

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